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Why Do You Need Professional Product Photography For Your Small Business?

Losing out on sales conversions despite having an impeccable e-commerce website? Read the post to find out how high quality product photography and videography could help you change the stats.

Product photography and videography play a crucial part in your business when you are trying to convince people to buy  your products and services.

These things become a game-changer when it’s about online shopping and eCommerce.

As more and more people are becoming tech-savvy, the online shopping rates and online shoppers keep on climbing  with each passing day.

These numbers are expected to hit the 500M figure by 2030. Just a single click and the thing reach your doorstep at an  unmatched price.

The eCommerce has witnessed a significant boost post-pandemic as online shopping turned out to be much more  secure, time-efficient and budget-friendly. This has dramatically led to a rise in independent eCommerce websites and  has been performing incredibly well.

But, having an eCommerce website and stuffing your products in it will not suffice. If your eCommerce website is not  working despite all your digital marketing efforts, then you’re not including 360-degree product photography for your  products. 

 The Power of Industrial Photography

Whether you are selling on major retail e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Flipkart etc or your own commerce portal,  the power of photographs is undeniable.

 A 360 degree photoshoot of your products/services help you make a difference between losing the customer and  making a sale. 

In fact, the customers look at the product photographs even before looking at the content or product description. So,  you need to make sure to cast that first impression well.

Industrial Photography is a skill and needs a professional touch!

Have a look at why going for a professional product photoshoot is important for your business. 

1. Brand Building 

Product photography or videography is a long-term investment that will help you hatch bigger plans and reap amazing  benefits down the line. 

Sharing professionally shot images and pictures on e-commerce portals or social media platforms help you gain  recognition as a true business leader. 

These photographs help you place your brand and business as valued, professional, diverse, customer-driven and  innovative. Customers believe that your business really cares for them and this turns them into loyal customers. 

2. Images speak louder than text

When it comes to the digital world, netizens have a lesser attention span as well as lesser patience to read the product  description.

They are more concerned about the image. Only if the image grabs the attention, they are bothered about the product  description else they move ahead to the next option.

 This makes professional photographs even more crucial for a powerful and impactful presence in the e-world. Professional product photography is definitely a head-turner for your business that promotes silent communication. 

3. Sets the right expectations 

According to a research around 22% products are returned at various online sites because the products received doesn’t  look similar to the one ordered. 

It’s easy to convince people to buy from a brick and mortar store as people can physically see and touch the product but  with online stores, people just have one connect- PHOTOS!

360 degree product photography Ludhiana helps to set the right expectations and reduce the product return rate. 

It also grabs the customers’ mood and help them convince how the given product can be helpful in solving their  problems.

4. Keeps competitors away

Professional photography and videography is the best way to outpast your competitors. It gives you a way to prove your  mettle and stay unrivalled by allowing you to talk with your photographs. 

Digital Kangaroos– Your one-stop destination for industrial photography and videography  Your search for best professional Product videographer near me ends here!

Invest in professional product photography with Digital Kangaroos today and feel the difference in your sales right from  Get high-quality and professional photos that grab attention! Call us today to know more.

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Improve your Brand’s Reach with these Content Promotion Ideas

Digital marketing strategies are aimed at building strong audience relationships through valuable and relevant content. But, no matter how much research work you have put in or how original the content is, your efforts go in vain if it fails to reach your niche or targeted audience.

Here content promotion comes to play!

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The more you are able to expand your online visibility; more are the opportunities to convert a visitor into a customer. The three pillars of every content promotion strategy are:

  1. Building Awareness
  2. Generating leads
  3. Engaging leads or conversion

But, content promotion isn’t a cakewalk. Content promoters or marketers work their fingers to the bones to promote the content. We have curated this post to help the budding entrepreneurs and start-ups to perform some simple yet effective DIY content promotion strategies.

1.      Share Content Multiple Times

Sharing on social media is the first task of every content promotion and digital marketing strategy. It amps up the brand’s reach and boosts visibility. You need to have a large number of followers or fans for every content promotion technique to be successful.

