Shawls, stoles, and everything wool-Unparalleled elegance since 1981.

The Goal

To bring the parent manufacturing company, “Kitty Shawls”, to the vast world of online retailing. Bringing out the best of the company to the consumers through website designing, social media marketing and using search engine optimization. Targeting a niche audience and generating high revenues for the company.

The Work

  • Branding of the website
  • Customised user-friendly Shopify website
  • High-quality photography and videography services
  • Enhanced revenues with paid advertisements
  • Targeting the niche audience with influencer marketing

The Results

  • Increased the page views from 0 to an average of 2000 views per day.
  • Increased the conversion rate to an average of 10-12%
  • CTA generated an average revenue of $7K
  • 5X ROAS on $20K spent on Instagram