Wow Laddus


Wow Laddus is one of the famous Indian sweet giants in the online market known for its high-quality delicious and nutritious laddus. This popular Indian startup was formed to take traditional Indian Laddus to the mainstream market globally. After a successful journey in India, Wow Laddus collaborated with Digital Kangaroos for business expansion and brand promotion. Digital Kangaroos developed the Wow Laddus Shopify store for the US audience. The store not only showcased the products but also beautifully integrated the client’s vision into reality. An agile SEO strategy was implemented on their primary website for performance management across the search engines. Several branding and brand promotions campaigns were launched to reckon Wow Laddus as a leading online sweet brand not only in India but across the continents.


When the Client approached Digital Kangaroos for business expansion and branding, the biggest challenge was to maintain the heart and soul of Wow Laddus across all regions. We had to deeply understand the local US market, audience and competitors before designing the website.

Keeping the current brand reputation intact was another big challenge. Getting the brand on the shelf was the first step followed by another tedious task i.e. to create a demand for the product.


Digital Kangaroos understood Wow Laddus business needs and conducted an intensive SWOT analysis of the US market. After a thorough understanding of the audience, market and competitors, we developed an eCommerce store using Shopify for the US audience with desired features/functionalities. A highly intensive and rigorous alpha testing was conducted before launching the website.

Digital Kangaroos’ strategic approach powered the site sections through responsive features to deliver the best UX and UI to the customers as well as the admin side. The web development followed a roadmap to launch various promotional campaigns to engage and drive customers to the business.

A multi-channel approach entailing various conversion campaigns over social media, website and other platforms was started.

Salient Features of the various campaigns

Mobile-First Approach

We believe that the future of every business is in the palm of customer’s hand. The website developed was fully responsive to all screens irrespective of the screen size. Right SEO techniques were implemented to rank on the top SERP pages both on mobile and desktop.

Social Centric Approach

Social presence is the key to connect both existing and prospective customers. We conducted various promotional campaigns to build a strong community of followers on social media. The main aim was to stay connected with people and gain positive reviews. Digital Kangaroo’s strategic insights and creative approach were able to initiate social conversations as well as drive engagement.