Case Study

Empowering Lepra Safety Pins with a Dynamic WordPress Business Website by Digital Kangaroos

Lepra Safety Pins, a leading manufacturer of high-quality steel safety pins in India since 1961, was founded by Sh. Om Parkash Gupta, a dedicated and hardworking individual. Today, the company is successfully managed by his family, continuing his legacy of providing top-notch products and total customer satisfaction. To further enhance their business presence and reach, Lepra Safety Pins partnered with Digital Kangaroos, a dynamic web development and software company, to design and develop a modern and dynamic WordPress business website.


Digital Footprint Expansion

The company sought to extend its digital presence significantly to showcase its extensive experience in steel safety pin manufacturing.


Interactive Customer Connection

Lepra Safety Pins aimed to foster more engaging connections with its customers by delivering a user-friendly and enlightening online experience.


Elevating Brand Image

The website needed to mirror the company's unwavering dedication to precision, quality, and cost-efficient processes in a distinctive manner.


Dynamic WordPress Business Website: A dynamic WordPress website was designed and developed, offering an intuitive user interface and simplified content management.

Responsive Design: The website was built with a responsive design to ensure optimal user experiences across various devices and screen sizes.

Product Showcase: Dedicated sections were created to comprehensively showcase Lepra Safety Pins’ high-quality steel safety pins, highlighting their precision and quality.

Customer-Centric Approach: The website emphasized the company’s commitment to total customer satisfaction and user-friendly features.

Contact and Inquiry Forms: User-friendly contact and inquiry forms were integrated to facilitate communication with customers and partners.


Enhanced Product Visibility: The dynamic WordPress business website effectively showcased Lepra Safety Pins’ range of steel safety pins, attracting customers and partners.

Customer-Centric Approach: The platform conveyed the company’s dedication to total customer satisfaction, improving customer engagement.

Brand Representation: The website represented Lepra Safety Pins’ values of precision, quality, and cost efficiency.

Mobile Accessibility: The responsive design ensured that the website was accessible on a wide range of devices, catering to diverse user preferences.


The collaboration between Lepra Safety Pins and Digital Kangaroos serves as an exemplary demonstration of how technology can revolutionize a manufacturing company’s online visibility and customer engagement. The dynamic WordPress business website now masterfully conveys Lepra Safety Pins’ extensive experience and its commitment to precision, quality, and cost-efficiency in a unique fashion. This transformation empowers the company to captivate customers and partners while maintaining meaningful digital connections with its audience in the digital era, thereby enhancing its legacy of customer satisfaction.