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“Whether you’re into an online business or run a brick-and-mortar store, you need the right digital marketing strategy to garner...

Whether you’re into an online business or run a brick-and-mortar store, you need the right digital marketing strategy to garner visibility, brand recognition and boost sales.”

The upheaval caused by COVID-19 was catastrophic for many businesses, many companies had to shut and life came to a standstill.

But, every cloud has a silver lining!

Digital marketing gave the businesses a golden opportunity to survive and hit the ground running again with a much broader scope and prospects.

And the best part is that digital marketing is way more pocket-friendly than traditional marketing with a 100% strike rate if done in the right way.

For digital marketing to work, you need to get the strategy right as your marketing endeavors would strike null and void if you don’t know whether you’re driving in the right direction or not.

Keep reading to unveil the best digital marketing strategiesfor your small business (online or offline) and how to create them right.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy or plan is a framework of data-driven techniques that are formulated as per your marketing goals, preferred online channels, and budget for digital campaigns.

Online Marketing Strategieshelp you eliminate any possibilities of distractions or errors and allow you to completely focus on achieving your goals. With the right blend of digital marketing tactics, you can widen your visibility, and brand recognition and boost lead generation at a low cost.

Here are some tried and tested digital marketing strategies that help you lay the foundation for a strong and impactful digital marketing campaign.

Invest in quality mobile Websites

In today’s scenario, it’s imperative to have a strong web presence, and having a high-quality mobile-optimized website is critical in achieving this.

High quality means proper attention to speed, user interface, design, security, and rich user experience.

You need to have a website that does not sell brands or products but sells solutions.

Always remember that it’s your approach that will help you stand above the rest.

Get your website designed by a professional web development company that can help you strike a difference.

Interactive Social Media Presence

Social media is one of the biggest assets that you can leverage in your digital marketing endeavors. Most people acknowledge this fact but overlook it during those busy days or “season time”.

Make sure that you keep posting regularly on your social media handles to keep it fresh. This is the key to sustaining your social media presence. Create catchy posts that aim for audience engagement and encourage following.

 Want to know more about how to effectively draft a social media campaign for your business; reach out to the best digital marketing agency in Punjab for better guidance. Online Reputation Management Campaigns

To present a positive picture to your clients you need to make sure that your internet reputation is positive and favorable.  Apart from social media profiles, make sure to register and manage your business on review websites such as Google Maps, Yelp, etc.

Word-of-mouth marketing is still considered to be one of the most influential marketing strategies of all time. Customer reviews, testimonials, and feedback serve as your referrals. In case you receive any bad or negative feedback, make sure to address the concern immediately and work on it to resolve the issue.

It’s vital to have good reviews and high ratings as people normally have a tendency to select a high-performing business over a normal one.


After having set up your website and social media profiles, the next step is to use paid advertising campaigns to increase the footfall and visitor count on your digital platforms. After you’ve identified your potential customers, go for remarketing campaigns by Google Ads and Facebook Ads for effective lead generation. 

Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is one of the best and most free services offered by Google to create a better local presence. It helps to genuinely authenticate your business and the information gets displayed on Google Maps.

Update your profile properly as it helps the users to know your location, opening hours, your offerings, photos, etc. 

Seamless Buyer’s Journey

The best way to analyze the buyer’s journey is through Google Analytics. It helps you to understand the demographics and capture other metadata regarding the website traffic. A careful analysis of these metrics helps you identify your potential audience such as from which country the audience is coming, age group, interests, time spent on pages, bounce rate, etc.

Based on these metrics, you can work over your existing online marketing strategiesand refine them to capture more leads.

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