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How to Create a High-Converting Website for Your Small Business?

A fancy website built without conversion rate optimization strategy is more like a car having no wheels – physically present but going nowhere!

Do you know you just have 0-8 seconds to impress your visitors?

96% of the visitors don’t make a purchase.

 A 1-second delay in load time can reduce your ROI by up to 7%.


Conversion of visitors to customers and leads is the key objective of every business, online or offline – big or small. However, the factors affecting the conversion rates are multitude. The best way to do this is to try and test what works best for you. But, in this competitive world, no one has that much time, budget, and resources because a single blip can rule you out from the competition. Digital Kangaroos- the best web development company in Punjab brings you some time-tested web development tips that will help you gain visibility, establish brand recognition, and of course boost conversion.   

Great Website Foundation

A fancy website built without a conversion rate optimization strategy is more like a car having no wheels – physically present but going nowhere. The same goes for the website. Your website needs a strong foundation along with rightly placed things for a great push. Here’s what you need for a solid foundation:

  • Professional Design

To make a dynamic impact in front of your customers, you need to tell them that you really care for them and are serious about your business. The golden way to do this is by giving a professional touch to your website and getting it designed by the best web development agency in Ludhiana.  

Make sure that your design is unique, professional, and eye-catching.

  • Update Regularly

Apart from design, make sure that your web development takes place on the latest programming languages, and frameworks and is fully secure. Keep updating your plugins, templates, and other software regularly so as to keep the hackers away. Add site security to make your website reliable and trustworthy.

  • Clean Design

A clean design ensures that your website is navigation-friendly. All your links, whether in the footer, navigation bar, or other service/product pages should be super easy to find. Don’t assume that the user will be digging deep to find the required thing. It isn’t a hide-and-seek game, it’s a clear business!

If your website is loading slowly or lacks impressive design, you’re going to lose your customers anyhow. Connect with the best web development company in Ludhiana to give a solid foundation to your website. 

Keep Search Engines Happy

Gone are the days when SEO was all about stuffing keywords. Now, it is more about the user’s search intent. The more you rank on relevancy parameters, the higher you will rank on SERPs. Keeping search engines happy, is keeping your visitors happy too! Here’s how you can do that.

Responsive design

Back in 2015, mobile search surpassed desktop search. Even in the latest 2021 algorithm updates, Google has made clear that only responsive or mobile-friendly web pages will be allowed to index. The intentions were made crystal clear when Google launched their mobile website tester. This test will allow the user to check and verify their websites for mobile devices.

Before giving a green signal to your website, make sure it passes this test. Any red flags should be sorted as soon as possible.

On-page SEO

It’s always worth taking out few hours and learning how to do SEO for your website. Well, off-page SEO may be left for the professionals but with some minor tweaks in your content, you can easily achieve an optimized page.  These simple and small changes will help you gain a better position on SERPs as compared to your competitors.

Listen to Your Customers

Your customers are your best advisors, listen to them. It’s always best to sit with them or call them for feedback. Use the analytics to learn how your clients interact with your website. The length of the page doesn’t matter. What matters the most is the engagement levels of your landing pages. Consult the best web development company near you for a quick review of your website and get an action plan designed if the values fall below the desired ones.

Eliminate Unnecessary Elements

Your web design is going great. You have left no stone unturned to make it engaging and alluring. But, there are certain elements that unintentionally hinder your conversion rates if you’re not careful. For example: your navigational bar may attract customers and hinder the conversion coming from the home/landing page. Most webpreneurs prefer either going for a single-page web design or just removing the navigation (menu) completely from their website.

 Adding elements such as unnecessary images and sign-up forms to your websites distract the visitors from clicking the call-to-action button, thereby, increasing the bounce rate.

Fear of Missing out

Your website must convey a sense of urgency to shoot up the conversion levels. Establishing FOMO or fear of missing out is a great place to start. People are more likely to buy services or products that make people feel at a loss when they don’t buy the available product/ service or avail of the offer. Hubspot reported that using a red CTA button increases the conversion by 21%. Additionally, using timers on the website persuades the visitors to make a decision immediately. 

Key Takeaway – Never Stop Improving

Even though there are a plethora of adjustments that you need to make to skyrocket your conversion rate, it may be difficult to draw conclusions too early. Audiences may respond to different changes differently. Keep testing and improving to understand what works best for your audience. And don’t forget that your web analytics is your Excalibur that helps you fight through every situation. 

Still confused about optimizing strategy? Looking for the best web development agency in Punjab to step into the online world?

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