Building a great following would take time, but it’s worth the time invested. You can approach social influencers who can help you reach millions of people with their single share.

But sharing once on your account is not enough.  When we talk about social media, paid ads dominate organic searches. Organic traffic on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. is fleeting. So, share your content multiple times to ensure that it reaches your followers.

2.      Start Guest Posting

Guest posting is basically writing an informational content/blogs for your targeted audience or relevant community blog. When your content is shared on such blogs, your viewership bag gets a whooping jump. You get connected to a whole new group of people and have an opportunity for a grand conversion. 

For this, you need to find the right blog/blogs. Don’t go on the number of readers. Target for niche audience, even small numbers would work. This is more valuable than posting on a bigger blog with broader appeal.

Found a blog? Go ahead and check out the requirements for guest posting or email the owner regarding the same.

3.      Make it Shareable

Your content would only be shared if the readers are able to share it easily. Strategically adding social media buttons to your content makes the things sorted.

Add buttons such as click to tweet, PinIt and other social media sharing buttons.

4.      Email New Content to Your Subscribers

Email marketing is the most effective and easiest way for content promotion and to stay connected with your loyal audience. You can either draft a newsletter stating the latest and upcoming things. Else, you can curate a piece of content especially designed for your email subscribers.

Believe it or not, emails have the highest click-through and response rates as compared to other forms of digital marketing.

5.     Reach Out to Influencers

Directly asking a social influencer to share your content won’t work. The best way could be asking for their input or using a quote/snippet from their published post. Try to grab their attention by giving them a proper credit.

This will trigger the influencer’s interest in your piece. Though you can’t be sure if the influencer would be sharing your piece across all his platforms, it will at least help you to get a foot in the door.

Just a single share by an influencer in his community can rock your brand.

Click Here to know your Influencer

6.      Connect with People with Similar Interests

Don’t expect the audience to just approach you. You have to take the first initiative. Look out for people and build relationships with them. These people are not professional influencers but share industry news/information/trends for their followers.

By connecting with them unfurl the potential of your content to tap their followers and start building a great audience.

7.      Join Communities and Share Content in the Comments

You have to pull out all the stops if you want to expand your reach and build a great audience. Try to connect with industry communities or professional groups/organizations online. Join these communities/groups and promote your content there.

Try to solve the audience’s queries and subtly share your link. The same thing applies while answering in Quora as well. Briefly comment on the question and drop your link. But don’t share your links with each and every answer, it would look spammy. Share the link only to the ones that are extremely relevant to your content.

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8.      Content Syndication

This is different from guest posting. There are many websites/blogs that are hungry for content. These websites allow outside publications and reposting of your content as well. You don’t have to draft a new post altogether. Just pick any of your popular posts and send them to these websites for publishing.

Pitch your high performing pieces to attract more audience.

9.      ‘Snackable’ Content

Snackable is a word coined for short videos/articles/content that is easy to consume. During your content promotion, convert your written content into Snackable videos or briefs. It’s a great way to repurpose your content and give it an engaging flavour.

10.    Use Paid Marketing

Though following organic methods is an ideal way but you need to invest in social media paid advertising to make a cut. But before you decide to go for a paid promotion or set a budget, consider this:

  • Bet only on your top-performing pieces or content you know would definitely bring traffic.
  • Avoid investing in snackable content. Longer and detailed content would make the most out of your investment.
  • Go for ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, detailed content etc.

Get Set Go!

Always remember, your efforts on content creation pay only if your target audience can find and engage with it. Follow the above tips to get started with your content promotion and start building an audience.

Need help? Feel free to reach out to Digital Kangaroos’ marketing team at +91 9814820845. We will help you create great content with customized promotion strategies to improve your brand’s reach and visibility. Email us at to get started.

Stay tuned with our blog to get the latest updates/trends on digital marketing 2020.

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How to use SMO Techniques to Boost Brand Awareness?

Let’s first understand,

What is branding?

Branding is basically a marketing practice that makes the company and its products/services easily recognizable. And brand awareness is the extent to which people are able to distinguish the company from other similar ones in the market.

