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“Content Marketing serves as the backbone of every digital marketing strategy. Grow your business multi-folds by knowing and implementing the...

Content Marketing serves as the backbone of every digital marketing strategy. Grow your business multi-folds by knowing and implementing the right, relevant, and conversion-driven content strategy for your business.

Joe Pulizzi, founder of the holy grail of content marketing- The Content Marketing Institute believes in compelling and multi-channel storytelling. The crust of every content strategy followed at CMI is to help buyers make more intelligent decisions rather than pitching just products and services.

Joe Lazauskas, Head of Marketing at Contently shares that the first step to great content is relatability. The essence of storytelling is to capture the emotions of the audience so that they can relate to your content. You need to follow a strategy exactly as the politicians do. They directly hit the EQ of the audience. Interestingly, it works!

Whatever piece of content you develop, should cover the three aspects- consistency, relevancy, and conciseness. Spin your content around the lives and experiences of the users so that the readers feel connected. Depending on the nature of your business, you must try a couple of formats and content strategies for brand awareness, growth, and lead generation.  

What Will Content Marketing Give Your Business?

strategic content marketing approach helps your business drive traffic to the landing pages, creates brand awareness, builds relationships, generates backlinks and social shares, and above all generates revenue.

Here are the top 7 types of content marketing. Work over a couple of them to get the desired results.

Website Content Marketing

The official website is the face of your business in the digital landscape. Even if you have a social media page with thousands of followers, the credibility of the business is always doubted without a website.

In today’s COVID struck scenario, it is impossible to compete in the market without a website. The websites are now considered as the virtual “business card” of the company.

Not having one? Get it designed by the best web developers in Punjab.

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Social Media Content Marketing

If you are running a time-sensitive business then social media content marketing should be your priority. The highly dynamic and visual nature of social media makes it a vital tool for the majority of businesses. For example, cloth retailers can share the latest pictures of their designs, restaurants can post their daily specials, and shops can promote their sale campaigns, inaugurations, special events, etc.

The huge audience base and highly interactive nature of social media platforms help businesses reach millions of users with just a single post. Real-time responses are the key highlight that strengthens relationships and boosts engagement. 

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Blog Content Marketing

Blogs are good for every reason!

Writing blogs is the best way to achieve a high ranking in SERPs as it improves SEO and helps drive organic traffic. If you are on a limited marketing budget, then blogging supplemented with any advertising strategy serves as a great option.  

The famous website TechClient shares that websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages as compared to websites that don’t have any blogs. So, this means having a blog outshines the chance of ending on the first page of SERP.

Social media is just like a sprint but blogs are more like a marathon. Blogs may take a longer time to build rapport with readers but the end results are worth the time and resources invested.

If you haven’t started blogging, it’s time to start one! Connect with an expert digital marketing consultant for a perfect in-house strategy.

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Case Studies Content Marketing

Case Studies are a great way to establish your thought leadership. Case studies involve a detailed perspective on how your product/service solved the problem of the client. Case studies are unique and highly sharable because it’s your data and nobody else can claim that!

Customers prefer reading case studies as this type of content helps them to understand how your business/brand can add value to their businesses/lives. Make sure to house them on your website.  

Pro Tip:

While drafting the case studies make sure to keep it interesting and engaging so that the reader can feel connected. Don’t just flood your post with reports and statistics. Focus on “How to” and “Why” parts to deliver the best possible equation.

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White Paper Content Marketing

White papers are more like research papers that have detailed information. This long-form content marketing works best when you are pitching an idea to your clients or selling business products/services. The whitepaper covers a detailed inspection of a complex problem and presents the issuer’s perspective and philosophy on the topic.

A white paper is detail-focused, data-driven, and information-loaded. Most companies make their whitepapers available in downloadable PDF format on their websites. If you are into B2B marketing then whitepapers are a must.

Infographics Content Marketing

An infographic, as the name suggests, it’s a picture that gives your reader tons of information in a visually appealing, concise, and digestible way. If you want to make your content viral, then bet on infographics. Infographics fetch more likes, and shares and have the potency to go viral on social media.

Pro Tip:

Ensure that designs are kept simple and clean. The content shouldn’t be cobbled up rather it should be well organized into distinct sections. Use eye-catching visuals relevant to the topic for an easy understanding of the information.


Interviews in the form of blogs/articles/webinars with industry experts or your own customers are yet another high-performing type of content marketing. Interviews provide a deep insight into the challenges and needs that play a key role in connecting with customers. Indeed, interviews are a pioneering way to establish yourself as an expert in the industry.

How can I use live interviews as a part of digital marketing?

Step 1: Host a live interview via Facebook/YouTube or opt for a webinar platform.

Step 2: Share the recording on your social media accounts, YouTube channel as well as on your website.

Other ways

  • If you cannot go for live videos then go for written interviews on your blog.
  • Next, try to get yourself interviewed by third-party sources and share the links on your website and social media accounts.

Choose the topics that provide meaningful insights and value-driven content to your targeted audience.


We have discussed the top 7 trending content marketing types in 2020. A single type is unable to create that force which gets created by using all of them in combination. If the website is your face, then case studies display your potential. If blogging is necessary for long-term results, social media content generates quick hype. 

Which type of content marketing type are you following? Need to discuss which strategy fits your business model? Connect with us today for a candid and insightful consultation.