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Best SMM Tips to Boost Engagement during Festive Season

Best SMM Tips to Boost Engagement during Festive Season

The much-awaited festive season is here and the war for marketing in the online world has begun. You have to fight tooth and nail to survive and sustain in such a tough competitive market.

Your regular SMM techniques won’t turn the tables; you need to pull out all the stops to make things work. Is your current social media marketing strategy squared for this festive season?

If not, then make your presence felt in the e-world with these truly pragmatic SMM tips.

Create, Innovate and Concoct

There is a beautiful quote from Thomas A. Edison that says that there is always a better way to do that work. You just need to find it.

Create a nonpareil strategy for marketing your products. Offering discounts is just one way, explore some better ones. To stand among the rest you need to innovate a brilliant idea that touts your business as well as cast a magical impression on the netizens.

The bottom line is, if you won’t disrupt the intuitive then your competitors will leave no stone unturned to make you disrupted.

SEO Optimised Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is here to stay for a long time. Stuffing your content with keywords just to binge the web traffic, won’t work at all.  Rather quality content marketing coupled with white hat SEO strategies will help to attract the right audience at the right time.

Choosing proper and relevant hashtags for every marketing campaign is a thing that needs to be lionized after content creation and before publishing.

Go For Diverse Content Strategy

It’s very important to grab the audience’s attention and make them stay tuned in to your channel only. Relying only on text-based content won’t bring you applause. To make the audience hooked to your posts, introduce other forms of content such as funny videos, infographics, nice and colorful quotes, or some other form of podcasts. Apart from attracting audiences, this strategy helps in branding as well.

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Focus on Local Marketing

A dash of local flavor is definitely going to reward your marketing endeavors. Try to go local in every aspect from Facebook to Instagram to Google presence. The local traffic contributes a lion’s share in the conversions and lead generations. Going local helps you tap the right audience and improves visibility as well as sales figures.

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Influencer Marketing

There are so many ads running on various social media channels and people are head bent on not clicking them. Intelligent netizens know how to distinguish between fake and real marketing campaigns. So, even if your ads and marketing efforts are genuine, you are doomed to be placed in a vetted circle.

The solution is- Influencer Marketing.

Here you can get help from a social media influencer who has a good following and an audience’s trust and ears. These influencers act as your brand advocates. In fact, influencer marketing is trending and plays a very important role in making content popular or sometimes, viral.

Share-worthy Campaigns

The campaigns should be designed and promulgated in such a manner that they receive maximum media attention such as likes, shares, comments, etc. Make sure that you are offering attractive giveaways, discount coupons or gift hampers to your customers that allure them into tagging their friends and sharing your posts to the maximum.

The essence of the post should be engaging and the best way to do that is to add an emotional component to the campaign.

Go Live

Live streaming and showing real status to customers is something that hasn’t been started by big brands. Facebook and Instagram have their own go-live features. Live streaming is indeed the best way to show people that you care for them. These strategies keep the audience engaged and eventually inspire the customers.

Have you experimented with a live story?

Keep the Spirit of Festivities Alive!

Festivals are synonyms for happiness, togetherness and family time. So, every page or post designed should keep the festival spirit epitomized. People should feel special and should be able to connect it with their lives.

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We, at Digital Kangaroos, hope that you have a fantabulous festive season with these ingenious SMM tips. If you are struggling to find the right strategy for you or things are not working as per your plan, connect with us. Digital Kangaroos is the best digital marketing company in Ludhiana with an experienced team all set to curate the best marketing strategy for you.

So, get set go! Time is ticking. Are you ready to zero in this festive season with your best Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Call us today at +91 9814820845 or you can drop your queries at info@digitalkangaroos.com.

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