Branding is essential to strike a compelling and divisible presence in the industry. It allows the customer to make better choices. Branding includes advertising, promotional merchandise, logo, online reputation, customer service, etc. All these things are essential to creating an impressive and recognizable professional profile.   

Okay, now that you have invested time and effort to nurture an impeccable brand. What’s next?

Ask yourself, “Where am I advertising and promoting my brand?”

If any of the answers didn’t turn out to be ‘social media’, then you need to have a serious talk with your marketing team.

Social media is the biggest piece of the puzzle that has the power to make or break the brand. We have already discussed top digital marketing trends to explode your brand awareness and now it’s time to implement them.

Why Should I go for Social Media Optimization?

In today’s digital era, every netizen is operating one or more social media account. You may not get heard on organic searches but with social media optimization strategies, you could be heard by millions of users in just one go.

How?  This post unveils some of the best ways to use social media optimization services in India to gain traffic, boost ROI and improve brand awareness. 

But before that let’s understand what Social Media Optimization (SMO) is.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is, using social channels actively to promote a brand by sharing content in such a way that the audience gets convinced and attracted to that website.

 SMO doesn’t mean using flashy graphics, pictures, formats, etc randomly. The posts created by using social media optimization strategies ensure that the company’s mission, culture, vision and values are clearly articulated.

Why is Branding Given so much Importance?

Branding impacts the overall bottom-line of the company. Branding impacts how the audience perceives the brand in terms of popularity, reputation and quality of service. Here are some reasons why branding is given the utmost importance to survive in online as well as the offline world.

1.      Pitches Recognition

When the company becomes a recognizable name amongst the customers, it becomes a brand. Brand name and logo are the first steps towards branding. You must hire a professional logo designer, for world-class logos. The logo and brand name should be such that they are easily memorable and imprints deeply in the first glance. 

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2.      Boosts Business Value

Business scaling is only possible if the company holds an impressive reputation in the market. Branding plays a vital role in boosting business value and helps to establish a firm place in the market. This increases investment opportunities for the company as well.

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3.      Generates New Customers

A strong branding ensures a positive reputation of the company. Therefore, the company would face no trouble in drumming up a new business. The customers are ready to do a referral business or become associates with the company. For a well-established brand, WOM (word of mouth) marketing becomes the most effective and best advertising method.

How to promote Brand Awareness using Social Media Optimization Services?

Most of the blogs, articles on internet stress on spending time, money and effort on social media to build your brand awareness.

Benefits of SEO and Why Every Small Business Needs It?

But nobody explains what to do exactly?

Most of the digital marketers and the articles on the internet will share interesting social media optimization theories with you. But, practically speaking, we all know that the same things don’t work all the time.  

Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Selecting a Digital Marketing Agency

There are essentially four thumb rules to follow for every social media optimization strategy.

1.      Establish Your Voice

To build brand awareness, you need to effectively and consistently communicate with your social media audience. You need to follow a genuine and realistic style and voice tone. Make sure that the posts designed should convey a genuine human voice with a friendly and approachable tone. The content in the posts should be unique and reflect your USPs. The audience should be able to strike a contrast between you and your competitors.

2.      Sharing Great Content

Infographics, videos and photos are a great means to convey your message. Your audience should be able to connect their daily lives with the content shared. One important aspect to consider is that whatever video/photos you share; it should be consistent with your brand colours.

For example, if you are trying to build a great employer brand then, you must include videos/photos of your employees, office and workplace. You can design photos/ banners related to upcoming corporate events, webinars or recruiting programs.  Showing the rewards and recognitions received by the company adds impressively to the brand image.

3.      Responsive to the Audience

One of the most important aspects of social media optimization is responding to customers. No matter the comment/feedback is positive or negative, make a thumb rule to respond to the audience. You can respond to the audience by liking, sharing and answering their comments. You can also engage the audience by asking them questions. Furthermore, establishing an on-time response works like a douser for social media fire.

4.      Choose the Right Social Media Network(s)

Essentially there are four most popular platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. It would be better to start with these four. Later based on the response rates and your budget, you can easily expand to other platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

Easy DIY Social Media Optimization Strategies

Here are some very easy DIY SMO strategies to improve Brand Awareness.

