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    About Our Story

    Digital Kangaroos is a fully customer-oriented award-winning Shopify and web development agency in Ludhiana with a mission to give wings to your dreams and ideas. We keep up the client’s online presence and ensure a good ROI with the spur of engaging content, responsive and scalable website design, graphics, and overall marketing expertise. Digital Kangaroos is established to navigate the challenges and direct your corporate website/ e-commerce website to the new realms of digital development.

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    We at Digital Kangaroos provide fully customised web design and development services globally for the most responsive websites that clients can reach from anywhere. Our technical and professional developers create high-end solutions for responsive websites and web portal development while collaborating with the client's team.

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    Digital Kangaroos mobile app design and web development experts assist you to create a seamless experience for your web and mobile technology. Our proactive designers conduct extensive research by immersing themselves in your ecosystem to understand your needs, requirements, and challenges.

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    Shopify & Shopify Plus offer a perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, quality and efficiency with a sprinkling of rich features and simplicity for your online store. It’s time to take your ecommerce business up a notch and explore new revenue streams, maximize ROI & enhance customer experience. This high-end platform is fully secure, reliable and SEO friendly too.

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    Digital Kangaroos is a leading software development company that provides top-notch software development services in Canada, USA, and Australia. With a team of highly skilled and experienced software developers, we specialize in providing custom software development solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses across various industries.

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    Case Studies


    The Goal

    The challenge was to build a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website. Engaging the target audience in this competitive niche was a relatively gruelling task. It was pivotal to build a simple design for a straightforward navigation process and low bounce rate. Given the high level of competition in the niche, it was critical to build the brand and improve website credibility.

    The Work

    Our social media and marketing solutions resulted in a higher conversion rate for the client, indicating a highly effective user experience and call to action. We also used email marketing strategies, which increased Krue’s newsletter subscribers.


    The Goal

    To bring the parent manufacturing company, “Kitty Shawls”, to the vast world of online retailing. Bringing out the best of the company to the consumers through website designing, social media marketing and using search engine optimization. Targeting a niche audience and generating high revenues for the company.

    The Work

    • Branding of the website
    • Customised user-friendly Shopify website
    • High-quality photography and videography services
    • Enhanced revenues with paid advertisements
    • Targeting the niche audience with influencer marketing

    GRD Academy

    The Goal

    Soaring the website traffic to generate more leads. Revamping the complete website to update it and make it user-friendly. Improving the aesthetics of the website to allure more audience and increase website credibility.

    The Work

    • Simplifying the navigation experience
    • Making all the options accessible through mobile phones
    • Adding video content
    • Increase of backlinks and removal of empty buttons
    • Reducing too much of flash content
    • Reducing the amounts of PDF’s

    Murari Engineering Works

    The Goal

    The previous static HTML website with no real content did no good in fetching clients. The B2B website was in need of a major overhaul to enhance the website traffic and thus, the number of leads.

    The Work

    We built a mobile-responsive, dynamic WordPress website with easy-to-use features. A simple yet effective corporate video helped them clearly convey their message to the customers.



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