Are you an Influencer?

A shout out to all the lit influencers out there!

Do you have an audience that hangs on to every word of yours?

Do you have content which makes one jump out of their beanbags and devour your write-ups hungrily?

If that is so, then we have a lucrative offer for you. We at Digital Kangaroos work as a digital marketing team where we get in touch with numerous brands every day willing to get themselves promoted on social media but are reluctant or unaware of the right influencers who can fetch them a good audience relevant their niche.

When you join us an influencer, we will be working together for running influencer campaigns and creating a win-win situation. Through this process, you will not only get good financial gains but your market as a blogger will also be widened.

If you wish to get a boost in the amazingly fast and responsive set of followers along with a business deal served on a platter right in front of you, do join us. Internet these days is filled with all kinds of data makers, analysts, followers and ha-ha reactors. It’s a task to separate the wheat from the chaff, to get the A-listers to follow you who in turn can boost your personal brand image and catapult you in this serious money-spinning game. This is where DIGITAL KANGAROOS fits in.

We give you a wider platform by connecting you with other active bloggers, followers and influencers who, just like you, take the involvement experience to the next level. Since the kind of data churners we have is nothing short of spectacular, you, when you join them, are propelled into the same league.

For more info reach us at admin@digitalkangaroos.com

I am Influencers
Charvi Shah

Instagram Followers – 19K+

Facebook Followers 10K+

Chittra M

Instagram Followers – 3500

Facebook Followers – 3300

Udai Sareen

Instagram Followers – 8700+

Aditi Malhotra

Instagram Followers – 42.5K+

Facebook Followers 23K+

Pankaj Upadhyay

Instagram Followers – 836K+

Amrita and Juhi

Instagram Followers – 14.7K+

Facebook Followers 14.4K+

Ocean Thakur

Instagram Followers – 28K+

Facebook Followers – 6.2+

Nandini Jain

Instagram Followers – 12.2K+

Ishita Pahwa

Instagram Followers – 10.5K+

Silvy Mehta

Instagram Followers – 12.2K+

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