Interview with Sania Gupta, Founder of Digital Kangaroos

Interview with Sania Gupta, Founder of Digital Kangaroos

Soon after giving birth to my daughter in 2013, I started exploring work from home options as stepping out from home wasn’t easy for me. Being a Post Graduate in Computer Science, I started scouting my first love that is the World Wide Web. But starting a company abruptly wasn’t my cup of tea. So, I started taking small steps and my personal Blog “The Blogging Hacks” turned out to be the stepping stone of success for my journey of becoming a digital marketer.

My curiosity for acquiring new knowledge and passion of becoming an entrepreneur helped me in achieving my career goals. Now, I offer expert digital marketing solutions to both domestic and international clients. My 360-degree digital marketing solutions help my clients to take their business online and offer them 100% authentic online branding and visibility.

How do you see Digital Marketing is impacting enterprises in India? What are the top trends you see are entering the marketplace?

The millennials don’t have time to read newspapers or watch TV. This busy audience prefers to go solo and quenches its awareness thirst by exploring the online world.  Most of the Indian enterprises have already moved online and many are in pipeline. Going online not only brings them domestic business but international too.

I believe that in today’s time you simply cannot afford to ignore branding and marketing, and digital marketing is not only economical, but it is also highly actionable with great quantifiable results.

Gone are the days when Digital marketing was only limited to Facebook or LinkedIn. The next-Generation businesses need multi-facet digital marketing which means the business needs to be omnichannel so as to grab maximum traffic and out past their competitors. Digital Marketing holds a very promising future as it’s just the beginning!

Talking about the top trends, video marketing, social media, and long articles are most trending followed by podcasts and infographics. Some of the upcoming trends are micro-moments, chatbots and AI, content collaboration and cross-team content curation.

Video content has become the most popular part of a Social Media Campaign. Nothing is as much catchy and attractive as video content is. What kind of content must a marketer highlight garner maximum attention of the viewers?

Videos inevitably trigger different human emotions as they grab your target audience´s attention instantly by using audiovisual elements. 87% of digital marketers today are using video as their priority marketing strategy. But that doesn’t mean that you keep on bombarding the users with videos. What I personally think is as far as you are delivering relevant, useful and fresh content to readers, the form of the content doesn’t matter.

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Every user has its own comfort zone. To grab maximum attention your content marketing strategy should have everything from small videos, infographics to long text-based content, articles, etc.  There are so many videos in the market over similar topics that are on the verge of saturation. I personally believe from my experience that the form of the content does not matter much, what matters more is the usefulness of the content. If the content is fresh and original, it will tap good traffic organically.

Would you like to share a few words about the Digital Marketing and Analytics services at Digital Kangaroos?

We offer exact and precise insights into marketing performance, achievements, and content creation. As more and more acquisition channels are emerging in the online ecosystem, it is becoming quintessential for enterprises to understand the cross-channel behavior of online consumers.

Our content quality is unmatched, purely original, tailored as per niche and fully engaging. The Digital Kangaroos teamDigital Kangaroos team offers useful and insightful content exclusively designed as per the niche audience which propels maximum conversions and traffic, thereby offering a huge jump in ROI.

Digital Kangaroos’ expert Digital Marketing and analytics services help to evaluate the contribution of each channel and their role in overall conversion. We help in managing the assisting channels in the most effective manner and offer actionable insights as well. Apart from that, we also help in optimizing the ongoing marketing programs by understanding user behavior through our tools. These further boosts lead generation and conversions.

What is your thought on ‘All of A Sudden Rise of Digital Marketing Agency‘ – Do you think this market is going to saturate in another few years?

Digital Marketing, a few years ago may have been an alien concept, unheard, for most people. But today, you’ll find thousands of so-called experts out there who claim to be expert gurus in the digital marketing domain. Most of these experts are college students, recent graduates, or people with questionable knowledge in the field of marketing.

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Digital Marketing is an ever-changing vast expanse. The fact is that there are only a few people out there who actually know what they are doing and the rest is a vast ocean of self-proclaimed experts. Indeed, the competition is fierce for anyone who wants to become a professional digital marketer or trainer. Only the real ones offer you quantifiable results. The audience is the real sufferer who is unable to distinguish between a real and self-proclaimed one.

What you would like to suggest to the newbie or a person who is totally new to this and want to start as a fresher in digital marketing? If they want to start a local business, how they should approach new clients?

Honestly, this is the right time if someone wants to step into digital marketing. The best way to begin is to develop your own educational content in the domain of digital marketing and distribute it across various online channels. Your presence should be impressive so as to clearly depict your capabilities.

The second and most important one is to stay updated. There is nothing old or new in this space, you need to continue learning by connecting with top digital marketers, attending seminars, online classes or webinars to expand your network and diversify your skillset and knowledge database.  Also, learn how to interpret analytics which is the ultimate key to any digital marketing strategy.

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The best way to approach clients is by networking. This not only helps people to remember you but also will help you pitch great projects. Say “yes” to everything and offer 360-degree solutions. Initially, you may have to work at low rates or maybe for free. Try to utilize every bite of cherry which enhances your experience thereby, helping you build a strong portfolio.

Which is more important, data or content to the future of marketing? Why?

Data and content both have their own significance in the digital marketing field. Content is the king and indeed the most important component of any digital marketing campaign. However, there are no point spending hours in curating top quality content if you have no users to distribute, no subscribers, no email-lists and no social media accounts. For that data comes to our rescue.

On the same hand, having a huge data pool will not make any significant impact unless you have solid, relevant, useful and original content. So, I feel that both are inter-dependent and are going to play really long.

According to you, what are the top 3 mistakes committed by organizations today in leveraging Digital Marketing?

According to my perception, the top three mistakes made in leveraging Digital Marketing include:

  1. Poor identification of the niche audience which adversely impacts the SMM and conversions.
  2. Not adhering timeliness to customer/visitors comments, queries or feedback.
  3. Focusing on producing content for the sake of content stuffing. Not caring about relevancy, originality or usefulness of the content. This deeply impacts organic searches.

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With all the companies incorporating the latest technological advancements into their digital media campaigns, what will help organizations stand out and differentiate themselves from the competitors in the long run?

If the content offered is serving the audience well which means it is useful, relevant, fresh and engaging, it will stay for long run irrespective of any search engine algorithm changes.

The organizations offering legendary customer care services are going to out past their competitors inevitably. One negative feedback spreads like fire on the social media so damage control via immediate communications is essential. Accepting the mistakes (whether it’s your fault or not) and taking corrective measures in-fact strengthens the customer relationship with the company if the things are handled well.

Which are those sites that you would recommend people to read often to stay updated in the Digital Marketing domain?

To stay updated on the nitty-gritty of the digital marketing world you can follow:

  1. Neil Patel for Blogging & marketing
  2. Avinash Kaushik for Analytics
  3. Justin Cutroni for Google Tag Management

If you are a fresher, there are some blogs which will give you detailed explanations about all the intricacies involved in this domain such as:

  1. Moz Blog
  2. Mashable
  3. Econsultancy

Thanks a lot, Sania Gupta for sharing your valuable thoughts and journey.