Case Study

Empowering Murari Engineering Works with a Corporate Website by Digital Kangaroos

Murari Engineering Works (MEW) boasts a rich history and a promising future, deeply rooted in its accomplishments since its inception in 1959. As the first of its kind forging unit in Ludhiana, Punjab, dedicated to meeting the needs of India's developing industry, MEW has come a long way. Initially equipped with two Massey hammers imported from Manchester, UK, the company has evolved to encompass modern facilities covering every aspect of production, from forging to machining. With a relentless commitment to quality and a focus on manufacturing excellence, MEW has grown to become a leading integrated forging unit manufacturing tractors and combine parts, as well as scaffoldings. In pursuit of enhancing their online presence, MEW partnered with Digital Kangaroos, a dynamic web development and software company, to design and develop a modern and dynamic corporate website.

Inadequate Online Exposure

The company lacked a strong online platform to adequately display its rich history, manufacturing prowess, and steadfast commitment to quality.

Customer Engagement

MEW aimed to improve customer engagement by providing an informative and user-friendly online experience.

Brand Representation

The website needed to effectively convey MEW's legacy and its dedication to manufacturing excellence.


Dynamic WordPress Corporate Website: A dynamic WordPress website was designed and developed, offering a user-friendly interface and simplified content management.

Responsive Design: The website was built with a responsive design to ensure optimal user experiences across various devices and screen sizes.

Rich History Showcase: Dedicated sections were created to showcase MEW’s rich history, manufacturing facilities, and product range, highlighting its legacy and commitment to quality.

Customer-Centric Approach: The website emphasized the company’s focus on customer satisfaction and user-friendly features.

Quality Assurance: Information on quality assurance processes was provided to showcase MEW’s adherence to national and international standards.


Enhanced Brand Visibility: The dynamic WordPress corporate website effectively showcased MEW’s history and manufacturing capabilities, attracting customers and partners.

Customer Engagement: The platform improved customer engagement by providing valuable information and a user-friendly experience.

Legacy Representation:The website effectively represented MEW’s legacy and dedication to manufacturing excellence.

Mobile Accessibility: The responsive design ensured that the website was accessible on a wide range of devices, catering to diverse user preferences.


The collaboration between Murari Engineering Works and Digital Kangaroos serves as a testament to the profound impact of technology in revitalizing a manufacturing company’s online presence and customer engagement. The dynamic corporate website now eloquently portrays MEW’s storied history and unwavering dedication to quality manufacturing. This transformation equips the company to not only attract new customers and partners but also maintain a strong digital connection with its audience in today’s digital age, ensuring a promising future built on a solid foundation of tradition and excellence.