1.      Integrate Social Sharing in Website

The first step towards SMO is to integrate social sharing options on your website. You can use links from your social media profile on your website. There are many plugins available in the e-market that facilitates social sharing within the website. The plug-ins can also add social media sharing buttons to the blogs/articles. All the social sites are high authority websites, therefore, their links are considered as high-quality links.

2.      Seek Influencers

People are inundated and irritated by the paid ads. Moreover, they have lost their faith and trust in ads.

So, what is the alternative to paid ads?

It’s the influencer marketing. Influencers are social celebrities and have a huge following. People believe in what they say and do. You just need to approach those influencers who represent the niche of your brand closely and thereafter, collaborate with them for the promotion of your products and services.

One single share by an influencer means that your post can reach 100 times more than your share. To get the desired attention, seek influencers.

Struggling to get one? We can help you with the best social influencers.

3.      Social Campaigns and Contest

Social campaigns and contests drive people crazy. You can design the winning criteria based on the number of views, likes, shares, comments, or a picture of the customer using your brand, etc. The winner automatically gets converted as your social media brand ambassador.

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4.      Consistency is Key to SMO

Do you know?

Search engines prefer the social profiles that have 100% completeness. Creating a social page may seem like a kid’s task but it is indeed the first area where businesses tend to fail. You need to ensure the completeness of your profile along with all contact information. Make sure that the information you are providing on social media platforms resonates with your website. Try to embed keywords in your profile as well.

Why do you Need Long Tail Keywords to Drive Maximum ROI?

5.      Use Relevant Hashtags

Don’t flood your posts with irrelevant hashtags. Hashtags do make your posts searchable but the trick is to figure out the appropriate handles or hashtags. This makes the post look tidy, non-spammy and searchable. 

6.      Quality Content

New, fresh, unique and innovative content ideas help to build trust and authority with the social audience. Informative, useful and engaging content will improve your brand awareness. This could turn out to be a building block for pitching loyal customers.

Build your Brand with us!

Digital Kangaroos is a premier digital marketing agency in Ludhiana Punjab offering unique and customized social media optimization solutions to businesses both large and small. We are everything you’d expect from a digital marketing company. We are social, digital and creative! And, we are accountable, flexible and committed!

Struggling to build brand awareness for your business or are planning to step in the online world? Call us at +91 9814820845 or you can drop an email at for best digital marketing and web development solutions at affordable prices.

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Best SMM Tips to Boost Engagement during Festive Season

The much-awaited festive season is here and the war for marketing in the online world has begun. You have to fight tooth and nail to survive and sustain in such a tough competitive market.

Your regular SMM techniques won’t turn the tables; you need to pull out all the stops to make the things work. Is your current social media marketing strategy squared for this festive season?

If not, then make your presence felt on the e-world with these truly pragmatic SMM tips.

1.     Create, Innovate and Concoct

There is a beautiful quote from Thomas A. Edison which says that there is always a better way to do that work. You just need to find it.

Create a nonpareil strategy for marketing your products. Offering discounts is just one way, explore some better ones. To stand among the rest you need to innovate a brilliant idea which touts your business as well as cast a magical impression on the netizens.

The bottom line is, if you won’t disrupt the intuitive then your competitors will leave no stone unturned to make you disrupted.

2.     SEO Optimised Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is here to stay for a long time. Stuffing your content with keywords just to binge the web traffic, won’t work at all.  Rather quality content marketing coupled with white hat SEO strategies will help to attract the right audience at the right time.

Choosing proper and relevant hashtags for every marketing campaign is a thing that needs to be lionized after content creation and before publishing.

3.     Go For Diverse Content Strategy

It’s very important to grab the audience attention and make them stay tuned in to your channel only. Relying only on text-based content won’t bring you applauds. To make the audience hooked to your posts, introduce other forms of content such as funny videos, infographics, nice and colorful quotes or some other form of podcasts. Apart from attracting audiences, this strategy helps in branding as well.

