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Internal links are arguably the most underrated SEO strategy for getting high ranks in SERPs. It’s completely in your hands...

Internal links are arguably the most underrated SEO strategy for getting high ranks in SERPs. It’s completely in your hands as you don’t have to look up to some agency to do this for you. Internal linking indeed helps you rank higher in Google with a 100% success rate.

Internal links are the links that point or go from one page to a different page on the same website (domain). The primary role is to make the website navigation friendly. Both, search engines and users use these internal links to find content on the website.

Why internal linking is important?

There are three main reasons why we need internal linking.

  • Crawlability: It helps search engines and web crawlers discover new pages that can be indexed.
  • Authority: Internal linking boosts your Page Rank i.e. power up other pages as well and spread link-equity around the website.
  • Relevance: Apart from aiding users in navigation, they also help search engines to better understand what the page is all about.

    How you can use internal linking to boost your ranking?

There are many types of internal links that you can use on your web pages such as the menu, homepage links, footer links, etc. In addition to this, there are links that you can add to your content. These are called contextual links.   

Contextual links point to related or interesting content on your website. Through anchor tags and text, it allows search engines to find out what your page is all about and determine the page rank.  So, good internal links are a vital component of a successful SEO strategy.

You can begin by:

Determining a logical hierarchy of your site structure

Consider your website as a mind map. The homepage should be on top, followed by the sub-categories that should branch out from that such as the services page, about us page, blog, etc. And, from these topics, you can branch out to other sub-topics.

For example: If your website is about digital marketing, the services can branch out as PPC, SEO, SMM, etc. These branches are created using internal links.

But, this mind map is pretty basic and may not give entire information to the web crawlers or search engine bots.

To counter that you can create:

Content Hubs

Content hubs are just an interlinked collection of all web pages related to a similar topic. Here you create pages around a topic and its sub-topics and link them internally through phrases or keywords.

For example, You can further group Blog> Link Building Guide into subtopics such as broken link building, guest posting, tips for bloggers, etc. These pages would be linked with the main category but don’t miss out on linking these pages internally with each other as well.

This will boost relevancy and your pages will get internal backlinks that certainly boost the overall page authority. Also, creating internal links between related pages will help all of your pages rank high on Google.

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Now, what if you have created hundreds of pages without any specific structure in mind?

Identifying each page and finding its relation would be tedious. Here are three ways to find internal linking opportunities:

  • Google’s ‘site’ Operator:

Use the ‘site’ search operator in Google to find all the pages related to your website. For example, you want to link all pages that include ‘digital marketing tips’ on your website.

Open Google and type:  

site:<website-name>/<category>/ “digital marketing tips”

This will list down all the pages having the ‘digital marketing tips’ phrase. Open individual pages and start linking them with each other.

  • Perform Site Audit

There are many site audit tools (both free and paid) that help you look out for link-building opportunities. If that feels too technical, you can consult a professional web development and digital marketing agency near you to do the site audit for you. These professionals will remarkably amp up your rankings by making the most of link-building and other SEO strategies.

  •  Identify Power Pages

There would be some pages on your website that are powerful, have great visibility, and have earned external backlinks. Such pages have more ‘authority’ that can be passed on to other pages as well on your website. So, you can use these pages to link back to your internal pages with similar intent.

Whatever method you choose, just be cautious not to force the links unnecessarily if the things are irrelevant. Also, don’t flood your page with internal links.

What if you don’t have any pages with good ‘Page Authority’?

Contact Digital Kangaroos– the best web development and digital marketing agency in North India, for a complete site audit today.  Get back on rankings now!

Search Engine Optimization is not an uncommon term nowadays. Businesses and brands understand why SEO is crucial for their visibility,...

Search Engine Optimization is not an uncommon term nowadays. Businesses and brands understand why SEO is crucial for their visibility, longevity and search-ability in the e-World. Having said that, there still remain numerous benefits hidden/ unknown to the outside world.

SEO brings purely organic, unpaid and high-quality traffic to your website and blogs. But, yes – the time the visitor spends on your website/blog totally depends upon the relevancy and engagement factor of the content. 

The businesses can easily monetize their blogs by running affiliate marketing campaigns, using Google Adsense, PPC, offering backlinks and several other ways. This is possible only if your website stands unbeaten and number one in the e-world. More are the imprints on the website or blog, more are your earrings.

