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    How to Attract Customers to Your Online Store?

    How to Attract Customers to Your Online Store?

    Congratulations! Finally, you have designed and launched your E-commerce store. But things are not over yet. In fact, the actual work begins now i.e. to attract the customers. Here are a few tips that you may find helpful.

    You have done the market research, found out the USP of your products and configured the best E-commerce store from the best web development company but there’s not much influx of customers and traffic. Organic reach takes time to grow but alongside you need to follow certain tips to make sure your online store hits the ground running from day zero.

    It may sound easy but attracting customers for your online store is tedious, tricky and time-consuming. So, to make the whole process easy here are a few tips that will help you capture traffic without making a hole in the pocket. Check them all.

    Beautiful and Professional Design

    The purchase decision is made in the initial few seconds. You need to make sure that your website or app is perfectly designed to pass the 3-second rule. Ensure that every first impression counts as a customer lost would be lost forever and won’t come back again. Get your website or E-commerce store designed and developed by a professional website development company in India.

    The website should be responsive, user-friendly and developed as per the latest technologies and market standards. The reason is simple: A beautiful and eye-catchy store is considered trustworthy and reliable.

    Check out our e-commerce case study examples for Wow Laddus for inspiration.

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    Social Media Activity

    Social Media is one of the biggest digital assets that offer free publicity and promotion. The key to social media success is incredible and engaging content. You have to deliver interesting and outstanding content (posts, images, etc.) so as to encourage people to follow you.

    What are the essentials to have a great social media strategy?

    • Post Consistently: You cannot afford to lose the customers or make them forget you. So, decide on your frequency of posting and stick to it. You can use Hootsuite for scheduling your posts in case you don’t have sufficient time. Prefer posting once in two days.
    • Engaging Users: Make your posts interesting by asking questions to your audience, reply to their comments, trivia and subtly share how your product is a solution to their problems.
    • Right Channels: You can choose any channel as per your audience but don’t forget to have an impressive presence on Facebook and Pinterest. According to Shopify, Facebook grabs the lion’s share offering the highest conversion rate for all online stores.
    • Use Infographics: In a post published on American Express, social media posts with graphics and images get more engagement as compared to other content types.

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    Invest in Building Customer Experiences

    One of the best ways to improve customer experiences is by giving them incredible customer care and support. No promotional strategy is better than customer satisfaction. Word of mouth marketing is indeed one of the best promotional strategies even today. Try to make the customer experience remarkable and satisfying.

    According to Forrester, 45% of US adults abandon their transactions if their queries or doubts are not answered satisfactorily.  So, if you want to grab your customer’s attention make sure to reply to all their concerns, comments and questions. Timely responses are the key to conversion.

    Targeted Blogs

    According to a study, websites offering custom content to their audience in form of blogs result in 55% more visitors. 60% of customers feel more positive after reading blogs. Blogging is indeed a great way to build an audience and stay connected with them. Don’t underestimate the power of blogs. Even infrequent blogs have the power to boost your business.

    If you don’t have time to write blogs, then prefer approaching a professional content marketing agency in India. Professional content writers not only boost customer engagement but also improve your organic rankings.

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    Everyone loves discounts, promos and freebies. In fact, the word “free” attracts the customers and motivates them to make a purchase. You can start online promotions on social media platforms such as giveaways, contests, like-n-share campaigns, free-shipping etc.

    For the best advice, connect with the best social media marketing company that will give you clear insights on workable strategies after doing competitor analysis.

    Email and WhatsApp Marketing

    Why Whatsapp?

    Yes, we all have heard about email marketing but WhatsApp has totally revolutionized the modern-day marketing scenario. WhatsApp gives the power of shopping even to a person who is less educated.

    What can you do with emails and Whatsapp?

    • Send emails and Whatsapp messages about new products, promos, campaigns
    • Send status updates, order details and information about similar products.
    • Discount coupons can be shared via these platforms so as to make them revisit the website.
    • Share some tips, trends and other industry updates related to your product/services

      Partner Up

    Earn the loyalty of your customer by teaming or partnering with other brands. The three most important elements for online store success are partner, partner and partner. This strategy gives you more exposure and visibility among other competitors in the market.

    Just follow these tactics to rock your online store. You don’t need to attract millions of customers, but the right strategy and right channels will automatically do that for you.

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