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4.     Focus on Local Marketing

A dash of local flavor is definitely going to reward your marketing endeavors. Try to go local in every aspect from Facebook to Instagram to Google presence. The local traffic contributes a lion’s share in the conversions and lead generations. Going local helps you tap the right audience and improves visibility as well as sales figures.

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5.     Influencer Marketing

There are so many ads running on various social media channels and people are head bent on not clicking them. The intelligent netizens know how to distinguish between fake and real marketing campaigns. So, even if your ads and marketing efforts are genuine, you are doomed to be placed in a vetted circle.

The solution is– Influencer Marketing.

Here you can get help from a social media influencer who has a good following and audience’s trust and ears. These influencers act as your brand advocates. In fact, influencer marketing is trending and plays a very important role in making content popular or sometimes, viral.

6.     Share-worthy Campaigns

The campaigns should be designed and promulgated in such a manner that they receive maximum media attention such as likes, shares, comments, etc. Make sure that you are offering attractive giveaways, discount coupons or gift hampers to your customers that allure them into tagging their friends and sharing your posts to the maximum.

The essence of the post should be engaging and the best way to do that is to add an emotional component to the campaign.

7.     Go Live

Live streaming and showing real status to customers is something that hasn’t been started by big brands. Facebook and Instagram have their own go live features. Live streaming is indeed the best way to show people that you care for them. These strategies keep the audience engaged and eventually inspire the customers.

Have you experimented with a live story?

8.     Keep the Spirit of Festivities Alive!

Festivals are synonyms of happiness, togetherness and family time. So, every page or post designed should keep the festival spirit epitomized. People should feel special and should be able to connect it with their lives.

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We, at Digital Kangaroos, hope that you have a fantabulous festive season with these ingenious SMM tips. If you are struggling to find the right strategy for you or things are not working as per your plan, connect with us. Digital Kangaroos is the best digital marketing company in Ludhiana with an experienced team all set to curate the best marketing strategy for you.

So, get set go! Time is ticking. Are you ready to zero-in this festive season with your best Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Call us today at +91 9814820845 or +91 7814045013. Or you can drop your queries at We will surely get back to you with the finest strategy designed exclusively for you.

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FICCI FLO Ludhiana: The Project ‘Dream Chasers and Women in Business’

FICCI FLO Ludhiana: The Project ‘Dream Chasers and Women in Business’

Women in Business

As an exclusive media partner for FICCI FLO Ludhiana, we at Digital Kangaroos continue bringing unique, fresh and innovative ideas to the surface so as to accomplish our endeavor of helping the organization reach its zenith of glory and fame.

For those who don’t know, FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO) is the women wing of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI). Headquartered in New Delhi, FICCI FLO maintains a strong geographical presence throughout the country by virtue of its 15 chapters. The esteemed organization is well known and recognized for its representation of over 5000 women entrepreneurs and professionals.

Dream Chasers and Women in Business

Our Founder and Director, Sania Gupta, has been an active member of the FICCI FLO Ludhiana chapter since the year 2015. Besides conducting a workshop on ‘Blogging and Freelance Writing’ for the members of her chapter in the session 2016, our award-winning blogger Sania has been actively involved in writing about the events and sessions that get organized by this prestigious organization on her personal blog ‘TheBloggingHacks’. As a part of her engagement in several projects and activities pertaining to Digital Media, she along with Ms. Reena Aggarwal (Current Chairperson- FICCI FLO Ludhiana) recently kicked-off a project titled ‘Dream Chasers and Women in Business’ so as to not only empower the women members but also help them enhance their visibility and gain professional recognition in the fields of their work.

FLO is about women empowerment and there couldn’t have been a better way to promote members than help them gain recognition amongst fellow members, thereby, giving them more power and making it possible for them to generate more leads for their businesses and thus, better revenue. The primary objective behind launching the project was to promote the women entrepreneurs and professionals on the organization’s social media pages by making their striking and engaging profiles. A large number of followers on the chapter’s social media pages along with the members of WhatsAPP Official Group (FICCI FLO Ludhiana) served as a perfect audience to promote the products and services that are being offered by the member entrepreneurs and professionals.