Before moving ahead on how SEO can change the face of your brand/ business and help in monetization, let’s just understand the basics behind SEO.

Science Behind SEO

SEO is a framework of certain rules, practices, and protocols which are amassed to optimize the website to attain high Search Engine rankings for organic results.

Every search engine uses certain search engine ranking algorithms and the website needs to be optimized on those parameters. Depending on these parameters, the ranking would be decided on SERPs.

SEO is not a static process, it’s an ongoing process.

You don’t need just SEO, but some good SEO practices that will give a significant boost to the usability, longevity and user experience of the website.

Google, Yahoo and other search engines have become a part and parcel of everyone’s life. It is obvious that people trust them blindly and the top 5 results of any SERP are always the most clicked ones.

Having a good search engine ranking automatically boosts the user trust in that website. In fact, for a stupefying social media marketing, the businesses need to have a solid web presence which is only possible through SEO.

Now, let’s move to how ranking high on Google and other search engines impact traffic and help the businesses to monetize.

Organic Search is the Primary Source of Web-Traffic

Organic Search is one of the crucial components of the buyer funnel and helps in traffic conversion and engagement. A larger fraction of Digital marketers follows SEO practices only for Google. Other search engines also contribute to a brand’s visibility but Google enjoys the lion’s share of 88%.

Having a good presence on YouTube (second-best search platform) acts as a catalyst in elevating online visibility, as YouTube is again a Google program. So, having a presence on Google’s trusted resource will ensure that things are working in the brand’s favor.

Trust & Credibility

SEO is just not ranking high on Google, but it also means offering quality user experience by taking trust and credibility factors into account. Building domain authority is the final call. The SEO experts will work on all the elements related to building a strong authority such as quality backlinks, optimized on-page elements, positive online reputation and other digital optimizations.

Domain authority is accrued over time; rather it needs patience, commitment and sincere effort. It’s not a single day job but once established will offer you good opportunities for monetization.  

The results rely on the quality of products and services offered by the website, else the entire SEO campaign results in vain.

Better User Experience

As already mentioned, the optimal user experience is the key to every successful conversion. Google knows how to interpret a negative and a positive UX. A website is offering negative UX if it:

  •  is not following webmaster’s guidelines
  •  has a low dwell time
  •  has not offered backlinks
  •  has low page-per-visit
  •  has a non-responsive layout

Once the business starts offering a positive UX, organic traffic increases exponentially. This results in more clicks, paid backlinks, higher domain authority and hence more money.

Local SEO

With the growth in mobile traffic, the promulgation of business in local market has become imperative for the success of every small or medium-sized business.  Local SEO helps the people in the vicinity to find the business quickly and easily. Thus, bringing the audience – a step closer to conversion.

This is done by optimizing web-content and the website for local keywords, backlinks and other local listings. SEO professionals lay a strong emphasis on getting positive reviews and feedback on Google, Home Advisor, Yelp, social media platforms, etc.

SEO strategies cast a positive impact on the buying cycle. The modern-day customer is well equipped with internet technologies and does proper research online before buying anything. Local SEO enhances the desired visibility and helps the customers find answers to their queries.

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SEO is a Long Term and Ongoing Strategy

A short term engagement into SEO tactics may not affect the entire digital properties of the brand. It is very important to consistently re-evaluate the brand over time. SEO professional has to be proactive enough to keep an eye over the algorithmic changes made by Google every year. Falling short even for a small bit may result in a tough challenge of making a comeback.

Apart from the Google algorithm, an expert SEO professional will keep the brand ahead by tapping and analyzing the tactics used by other local competitors and comparable businesses.

Search Engine optimization is your true business investment. An ideal SEO expert will enable your brand to hold waters for the years to come.

If you’re Not on Page 1, You are Losing Organic Clicks

There is no second opinion that if you don’t out past your competitors, then, they will!

You need to be number one to win the game of organic clicks. Digital Kangaroos- the best digital marketing company in Ludhiana – offers high-quality SEO which doesn’t only make you discoverable in the local market but makes you shine in the international markets as well.

SEO is a new age marketing technique that is quintessential for every business today. A great SEO not only promises a better today but an exuberant tomorrow.

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