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Digital Kangaroos is a premier digital marketing agency in Ludhiana Punjab offering unique and customized digital marketing solutions to businesses both large and small. We are everything you’d expect from a digital marketing company. We are social, digital and creative! And, we are accountable, flexible and committed!

We’ve not always been a global online internet marketing agency. Our founder, Sania Gupta, is an award-winning blogger and a digital marketing expert. She started small and grew it long. Digital Kangaroos is reckoned as one of the highly successful digital marketing agencies and we owe this to our years of hard work, determination and perseverance.

At Digital Kangaroos, we offer out-of-the-box solutions to our clients in the space of Digital Marketing including Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEM and PPC. Our solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of a business and its type and crafted in a manner that inspires the growth of a business and the highest ROI.

We are driven by our passion for our work and by our inquisitiveness to explore the use of tools and techniques that work best in the field of Social Media Marketing. We build strategies and experiences that transform the businesses.

Do you need solutions for building an online presence that makes your business stand out? Reach out to us and we’ll help you draft a tailored digital marketing/ social media marketing strategy depending on the needs of your business.


Our ultimate mission is to deliver transformative and result-oriented Digital Marketing Solutions, thereby, ensuring exceptional results and the highest levels of satisfaction- month after month and year after year. We strive hard to create personalized and dynamic experiences for businesses and deliver outstanding results to our clients. Our goal has never been to focus on adding the number of clients to our database but on increasing the count of months and years we work with each client of ours. This is largely due to a strong belief that a happy client is like a magnet, capable of drawing more clients and business in the future. We design all our services with a primary objective to deliver the best results and help our clients create a compelling digital presence.

Do you need solutions for building an online presence that makes your business stand out? Reach out to us and we’ll help you draft a tailored digital marketing/ social media marketing strategy depending on the needs of your business.

• To leverage our deep understanding of market trends and high-touch expertise to drive results for our client’s businesses.
• We want to make it a rewarding experience for our clients to work with us, thereby, encouraging a healthy and long-term relationship with each one of them.
• To provide unique and tailored-fit solution to our clients.
• To help our clients build better brands and facilitate the growth of their businesses by making meaningful connections with their audience.
• Be known for our commitment and dedication towards the work and provide the highest levels of satisfaction to every client, we work with.
• To be the most cost-effective and transparent digital marketing company in the industry.
• To protect the brand of our clients and ensure its handling with care.

In a nutshell, our vision at Digital Kangaroos is to be the best in what we deliver to our clients regardless of the size of their business and the type of their industry. Our vision revolves around measuring our success by the success of our clients. Every employee in our company represents a great deal of enthusiasm, discipline, creativity and the highest levels of energy so as to be able to deliver their best performance. We work with a vision to not only deliver good designs and optimized ad campaigns but also to understand the business of our clients- its audience and goals.



Social Media Optimization

Our team of professional Social Media Experts is adept at posting useful and relevant social media posts that are timed correctly to drive maximum engagement. All the social media posts are crafted carefully keeping in mind the strategy that is being followed for a business/ brand.


Search Engine Optimization

Our team is able to provide relevant results and deliver the perfect SEO solutions for your business.Our services are, therefore, aimed at leading your business to a higher rank and stronger online presence. We don’t believe in any guess work or deploying out dated SEO techniques and strategies.


Content Marketing

The writers at Digital Kangaroos are adept at deploying Search Engine Optimization strategies to make sure your content is loved by Google and stays at the top of the search engines. Our keyword specialists make sure that your content is searched most often so as to bring maximum visitors to your site.



Thanks for a great job, Sania! Digital kangaroos have worked wonders with us and for us. Your services are just beyond our expectations. Time and budget have never been a constraint with you and this is the best advantage that we have found working with you. You seem to be an extended team to our business which has pulverized a ton of cumbersome responsibilities that were imperative to sustain and succeed in the digital global market.


The Digital Kangaroos is an outstanding Digital Marketing Agency. Sania Gupta and her team are top notch professionals. Their hard work, creativity, innovation and dedication are apparently visible through the output we see on our websites. We highly recommend their services as they are extremely efficient. They are no more an outsourced team for us rather our team is like family with them. They take more than required pains in order to bring us gains. Their forte in Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing is showing incredible results. We thoroughly depend on their expertise from long term tactics to day-to-day planning and execution of the strategies across a range of digital marketing media. We really appreciate and recommend their name.


The Digital Kangaroos team provides us with a complete package of digital marketing services that embraces all aspects such as social media, demand generation, digital advertising, search engine optimization, email and marketing automation. These services have not only increased our visibility but have increased our lead generation as well. Your team is doing a fantabulous job. Kudos to all the members! We are really grateful for the content you share and specifically the way you share it which makes our page worth a read. Working with Digital Kangaroos is a pleasure as with their direction we have comprehended an increase in lead flow and a rock-solid return on investment.


Digital Kangaroos is doing a commendable job in taking care of our marketing through online media. We feel confident that we are getting the best marketing expertise especially in the field of Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation. It not only channelizes traffic to our website but its strategies help us to generate new business. We appreciate the commitment and well-in-time service which eventually leads to promoting our brand awareness worldwide. Digital Kangaroos team has always made sure that they will always deliver constant value to our business. Moreover, we are contented to see the “out-of-box” thinking of the team which brings extraordinary results.

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