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    How to Improve Visibility of Your Restaurant Business in the E-World?

    How to Improve Visibility of Your Restaurant Business in the E-World?

    Restaurant owners are already facing an uphill battle due to COVID-19. Growing competition in the market is further pulling the odds against their favor. Here’s how you can build visibility and brand recognition of your restaurant and boost your revenue.

    The key to any successful business lies in knowing how to market your products/services to the audience in a right way.  For that, you need to look-out for answers such as:

    “How to attract people to my restaurant?”
    “How to gain visibility in local market?”

    “Why is my existing website not drawing any results?”

    The answers to your apprehension lie in digital marketing. Well, you might get some recognition via traditional marketing methods such as flyers and radio commercials. The truth, however, is that in today’s world it’s the online presence that makes you authentic, genuine and popular.

    Without a strong online presence, you will sooner or later be dominated by your competitor having an exceptional digital aura. But you don’t have to worry! Digital Kangaroos is here to help you. Here are a few top digital marketing strategies for the restaurant business that actually work.

    Add Credibility to Your Website

    Around 88% of the customers explore the internet to check the credibility of the products and services offered by a restaurant. Having an unprofessional website may make your customers bounce off and find another better option.

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    Your website should be professional, user-friendly and fully functional. All the links should be working properly. The customers should be able to navigate through your menus, contact details, website online ordering, takeaways or delivery option.

    Around 45% of the searches made on Google are local and are preferably made on a Smartphone. “Near me“ and “Buy… online” queries on mobile devices have risen remarkably by more than 200% from the last year. Also, approx. 50% of the ‘near me’ searches ultimately result in physical store visits. Your website must be optimized for mobile users to capture all the local queries.   

    Connect with the best website design and development Company to bestow a professional and competitive look to your website. Invest some money to get a professional logo, HD food, staff and outlet pictures. This infuses a sense of intimacy with your restaurants, even before the customer visits them.

    Local SEO

    SEO for the restaurant business is one of the vital steps in attaining visibility and brand recognition. If you want to increase the organic traffic to your website, then SEO is your answer.

    If someone searches for, “best vegetarian (or, your specialty) food near me”, it’s the SEO ranking that helps the netizens find you. 

    Read this blog to master the local SEO yourself.

    A few other points that help you boost SEO:

    • Start a blog. Answer the queries, share insights, information, recipes, tips etc with the visitors.
    • Include local keywords on almost every page of your website.
    • Create Google My Business Account and give desired information that helps the users to locate and connect with you.
    • Perform link building.
    • Create a Shopify account to enable online ordering. 

    If you are new to SEO, always consult a professional digital marketing agency on how to begin.

    Online food Ordering

    The generation today can be better referred to as ‘A generation of digital nomads’ as whatever they need or want should be accessible in a few clicks!

    People today expect their favorite restaurants to allow them to order food online. Being a restaurant owner, you may be missing a lot of opportunities, if you have not jumped on the bandwagon of the online ordering system.  You can easily start generating extra income by building an eCommerce website with Shopify.

    Going with the digital flow doesn’t only ease the life of your customers but ensures your exponential growth in the competitive market. Reach the best Shopify service providers as they help you:

    • Establish your online ordering system
    • Reach the right audience at the right place and time
    • Stand unprecedented in the local food industry

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    Gain Followers on Social platforms

    Having a website with great SEO is one side of the coin and the other side belongs to social media. It’s the social media that makes you popular instantly. There are approx 1.69 Billion people on Facebook which means that a major share of your audience can be found on social media itself.

    Go for a strong social media presence. Host contests, giveaways, free meals, free dine-ins, recipe sharing, recipe contests, insights etc to grab audience attention and gain an impressive following. Encourage users to like, share and follow. Digital marketing of a restaurant without social media is indeed folly.

    Social media offers a great networking medium.

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    Use Influencer Marketing

    If you are planning to scale your restaurant business, you definitely need influencers.

    In a simple language, Influencers are the celebrities of the digital world having credibility and a loyal audience for a particular niche in thousands (if not in millions).

    So, approach some food-specific influencers in your vicinity and invite them for a review or a free lunch. You can also approach the best digital marketing agency if you are unable to find one.

    Partner With Other Local Businesses

    Affiliate relationships with other small businesses or complementary businesses (not restaurants) such as local hotels, grocery stores, corporate offices etc. Plan out a strategy and start working with one another. For example: by liking or sharing their posts, guest blogging, referrals, additional discounts to customers coming from there etc.

    This will add visibility and brand popularity to your restaurant business within your community.  

    Running ads once a year or doing SEO occasionally won’t move the needle. Keeping high and consistent engagement online is the key to drive sales.

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    Need help to take your restaurant business online or gain visibility on search engines?

    Digital Kangaroos is one of the top web development and digital marketing agencies that can help you with all your specific needs and requirements in the digital world. Explore our portfolio to unveil how we have helped numerous businesses to stand tall and vanquish their rivals in the market. It’s now or never!

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