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Having a website is now a must for any business or company. A website is where most of your customers...

Having a website is now a must for any business or company. A website is where most of your customers will view and interact with your brand.

A well-designed website will provide the customers an insight into your business. It would also offer them a detailed view of your products and services.

Nowadays, most people don’t trust businesses that don’t have established websites. Having old designs and information on your website will deter users from your site and brand.

Moreover, many digital marketing strategies revolve around web design to improve search engine optimization. 

So, let’s look at why you should invest in a new website design.

Reasons to Invest in a New Website Design

  • First Impression

Most users will only spend a few seconds on your website and judge your brand based on that. So, your website provides the first impression of your brand to potential customers.

Web design is important as it impacts your brand’s image. Thus, it is important to maintain an attractive and updated website that appeals to your audience. 

If your website is outdated, it will adversely affect the impression you make on your audience. It will also increase your bounce rate.

  • Modern Designs

Technology is changing at a quick rate. New trends and designs are emerging every day. Hence, it is essential to change and adapt your business to the latest technology.

The willingness to adopt the latest trends showcases your seriousness towards the brand. It also reels in more customers as people are always attracted to new things.

An outdated design will surely drive away potential buyers. This might lower your conversion rate.

  • Adapt to new changes

Every business or brand changes with time. The changes can be small like adding new products or services. Or they can be huge like changing the core focus of the company.

In any case, your website should be responsive and adaptable to change. This not only updates the user but also involves them in the process.

A new website design offers you the independence to make such changes. And allows you to change the subject of focus of your audience.

If you are looking for the best digital marketing agency that can create a new and unique website design, then Digital Kangaroos is the right choice for your business.

  • Mobile Optimization

One of the aspects of staying up to date with technology is making your website mobile-friendly.

Statistically, most users access your website through their mobile phones. This makes it crucial to optimize your site for mobile use. 

Moreover, Google’s search engine algorithm penalizes websites that are not optimized for mobile use. A new web design will make your website responsive across all devices. 

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

People don’t trust websites that showcase out-of-date design and information. They judge how you would treat them by the way you treat your website.

A new website design will offer your audience the best features. It will also allow them easier navigation. This enhances the customer’s experience of your site.

It is important to design a website allowing users ease of access. You can also add blogs and FAQs to further help your buyers have a good experience. 

  • Outrank your Competitors

If you have an outdated and low-quality web design, your competitors will easily outrank you. It is essential to build a trendy and attractive website to beat the competition.

With growing online stores, there are many options available for a single product. Therefore, it is essential to make a website that stands out amongst the competition and attracts your target audience. 

An updated and well-designed website will automatically put you ahead of your competitors.

  • Showcase your Brand

With a new website, you can showcase your business in a creative and brand-new manner. It provides a much-needed insight into your brand. This leads to better interaction with the customers.

Creating a content marketing strategy can help you post engaging content. This will help you showcase your brand in the best way possible. 

A good website will showcase all the best aspects of your business. It will also showcase the uniqueness of your brand. Which will make your brand stand out and attract new audiences.

  • Search Engine Optimization

With numerous emerging e-commerce websites, it is necessary to ensure that your website has a higher SERP ranking. There are many factors that affect your ranking.

Investing in a new website design can ensure that your site has improved SEO. This will automatically place your website at a higher rank. 

Furthermore, poor web design negatively impacts SEO. Thus, it is important to update your website and follow SEO-friendly practices.

  • Return on Investment

The main goal of any business or company is to make money. Therefore, your website should persuade your customers to buy your products and services. 

A new and well-designed website will surely generate a better ROI. This is the biggest reason to invest in a new website design for your business; as it would ultimately lead to more sales and profit.

To improve your ROI, it is important to look at all the things that are a must while developing a website. This would ensure that your new website design is following the latest digital marketing trends.

Major Takeaways

Investing in a new website design for your business has numerous benefits. From better user experience to boosted sales, it all relates directly to web design.

Hence, instead of having a website that is more of an online business card, you should finance a website that contributes to your business. This would make your website an investment rather than an expense.

A powerful website will work for you to generate new business and profit. Thus, your website should draw in potential buyers and target your desired audience.

