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Therrapie’s 100% organic, gluten-free and vegan ‘Cordyceps Militaris’ has brought about a renaissance in the superfood industry. Therrapie is used as a supplement to promote endurance, longevity, rejuvenation, sexual prowess, immunity and physical performance.  The client collaborated with Digital Kangaroos for product branding and web development services.

The adroit team at Digital Kangaroos understood the needs of the project and came up with a logo having pure and distinctive shapes and colors. The logo and the choice of branding elements gave a contemporary look and feel to the product backed with a stronger visual story.  The intuitive design and user-friendly navigation of the website soon became a strong digital asset for the client as it started multiplying the traffic, business leads, conversions and revenue.


A unique and innovative brand sign was expected that blended well with the company’s image and the product. At the same time, the logo and other branding elements were expected to correspond to the peculiarities of the target audience as well. The client was looking for a fully optimized and responsive website to grow their business and boost visibility. They wanted a unique digital solution that not only positioned them above their competitors but also incited the visitors to make a purchase.


The inspiring process of branding for Therrapie set off with logo designing. Our team performed brainstorming sessions to give colors and shapes to the client’s vision. As the client wanted a little contemporary touch, the logo had to be playful and refreshing yet simple. It was designed using variants of Earth Yellow palate as it corresponds to their product and vision.

After finalizing the branding elements, it was important to design a website with the same look-and-feel as that of a product. A fully responsive website  backed by WordPress CMS was developed that connected the online experience to the in-house one.

The color palate emphasized a perfect balance and clean living. The modern and clean typography evoked Therrapie’s luxury brand personality. Enhanced content and brand storytelling strategies were used to highlight their product, their passion, dedication to quality and science behind their product along with accreditations and awards.

The home page communicated the crux of the product in a clear and concise headline:

Reinvigorate your vitality”

And the next subheading communicated the essence of Therrapie:

“Cordyceps Militaris – The Modern Day Sanjeevani”

The website design and structure facilitated an appealing hub for Therrapie’s community. The brand-storytelling strategy encapsulated additional credibility and trust for this emerging brand.


The new Therrapie website offered an inviting and intuitive user experience. Branding and user-friendly web interface exponentially increased the client’s brand equity, online reach and visibility. Website’s smooth exploration experience along with strong brand storytelling worked great to bring in new customers and boost revenue.

Digital Kangaroos is proud of delivering satisfactory results to our client. Our ingenious digital services helped Therrapie in creating a strong customer base and leveraging quality leads in less time.