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Are SEO And Web Design Closely Interlinked With Each Other?

Are SEO And Web Design Closely Interlinked With Each Other?

“The Search Engine Optimisation (popularly known as SEO) and Web design are two fields that are closely related to each other.”

This must not be something new. What is surprising though is the fact that many people still undermine the significance of SEO. For those who don’t know, SEO is the most important component of Digital Marketing.

SEO helps in driving traffic to your website and thus, more leads and revenue generation for your business. It doesn’t matter if you have worked hard in making your website look out of this world, but if it ranks low on the search engine results page, then it is of no use and it will go unnoticed. Hence it is important to have a search engine optimized website.

In case you didn’t know ‘Digital Kangaroos’ is a pioneer digital marketing agency specializing in providing Search Engine Optimization services for businesses small and big. Some very effective web designing and SEO tips suggested by this leading digital marketing company are as listed below:

1. Keep the Design Simple and Uncomplicated

You don’t have to keep your designs complicated or difficult. Even simple and uncomplicated designs look great. Audiences or visitors love to visit websites that have a simple design. A good website means a good experience for the visitors who are following your website. It is essential that your website attracts not just people but is found attractive by Google, also. Yes, Google Spider or Google bot also find sites attractive or unattractive. The better will be your site structure; the better would be your chances of having a good rank in the search engine.

2. Create the Best URL Structure for SEO

If you wish to have an SEO-friendly website, then you must have a clean, logical and straightforward URL. You should first merge the www along with non-www domain categories. Select the domain type which you wish to use for your site. Avoid using URLs like www. Xyz.com/? p= 111222. The names of URLs’ should be meaningful, like www.brandname

3. You Simply Can’t Ignore the Speed of Your Site

The page loading speed of the website is another important thing to keep in mind. The time and age we are living in are very fast-paced and no one likes to waste their time waiting for things like websites to load. Many users wait for a maximum of 5 seconds for a page to be loaded, if it doesn’t load within 8 seconds (maximum), then the user leaves the page and goes to some other website.   Many online shoppers have said that if they are not satisfied with the speed of a shopping site then they do not return back to that site. So if your website does not load in a proper way, then be ready to lose traffic of your website. You can check page tool insights to test your page speed. It also gives nice suggestions to enhance the speed of the site.

4. A Good Mobile Site

Mobile sales have skyrocketed the marketed in the years gone by. Many users have bought mobile-friendly websites. The rise in the usage of mobile along with Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm has made mobile-friendly design a very high priority. A website should be such that it is captivating to the eyes.

5. Look into the Content Properly

Content is one of the most important things for a website to run well which very few people are aware of. Content is said to be the new SEO these days. If you own a website then you should have some knowledge of the content. You should be the master of writing content that engages your audience, know how to handle Meta – tags, headlines, and the body of content and also know how to insert keywords.

6. Role of Images

Images also have a huge role to play when it comes to website design. Images have the power to gather lots of traffic from image-based search engines like Google Images and many others. The images also influence the site loading. Some tips which might help you in the optimization of images:

  •  You should add an Alt-tag to your image. An Alt-tag can be a keyword for which you wish the image to rank.
  •  It will be better if you keep the size of your image files small. You can get assistance from Image Optimizer. The image should be given a description and keyword before it is uploaded.

Final Words

Website designing and performance go hand in hand. In today’s highly competitive world, you must not settle for anything but the best. In case you are seeking the best SEO solutions, Blog writing, or content marketing solutions for your business; Digital Kangaroos is the conclusive answer.

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