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    Want to learn digital marketing for your real estate business and boost sales? Learn how to do real estate marketing in the e-sphere in the most effective and right way with free tools.

    The rise of the internet has completely disrupted the real estate sector. According to Financial Express, Realtors need to undergo digital transition if they need to survive and sustain the after storm of COVID-19. Apart from fear of stepping out, people are so preoccupied in their lives that they prefer a virtual site visit while shortlisting their new home or property.

    Netizens are spending more time on social media and e-commerce platforms now, almost double the time they spent before. It’s the right time to capture the influence and reach offered by digital marketing to build a strong customer base. So, here are a few easy steps to real estate digital marketing that can help you leverage sales, customer base and brand. Let’s get started.

    Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

    Having a website is no big deal and can be made from any web development company. But, the twist is that you just don’t need a simple website. You need a website that:

    • Is attractive and catchy
    • Has SEO friendly content
    • Is fast loading
    • Has powerful CTAs
    • Is User-friendly (should support ease of navigation and is completely mess-free)
    • Is Mobile-friendly (should open perfectly on all mobile devices)
    • Offers best user experience
    • Has well-drafted content that guides the buyers throughout the process

    With so many photos, videos and links, a real estate website often turns slow over time and faces a high bounce rate. Approaching a professional Web Development Company or a seasoned web developer (who perfectly understands your requirements) is an ideal way to start. The web experts know the latest digital marketing trends in real estate industry and curate a scalable website as per the latest norms.

    There are many tools such as:

    Next, start by creating a Google My Business page for your business. Make sure that you have filled all the details accurately such name, address, contact number, opening hours etc. According to a survey, around 46% of the total searches are local. People spend 88% of their time looking for local businesses. So, investing in hyperlocal marketing should be your next call.

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    Pro tip: Make sure that all the contact details provided on your Google Business Pages sync with the details given on the website.

    Tool Used: Google My Business (Free of cost)

    After getting listed on Google Business listings, look out for websites such as Sulekha, Indian yellow pages, etc. for local citations. Local citations mean advertising the business on commercial websites by giving your NAP details. Here is a list of top local citations websites to begin with according to popular website Moz.

    Blogging and SEO

    If you want to stay relevant in the industry, connect with the audience and show your expertise- Blogging is the perfect solution for that. According to  Content Marketing Institute, 86% of the marketers have successfully achieved their goal through blogging.

    Also, 90% of consumers expect their favourite brands to provide meaningful content. They search their blogs to find answers to their queries. Relevancy and consistency are the keys to make your blog successful and become the first choice of visitors.

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    SEO helps you become searchable and discoverable by search engines. Invest in the right SEO practices for real estate. But, as Google and other Search Engines keep on changing their algorithms after every couple of months, you need to stay updated to retain the SEO juice.

    Take the help of a real estate digital marketing agency to get the latest on-Page SEO trends implemented in your content strategy.

    Social Media Marketing

    Creating a social media page such as on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc is like a child’s play. But there are certain things that you need to be aware of. Logo and Cover Page picture should be attractive, impressive and complete in itself. Stay active on social media by posting engaging posts and stories. The name should be the same as yours. Don’t make any sort of variation. It’s vital for your discoverability on social media. Below is a snapshot of one of our real estate client Canvas@85’s Facebook Page. Beautiful Logo and cover picture includes a few pictures of flat’s interiors with proper Call Now and Send Message buttons.

    You may also approach social media influencers to give a whopping boost to your audience, sales and conversion rate. Connect with the best real estate social media influencer near you or connect with a digital marketing agency for all your influencer marketing needs.  A social media influencer has the capability to multi-fold your audience base with just one post/share.

    Plan interesting campaigns, giveaway, contests, etc. to keep your audience engaged and connected. Take guidance from a real estate social media marketer to know more about new trends and audience tapping.

    Host Virtual Tours

    For a successful real estate digital marketing strategy, you need to go truly virtual. In today’s scenario, when people fear stepping outside due to the risk of infection, why not get them an online site-visit. Virtual Tours help the clients to get an idea of what is unique about that place and what it has to offer.  This helps you entertain not only your local clients but handle international clients as well.

    Andrew J Carr has shared some interesting tips for realtors to make virtual tours a success. Some of these are:

    • Actual footage of the home should be used. No digital recreations and illustrations.
    • It should be easily accessible to a layman through a mobile device or browser.
    • The viewer should be able to see the 3D exploration of the site.
    • Abide by clear lighting and high-resolution videos. Make sure things load quickly.

      Key Takeaways

    To give a digital dimension to your business you need to make yourself discoverable with the help of a user-friendly website, GMB page, local citations, etc. Continue your efforts of brand building with SEO, blogging, social media marketing, etc. Offer virtual tours and online-site visits to your clients to broaden your client base and offer them the best user experience.

    Digital Marketing skills have become quintessential to making a business successful. Invest in real estate digital marketing training to know the latest digital marketing trends in real estate and out past all your competitors in sales, revenue, ROI and audience.

    Connect Digital Kangaroos for more advanced insights on how to rank top on Google and for the best real estate digital marketing services. We are an award-winning digital marketing and web Development Company that successfully gives wings to our client’s digital dreams. Stay tuned for more such tutorials that will help you take your business to new heights!