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Award-Winning Blog and India’s No. 1 Career Blog It’s not easy to gauge the power of content marketing for a brand or a business. It might, however, help you to do so by looking at the case study given below and understanding the value of content marketing and the positive impact it may have on a business: Our client Girnar Global, study abroad consultancy, tasked us to come up with a content marketing strategy that would help them generate more leads and get more business. The obvious idea they had was to embed a blog on their existing website. We told [...]

Award-Winning Blog and India’s No. 1 Career Blog2019-01-23T09:27:28+05:30

Where to Start ‘Digital Marketing’?


With the rise in the Internet and digital networks, digital marketing has become an indispensable need for businesses looking to promote themselves. As consumers are turning tech-savvy, entrepreneurs and digitally enabled companies are building their brand on digital marketing platforms, in next 5 years, India will add half a billion more internet users which will compel most companies to turn to digital channels for promotions to reach out to more number of people. This will lead to increase in demand for people with digital marketing skills. As a result, more than 18 lakh digital marketing jobs will be generated by the [...]

Where to Start ‘Digital Marketing’?2018-12-31T11:14:55+05:30

5 Email Marketing Strategies You Can’t Miss


With the advent of the internet and its social and news websites, email marketing has become a significant tool for businesses. Those who are wondering what is email marketing, it is a form of direct marketing that utilizes electronic mail to send marketing messages to the customers. It is one of the most effective online marketing tactics. Emails are used to promote services or products and develop relationships with potential clients or customers. They are sent for the purpose of acquiring new clients or convincing existing clients to purchase something instantly. Email marketing encourages repeat business and customer loyalty. Advantages of [...]

5 Email Marketing Strategies You Can’t Miss2018-12-31T11:06:43+05:30
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