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Digital marketing strategies are aimed at building strong audience relationships through valuable and relevant content. But, no matter how much...

Digital marketing strategies are aimed at building strong audience relationships through valuable and relevant content. But, no matter how much research work you have put in or how original the content is, your efforts go in vain if they fail to reach your niche or targeted audience.

Here content promotion comes into play!

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The more you are able to expand your online visibility; the more the opportunities to convert a visitor into a customer. The three pillars of every content promotion strategy are:

Building Awareness

Generating leads

Engaging leads or conversion

But, content promotion isn’t a cakewalk. Content promoters or marketers work their fingers to the bones to promote the content. We have curated this post to help budding entrepreneurs and start-ups to perform some simple yet effective DIY content promotion strategies.

Share Content Multiple Times

Sharing on social media is the first task of every content promotion and digital marketing strategy. It amps up the brand’s reach and boosts visibility. You need to have a large number of followers or fans for every content promotion technique to be successful.

Building a great following would take time, but it’s worth the time invested. You can approach social influencers who can help you reach millions of people with their single share.

But sharing once on your account is not enough.  When we talk about social media, paid ads dominate organic searches. Organic traffic on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. is fleeting. So, share your content multiple times to ensure that it reaches your followers.

Start Guest Posting

Guest posting is basically writing informational content/blogs for your targeted audience or relevant community blogs. When your content is shared on such blogs, your viewership bag gets a whooping jump. You get connected to a whole new group of people and have an opportunity for a grand conversion. 

For this, you need to find the right blog. Don’t go on the number of readers. The target for a niche audience, even small numbers would work. This is more valuable than posting on a bigger blog with a broader appeal.

Found a blog? Go ahead and check out the requirements for guest posting or email the owner regarding the same.

Make it Shareable

Your content would only be shared if the readers are able to share it easily. Strategically adding social media buttons to your content makes things sorted.

Add buttons such as click to tweet, PinIt and other social media sharing buttons.

Email New Content to Your Subscribers

Email marketing is the most effective and easiest way to content promotion and to stay connected with your loyal audience. You can either draft a newsletter stating the latest and upcoming things. Else, you can curate a piece of content especially designed for your email subscribers.

Believe it or not, emails have the highest click-through and response rates as compared to other forms of digital marketing.

Reach Out to Influencers

Directly asking a social influencer to share your content won’t work. The best way could be by asking for their input or using a quote/snippet from their published post. Try to grab their attention by giving them proper credit.

This will trigger the influencer’s interest in your piece. Though you can’t be sure if the influencer will be sharing your piece across all his platforms, it will at least help you to get a foot in the door.

Just a single share by an influencer in his community can rock your brand.

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Connect with People with Similar Interests

Don’t expect the audience to just approach you. You have to take the first initiative. Look out for people and build relationships with them. These people are not professional influencers but share industry news/information/trends with their followers.

By connecting with them unfurl the potential of your content to tap their followers and start building a great audience.

Join Communities and Share Content in the Comments

You have to pull out all the stops if you want to expand your reach and build a great audience. Try to connect with industry communities or professional groups/organizations online. Join these communities/groups and promote your content there.

Try to solve the audience’s queries and subtly share your link. The same thing applies while answering in Quora as well. Briefly comment on the question and drop your link. But don’t share your links with each and every answer, it would look spammy. Share the link only to the ones that are extremely relevant to your content.

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Content Syndication

This is different from guest posting. There are many websites/blogs that are hungry for content. These websites allow outside publications and reposting of your content as well. You don’t have to draft a new post altogether. Just pick any of your popular posts and send them to these websites for publishing.

Pitch your high-performing pieces to attract more audience.

‘Snackable’ Content

Snackable is a word coined for short videos/articles/content that is easy to consume. During your content promotion, convert your written content into Snackable videos or briefs. It’s a great way to repurpose your content and give it an engaging flavour.

Use Paid Marketing

Though following organic methods is an ideal way you need to invest in social media paid advertising to make a cut. But before you decide to go for a paid promotion or set a budget, consider this:

  • Bet only on your top-performing pieces or content you know would definitely bring traffic.
  • Avoid investing in snackable content. Longer and more detailed content would make the most out of your investment.
  • Go for ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, detailed content, etc.

    Get Set Go!

Always remember, your efforts in content creation pay only if your target audience can find and engage with it. Follow the above tips to get started with your content promotion and start building an audience.

Need help? We will help you create great content with customized promotion strategies to improve your brand’s reach and visibility. Email us at info@digitalkangaroos.com to get started.

