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Sania Gupta ( FOUNDER )

Sania Gupta, our founder, is the award-winning blogger and digital marketing expert. She is famous not only for writing content that engages the audience but also for running stellar digital marketing campaigns for businesses small and large. Besides winning the prestigious IndiBlogger Award, she recently won the most coveted Woman Achievers Award for Digital Woman, awarded by FICCI FLO.



Social Media Optimization

Our team of professional Social Media Experts is adept at posting useful and relevant social media posts that are timed correctly to drive maximum engagement. All the social media posts are crafted carefully keeping in mind the strategy that is being followed for a business/ brand.


Search Engine Optimization

Our team is able to provide relevant results and deliver the perfect SEO solutions for your business.Our services are, therefore, aimed at leading your business to a higher rank and stronger online presence. We don’t believe in any guess work or deploying out dated SEO techniques and strategies.


Content Marketing

The writers at Digital Kangaroos are adept at deploying Search Engine Optimization strategies to make sure your content is loved by Google and stays at the top of the search engines. Our keyword specialists make sure that your content is searched most often so as to bring maximum visitors to your site.

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