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Let’s first understand, What is branding? Branding is basically a marketing practice that makes the company and its products/services easily...

Let’s first understand,

What is branding?

Branding is basically a marketing practice that makes the company and its products/services easily recognizable. And brand awareness is the extent to which people are able to distinguish the company from other similar ones in the market.

Branding is essential to strike a compelling and divisible presence in the industry. It allows the customer to make better choices. Branding includes advertising, promotional merchandise, logo, online reputation, customer service, etc. All these things are essential to creating an impressive and recognizable professional profile.   

Okay, now that you have invested time and effort to nurture an impeccable brand. What’s next?

Ask yourself, “Where am I advertising and promoting my brand?”

If any of the answers didn’t turn out to be ‘social media’, then you need to have a serious talk with your marketing team.

Social media is the biggest piece of the puzzle that has the power to make or break the brand. We have already discussed top digital marketing trends to explode your brand awareness and now it’s time to implement them.

Why Should I go for Social Media Optimization?

In today’s digital era, every netizen is operating one or more social media account. You may not get heard on organic searches but with social media optimization strategies, you could be heard by millions of users in just one go.

How?  This post unveils some of the best ways to use social media optimization services in India to gain traffic, boost ROI and improve brand awareness. 

But before that let’s understand what Social Media Optimization (SMO) is.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is, using social channels actively to promote a brand by sharing content in such a way that the audience gets convinced and attracted to that website.

 SMO doesn’t mean using flashy graphics, pictures, formats, etc randomly. The posts created by using social media optimization strategies ensure that the company’s mission, culture, vision and values are clearly articulated.

Why is Branding Given so much Importance?

Branding impacts the overall bottom-line of the company. Branding impacts how the audience perceives the brand in terms of popularity, reputation and quality of service. Here are some reasons why branding is given the utmost importance to survive in online as well as the offline world.

Pitches Recognition

When the company becomes a recognizable name amongst the customers, it becomes a brand. Brand name and logo are the first steps towards branding. You must hire a professional logo designer, for world-class logos. The logo and brand name should be such that they are easily memorable and imprints deeply in the first glance. 

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Boosts Business Value

Business scaling is only possible if the company holds an impressive reputation in the market. Branding plays a vital role in boosting business value and helps to establish a firm place in the market. This increases investment opportunities for the company as well.

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Generates New Customers

A strong branding ensures a positive reputation of the company. Therefore, the company would face no trouble in drumming up a new business. The customers are ready to do a referral business or become associates with the company. For a well-established brand, WOM (word of mouth) marketing becomes the most effective and best advertising method.

How to promote Brand Awareness using Social Media Optimization Services?

Most of the blogs, articles on internet stress on spending time, money and effort on social media to build your brand awareness.

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But nobody explains what to do exactly?

Most of the digital marketers and the articles on the internet will share interesting social media optimization theories with you. But, practically speaking, we all know that the same things don’t work all the time.  

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There are essentially four thumb rules to follow for every social media optimization strategy.

Establish Your Voice

To build brand awareness, you need to effectively and consistently communicate with your social media audience. You need to follow a genuine and realistic style and voice tone. Make sure that the posts designed should convey a genuine human voice with a friendly and approachable tone. The content in the posts should be unique and reflect your USPs. The audience should be able to strike a contrast between you and your competitors.

Sharing Great Content

Infographics, videos and photos are a great means to convey your message. Your audience should be able to connect their daily lives with the content shared. One important aspect to consider is that whatever video/photos you share; it should be consistent with your brand colours.

For example, if you are trying to build a great employer brand then, you must include videos/photos of your employees, office and workplace. You can design photos/ banners related to upcoming corporate events, webinars or recruiting programs.  Showing the rewards and recognitions received by the company adds impressively to the brand image.

Responsive to the Audience

One of the most important aspects of social media optimization is responding to customers. No matter the comment/feedback is positive or negative, make a thumb rule to respond to the audience. You can respond to the audience by liking, sharing and answering their comments. You can also engage the audience by asking them questions. Furthermore, establishing an on-time response works like a douser for social media fire.

Choose the Right Social Media Network(s)

Essentially there are four most popular platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. It would be better to start with these four. Later based on the response rates and your budget, you can easily expand to other platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

Easy DIY Social Media Optimization Strategies

Here are some very easy DIY SMO strategies to improve Brand Awareness.

Integrate Social Sharing in Website

The first step towards SMO is to integrate social sharing options on your website. You can use links from your social media profile on your website. There are many plugins available in the e-market that facilitates social sharing within the website. The plug-ins can also add social media sharing buttons to the blogs/articles. All the social sites are high authority websites, therefore, their links are considered as high-quality links.

Seek Influencers

People are inundated and irritated by the paid ads. Moreover, they have lost their faith and trust in ads.

So, what is the alternative to paid ads?

It’s influencer marketing. Influencers are social celebrities and have a huge following. People believe in what they say and do. You just need to approach those influencers who represent the niche of your brand closely and thereafter, collaborate with them for the promotion of your products and services.

One single share by an influencer means that your post can reach 100 times more than your share. To get the desired attention, seek influencers.

Struggling to get one? We can help you with the best social influencers.

Social Campaigns and Contest

Social campaigns and contests drive people crazy. You can design the winning criteria based on the number of views, likes, shares, comments, or a picture of the customer using your brand, etc. The winner automatically gets converted as your social media brand ambassador.

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Consistency is Key to SMO

Do you know?

Search engines prefer the social profiles that have 100% completeness. Creating a social page may seem like a kid’s task but it is indeed the first area where businesses tend to fail. You need to ensure the completeness of your profile along with all contact information. Make sure that the information you are providing on social media platforms resonates with your website. Try to embed keywords in your profile as well.

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Use Relevant Hashtags

Don’t flood your posts with irrelevant hashtags. Hashtags do make your posts searchable but the trick is to figure out the appropriate handles or hashtags. This makes the post look tidy, non-spammy and searQuality Content

New, fresh, unique and innovative content ideas help to build trust and authority with the social audience. Informative, useful and engaging content will improve your brand awareness. This could turn out to be a building block for pitching loyal customers.

Build your Brand with us!

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