“Absence of web-security directly impacts the website’s organic performance. A poorly designed website deters the SEO rankings.” If you are...

“Absence of web-security directly impacts the website’s organic performance. A poorly designed website deters the SEO rankings.”

If you are curating a digital marketing roadmap, then firstly, ensure that your website is fully secure to any unauthorized access. It’s natural that most of the webpreneurs go complacent in terms of site security.

Rather than blaming the IT department, you must follow certain cyber-security practices in your SEO drive. Your website’s organic performance is deeply hampered if it is either poorly designed or lacks security.

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In this post, we’ll gain a deeper insight into why you cannot afford to ignore web-security before channelizing your digital marketing plans.

So, let’s start connecting the dots!

Firstly understand, what is Hacking and how it affects SEO?

Hacking is basically an authentication breach that allows unauthorized/illegal access to a website or a computer network. Hackers aim to access the sensitive/private information of the web-owners and visitors. They even redirect the users to their website that’s akin to the original.

How Hackers Affect the Website?

Malware and spamming are two major tools used by hackers to disrupt the compromised website. Where Malware is indented for a data-breach, spamming is done by adding a hypertext and is used for redirection.

A spammed web-link takes the user to hacker’s website, thereby, boosting its traffic and SEO rankings of the hacker unethically. A poorly designed website makes the website easy to hack and is easily compromised.

How Hacking affects SEO?

If you are witnessing a significant drop in your rankings/traffic despite the best digital marketing techniques, then there must be a catch.  The corollaries may be far-reaching and disruptive.

  • SEO Spam

According to GoDaddy, around 73% of the total websites hacked were due to SEO Spam. SEO spam is done mainly on the authority websites that have good rankings and visibility. Here the websites are turned into link farms.

The visitors are tricked using malware or phishing links. Sometimes, the entire website is scraped using SQL injections. This ultimately makes the recovery even more difficult.

  • Malicious Code

Your overall organic traffic will be affected if your website gets bugged with malicious code. This code can be detected by Google and can put your website on-stake if sensed.

A warning message will be displayed by Google when users try to navigate the website. Henceforth, it tells the users to stay away. If no action is taken by web-owner, the website could eventually be removed from the SERPs.

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Google does that to safeguard its users from diving into the sandbox. This action by Google impacts SEO directly as well as indirectly. The metrics such as page per session, bounce rate and time on site are negatively impacted.

In fact, a deep sense of mistrust will prevail amongst the visitors which will significantly affect the bottom line.  

  • Unplanned Redirects

Most often, the hacker plants a redirection on CTA buttons. This makes the user visit another look-alike website. The content may be designed to fetch sensitive information from the user.

If Google bots find the redirection, the SEO rankings are hurt severely in terms of visibility.

  • Backlinks and Blacklisting

Search Engine bots assess the value of links and domains that link with the main website. When a website is hacked, the links that are added to it are of low value/authority. This seriously impacts the SEO efforts.

The ramifications of hacking do not stop here. Google may flag a hacked site or may blacklist a website for containing malware. This seriously hampers SERP rankings, visibility and revenue as well.

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How to prevent your SEO efforts from going detrimental by hacking?

Here are a few tips that would help you stay away from hacking.

  • Design it from a Professional

Get your website designed by a professional. An experienced web designer knows the complete nitty-gritty of web designing. Your website would not only be as per the latest trends but would be fully secure and comply with web-standards as well.

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  • Don’t Install Plugins from Untrusted Sources

You may need to install plugins for your WordPress or other CMS website. But, installing from unknown or untrusted sources may increase the chance of the site being compromised.

Always install updated plugins or other tools from trusted websites (such as those with HTTPs or green padlock). Take the reviews and ratings into consideration before installation.

  • Server Sharing

If you are hosting your website on a shared server, then you must be extra careful. The hackers may upload some malicious files on the server to get access or perform a breach.

  • Strong Passwords and Penetration Testing

Make your passwords very strong and make them extremely difficult to guess. Make sure that you not becoming a victim of shoulder surfing. Professionals perform penetration testing to analyze and pull out all the stops related to web security.

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