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Part 1: How to do Digital Marketing for Beginners and Start-ups?

SEO, PPC, social media marketing and a lot more… From where to begin and how to do digital marketing to bring more traffic to your small business? If you are a startup or a beginner to digital marketing then read the full tutorial to cut through the noise in this digital world.

Till now we have learnt the role of digital marketing for small businesses. Let’s learn how to do it practically rather than just theoretical knowledge. If you are a beginner and want to learn digital marketing or want to get a decent digital marketing job, then you should be clear about the basics.

First, you should know about what and why of Digital Marketing.

Pro Tip: Don’t try all these strategies at once. Rather try them one at a time. Master them at one channel and then move to the next.

The Content Versed World

We are living in a content-driven world. We need to understand the mentality of the searchers. The netizens today are looking for information and answers to the most common questions. Rather than sharing how good your products and services are, try to focus on queries by the customers.

What should my Digital Marketing Strategy Look Like?

It should be focused on helping people rather than just cold selling.

Providing free and valuable content to people that is relevant to your product/service/business would generate more organic traffic and build trust. This is the best way to showcase how your products/services are helpful to people in solving their problems.

So, let’s get started with the digital marketing tutorial.

Blogging with SEO

Writing your experiences or just blogging about your product features would only gain traffic when you already have a loyal audience. But, when you are building your audience from scratch, normal blogs won’t work. To get more leads, conversions, and traffic you need to write blogs that answer people’s queries.

Which Content Marketing Strategy is Relevant for your Business?

How Should I Choose Topics for My Blog?

The best way to choose topics for your blog is to perform keyword research.

The top blogger Neil Patel insists on taking advantage of free keyword research tools to gain visibility, and prominence and produce relevant content for your users.

For example, You have a business that deals with cosmetic products and hair oils. People are looking for answers like:

Just scroll down your SERP for more ideas in the ‘Search related to’ part:

Nobody is interested in your awards, your company size, and your features.  Curate your blog using these ideas and integrate how your product can help the users.

Digital Kangaroos– the best digital marketing company in Ludhiana, helps you discover your audience by performing AI-driven SEO and makes your content more accurate and conversion-ready.

What are the Benefits of Ranking on SERP?

Free, consistent, and Passive Traffic with phenomenal leads.

Start Vlogs or Video Blogging (YouTube)

Video is just not the future but it drives our present as well. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google which can skyrocket your traffic. This platform feeds more than 1B videos each day to users and it receives more than 1.5B logged users/per month.

Watch the video to learn more about how to give maximum visibility to your videos.

Social Media Marketing

Which Social Media Channel is Good for Digital Marketing?

If you are a beginner, just focus on one channel at a time. Choosing an appropriate social media channel depends on your audience. Your choice should not be based on the number of users on that platform but on how well you can engage the audience there. Focus on building numbers and turn them into a loyal audience.

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Focussing on too many channels at once would divide your attention and dilute the outcome. You need to know the purpose of every channel. For example, People visit YouTube to learn how to get things done and to get entertained. They like and share things they love on Facebook. The primary intent of users on Pinterest is to inspire, learn, and plan to do things.

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Learn to master these three things, one at a time. Stay tuned! for more digital marketing strategies that work in the upcoming posts. Watch out here for some of our successful marketing campaign examples that helped our clients grow multi-folds in traffic as well as revenue.

For more updates on Digital Marketing and tutorials, stay connected. Let your traffic grow exponentially with our advanced Artificial Intelligence in SEO.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest stories on Digital Marketing. For all your corporate digital marketing training sessions or needs, connect with us today and rule the online world.

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