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Why LinkedIn is a Crucial Component of your Digital Marketing Strategy for Schools?

An effective social media strategy for LinkedIn will position your school’s faculty members as thought leaders in the education industry.

LinkedIn– the most popular social media platform for professionals is well-known for offering networking opportunities, industry updates, and professional development for businesses. Similar to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, LinkedIn also plays a crucial role in reaching out to your community and building a solid online presence. From the school’s faculty to alumni- everyone is present on this professional networking platform.

Let’s have a look at why a school’s presence on LinkedIn matters.

Brand Awareness

Staying active on LinkedIn and posting regular posts helps you grab a better position in the education industry. It shows how deeply you are concerned about the teaching profession and the efforts you are making to nurture the coming generation.

It establishes your school as one of the crème de la crème schools in the district/city. Encouraging your key members such as faculty members, alumni, and people in leadership positions to use LinkedIn would boost the reputation and build brand awareness of the school.

Leaders in the Industry

Holding an effective social media strategy for your school on LinkedIn would position the school’s faculty as thought leaders. When you build connections with other leaders and experts within the industry, it helps you stay updated with the trends and other education industry news. You can also share education or business-related news about your district/brand to establish your command in the industry.

Principals and heads of departments can leverage LinkedIn to form relationships with influencers and leaders in the field of education. This not only helps to grow their professional network but also opens the doors to plenty of opportunities for the school. The faculty and other high-level stakeholders can use LinkedIn like a blog where they can share or document their thoughts on a daily or weekly basis. This acts as a conversation starter amongst like-minded professionals.

You can discuss around latest pedagogy techniques, the future of education and challenges, general happenings, etc. Brainstorming sessions and other meetings can be filmed and shared online (if appropriate).

Alumni Connection

The school can create company profiles on LinkedIn. This encourages the former students and other alumni to connect with their alma mater. This tremendously strengthens the school’s brand power.  By hosting school reunions, school authorities could encourage former students to connect and follow the school’s profile.

High-profile former students can be great marketing assets and can act as brand advocates for your school.

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Local Boost

LinkedIn serves as a great platform that helps the school to connect and engage with local businesses. Be it donations or sponsorships, everyone likes to invest in a brand. In fact, many entrepreneurs could come forward and offer some incredible career development and internship opportunities to students.

LinkedIn can also be used to post recruitment and career-related opportunities. It helps in the best talent identification and provides some best recruitment resources.

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Top Rankings

As LinkedIn features high in the search engines, having a profile here broadens your visibility and makes you top the SERP charts.

How to leverage LinkedIn to grow your school community?

LinkedIn is a perfect platform that helps you turn your school into a reputed brand. Here are a few tips that help you improve your school’s visibility, and brand awareness and grow its community on LinkedIn.

Update your information

Make sure that your profile information is accurate and up to date. To attract more visitors it is inevitable to ensure the information from school size to contact information is correct and current. The profile images should be of high quality and high resolution.

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Post frequently and consistently

Just like other social media platforms, you can share content within your connections. The main aim is to engage the audience through creative content. Some content ideas that perform exceptionally well on LinkedIn are news updates, blogs, events, photos and videos of school, etc.

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Employee advocacy and alumni associations

There is no second opinion that employees are the lifelines of every business. Including employee advocacy in your LinkedIn strategy would help you reap the gains soon. By encouraging the alumni and other staff members of your school to like and share your content, the reach and engagement get amped up. Moreover, your employees act as brand ambassadors and help in fostering a sense of community.

Moreover, LinkedIn’s diverse range of analytics offers deep insights into your visitors, followers, and updates. By understanding these metrics you can resonate with your audience in a better way.

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