Custom wear apparel sites are many but let’s have a look at how WeSquare was able to create a stark difference in the market.


WeSquare is an Indian apparel brand offering the best-quality clothing range along with incredible custom printing services. The fashion apparel including the customized apparel from WeSquare stands abreast of the global trends and is redefining the soul of the fashion industry. From small beginnings, WeSquare is now one of the fastest-growing apparel brands in the domestic market.

WeSquare approached Digital Kangaroos with an objective of creating a strong web presence and staying on the top of their league. They wanted to enhance their B2B as well as B2C marketing by going digital. Digital Kangaroos curated a comprehensive digital roadmap that not only increased the client’s visibility but boosted the sales tremendously. 


The project wasn’t that easy as it seems. By just a simple Google query, a number of apparel stores get listed within your region itself. It was really hard to make a difference. Standing out in such a saturated market was even more complicated.

  • Website: An intuitive, simple, responsive and invigorative web design was required.
  • Traffic: Driving more eyeballs to the site was the main challenge.
  • User Experience: The functionality had to be designed in such a way so as to make the user experience seamless, engaging and commendable.
  •  Boost Sales: The website needed optimization to catapult WeSquare to the top of its league and shoot a spike in revenue figures.
  • Social Media: As WeSquare was performing in a competitive landscape, advanced targeting and vigorous social media campaigns were needed to mark a sturdy impact.


The vision of WeSquare was clear- enhanced online visibility and to be at the top of their league. Digital Kangaroos ensured that WeSquare irons out all the chinks through its nonpareil digital offerings.

Web Design and Development:

After performing rigorous competitive analysis we found the majority of the similar sites lacked user-friendliness due to highly complex designs. Our web designers came with a template that optimized the time and effort of the user. The design allowed the users to seamlessly select from various options along with an easy check-out process. The website was made 100% responsive that allowed a great user experience across all devices. 

Traffic and SEO:

Transforming local to national required breaching states and breaking boundaries and our ingenious search engine optimization strategies helped us in achieving the desired results. Our targeted blogs and content kept the domain active and refreshed. Our digital marketing efforts kept the brand on top and economically stable even in the time of COVID-19 crisis.

Social Media:

The main aim of our every social media campaign was to drive conversions, boost visibility and influence the buying decision of the customer. We achieved that with engaging social media posts, solid call-to-actions and user-centric targeting. Our designers and content specialists portrayed creativeness in their designs and posts. With eye-catchy captions and trending hashtags, the entire social media funnel was impressively and effectively set up leaving no areas untouched.


With our targeted digital efforts, Digital Kangaroos raised WeSquare as a dominant brand in apparel industry and customised printing with a firm position in the national market. Apart from gaining visibility, the graph saw an all-time high in conversion rates that significantly boosted their sales. Our efforts have put WeSquare on a trail of scalability in near future.

Increase in Traffic: 300%

Increase in Orders: 150%

Increase in Revenue: 300%