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Influencer Marketing


Why do you Need Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the upcoming and new-age online digital marketing strategy. The modern digital marketing practice gets you in touch with niche influencers and promotes the products/services with paid advertisements. Our customised influencer marketing solutions for a wide range of industries boost your marketing ROI.

Are you a budding entrepreneur? Are you sceptical about spending money on paid advertisements?

Don't Worry; We've Got the Solution!

We are a leading macro and micro-influencer agency in India, having connections with niche celebrity influencers. Digital Kangaroos has a researched knowledge of influencer marketing strategies and their impact on revenue generation.

Our professional marketing team enhances your business revenue and credibility with the best influencer marketing tactics.

Our Influencer Marketing Process

We take pride in our researched and target-driven influencer marketing strategies. As we run an influencer marketing campaign for your product or service and help you reach your ideal consumer, all you need to do is sit back, relax and see the magic happening!

  • Researching your Business Niche

    We prepare custom-based digital marketing solutions after a thorough understanding of your brand niche. Our expert team influences and motivates the niche audience to get the best results for your business.

  • Building a Strategy

    When with Digital Kangaroos, you do not need to worry about the smooth functioning of influencer marketing. Our skilled team handles everything from targeting local influencers to implementing personalised influencer marketing strategies.

  • Connecting with the Influencers

    Following the proposed strategy, our team connects with the niche influencer. We handle every negotiation and discussion with the top celebrity influencers. And with that, the influencer marketing campaign will begin on different social media channels.

  • Boosting the Campaigns

    Our work doesn't end with the launch of the influencer marketing campaign. Our team keeps an eye on the campaign analytics and boosts the posts to deliver the expected results.

  • Reporting the Results

    It is your business, and you should know every minute detail. Our team creates a detailed report to inform you how well our influencer marketing worked for your business.

What makes us different from others?

  • We perform end-to-end implementation of influencer marketing services on all platforms.
  • We have a diverse database of leading influencers from the industry for all your influencer marketing needs (macro to micro).
  • Finding and reaching out to the best and most appropriate influencers with the most benefit.
  • Data-driven approach to all influencer marketing efforts, with improvements.
  • We are the most cost-effective and low-risk option for your influencer marketing needs that deliver expected results.