Influencer marketing is the latest and hottest digital marketing trend that continues to gain popularity amongst brands and other marketing...

Influencer marketing is the latest and hottest digital marketing trend that continues to gain popularity amongst brands and other marketing agencies. As per a report, 59% of brands who have endorsed influencers for their brand have increased their budget for influencer collaborations due to an overwhelming response. The brands have reported positive growth in the ROI after following this popular technique. If you are planning to start an influencer marketing program or are already into it, you should be very clear about the modus operandi beforehand.

Some points to ponder before the launch of the campaign

Things such as theme or niche should be discussed.

Is it a brand awareness program or a new product launch? Whether the campaign should be launched on a festival day, holiday or any random day?

How do you want to improve your following, website traffic, impressions and conversion?

Understand your target market and budget you want to spend.

Based on demographics, themes and engagement, it’s important to decide the type of influencer your campaign needs.

Do you know that there were around 500K influencers alone on Instagram earlier this year (2019)? Thus, you should be aware of what type of influencer you want to choose in order to cast a reliable, wise and trustworthy impact on the audience. So, there are mainly four categories of influencers namely Nano-Influencer, Micro-Influencer, Macro-Influencer and Mega-Influencer.

This blog covers which influencer is best for your audience and how to select one for your campaign.

Nano Influencers

Influencers with 10K or fewer followers fall under this category. Talking about Instagram, around 70% of the people connected with influencers in 2018 having less than 1k followers. This implies that nano influencer/s could already be following you. They have the capability to influence the buying decisions of their peers. 

This form of influencer marketing is small but powerful and offers more engagement. Nano Influencing is just like working with the original form of “word-of-mouth-marketing” because at this level, the recommendations are considered as genuine and unbiased. The audience trusts the post in the same way as they would trust any post made by a dear friend.

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Who should work with Nano Influencers?

The brands that are on a tight or fixed or no-budget prefer nano-influencers. These influencers won’t impact SEO or website traffic much but they offer impressive engagement rates. If yours is a local or national brand then you should go for nano-influencers.

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The fan following of the micro-influencers is between 10k and 500k. These influencers have some sort of business acumen and a solid trust within their audience. The audience follows them by heart as they have been into the e-world for quite a long time. These influencers know how to curate content based on the audience’s interest. They serve as a powerful force driving conversions and building brand awareness. 

Who Should Work with Micro-Influencers?

If you are a national or international brand then choosing micro-influencers would be a great decision. You need to have a budget before targeting them but micro-influencers are affordable as compared to mega and macro ones. The brands/organizations looking for traffic, leads, conversions and new social followers, micro-influencers are a perfect pick.

 One major advantage of working with them is that they usually offer full repurposing rights to the brands without shelling out extra cash for videos/photos as long as the posts link back to the influencer. The reason is that these micro-influencers are always looking for good opportunities (brands) to grow their following as well.

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Macro Influencers

These can be categorized as content influencers with a fan following between 500k and 1M. Macro Influencers are well experienced, seasoned and have truly honed the skill of brand collaborations.

Who Should Work with Macro Influencers?

Macro Influencers are best suited for those brands that need quick brand recognition. If the brand is low on resources then rather than spending a huge chunk of the budget on smaller ones, one macro influencer would do the work. These influencers are expensive. The rates depend on what services/products you wish to have and how much they are ready to negotiate.

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Mega Influencers

The highest tier is bagged by Mega Influencers who include powerful members of the society, celebrities, etc and have a remarkable reach. These influencers usually have more than 1M followers and have a staggering capability to drive your sales and ROI metrics. A single share by mega-influencers is sufficient to take a normal brand to exceptionally newer heights resulting in hundreds of thousands of impressions in a small time frame.  

Who Should Work with Mega Influencers?

Just like Macro Influencers, Mega Influencers come with a super expensive price tag. The brands and organizations that are looking for professional international visibility, choosing Mega Influencer is the call. These influencers usually have a PR or manager who performs all the collaborations.

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If you are still struggling to get the desired brand recognition and awareness for your business, then start designing your influencer marketing campaign today. You can expect to get something different on the table from every influencer tier.

Looking at improving your ROI and KPA’s of your brand by leveraging the power of Influencer Marketing? Then contact Digital kangaroos for best-suited influencer marketing options at never-before prices. We are pro at designing the most suitable and highly customized campaigns for your business so as to significantly boost traffic to your website and social media pages and aid conversions right away! You may email us at info@digitalkangaroos.com or call us at +919814820845.