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With her vision and expertise, Sania was able to introduce and conceptualize the idea that would stand out in the space of Digital Marketing. Her passion for words spawned creativity in the designs that she and her team curated for the members of her chapter. The participating members have managed to garner a lot of attention and are being duly recognized for their talent and skills.

We at Digital Kangaroos love giving wings to new projects and ideas all the time. It helps us exercise our creative confidence, expand our knowledge base and make it possible for us to continually deliver the best of Digital Marketing Services to our clients who believe in our work and motivate us to give our best shot.

Should you have any requirements in the space of Digital Marketing or Blogging, kindly don’t hesitate in reaching out to us at +91-9814820845 or +91-7814045013.

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WhatsApp Officially Launches WhatsApp Business App

There is something really interesting for all the WhatsApp users as the Facebook-owned messaging service officially announces the launch of WhatsApp Business app. This presents marketers with an exciting opportunity for effectively managing their conversations with potential customers. The app makes it possible for businesses to interact with customers easily by using tools that facilitate automation, sorting and quick reply to messages.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a free-to-download Android app and has been built by keeping small business owners in mind making it easier for them to connect with their customers. Even more, this app makes it convenient for more than a billion users to connect with businesses that are important to them. Currently available for users in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the U.K. and the U.S., the app is expected to roll out around the world in the near future.

Initially, in September 2017, WhatsApp had revealed its plans of introducing tools for businesses on its company blog. The study reveals that more than 80% of small businesses in India and Brazil use WhatsApp not only to communicate with their customers but also to grow their business (Source: Morning Consult study).

Given below are the features along with the functionality that this new app offers:

1. Creation of Business Profiles

The users may now easily find a business description along with its website, email and address.

2. Tools for Messaging

The business owners can now save their precious time by using smart messaging tools that are available with this app. They make it possible for them to send quick replies to the questions that are asked frequently, greeting messages and away messages.

3. WhatsApp Web

It allows the users to send and receive messages on desktop.

4. Messaging Statistics

It makes it possible for business owners to review the number of messages that are being read to analyze what is working and expected to yield results.

5. Business Account

The account type is listed explicitly. Thus, the users will know if they are talking to a business (business account) or an individual (personal account).

After the successful matching of account phone number with the business phone number, the business account will be listed as a confirmed account. This will enhance security.

What is interesting indeed is that there is no need for users to download anything new and they can continue using WhatsApp like the same way they have been using it before.

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3 Different Ways to Market Yourself Effectively

Talk to artists and they would tell you the significance of reinventing yourself time and again in case you wish to market yourself effectively. They are always stuck with choices that can make a complete “do-over” possible for them. In order to connect with their audience, they have to create a persona to whom others can relate easily.

Many would agree that the job of a digital marketer is very much similar to that of an artist.

If you’re into digital marketing, the methods given below can be of great help if you’re looking for some professional inspiration:

1. Be Your Real Self

Something that has helped me gain the audience in last few years is being relatable. By sharing my own stories, the problems I face and secrets of my life- it becomes possible for others to relate to me.

What you must know is that no one wants to connect with you knowing that you’re a perfect person and so is everything in your life. They want to see the real you and they’ll believe in your work only when they know whatever that is being portrayed is hundred percent true.

Your primary job is to make people believe that you’re no different from them. The difference will be visible when you start showcasing aspects of your personality and business that your followers are, otherwise, not aware of. Be ready to talk to them and start engaging yourself in meaningful conversations.

If you’re genuine and committed to your clients, these virtues of yours are going to reflect the feedback your clients provide and that will largely influence the growth trajectory of your business.

2.  Reinvent Yourself

The only way it is going to work out for you is by learning to evolve with the markets and by understanding how to reinvent yourself.

History bears this out. All the influencers always have had one trait in common. All of them reinvented themselves and underwent a near-constant evolution of their brands and expressions.

The path to reinventing yourself is never going to be easy. There will have to be a lot of motivation, countless sleepless nights and numerous tactics with you in your journey. All guided by the strong desire to excel.

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Because the audience these days crave unique content and has very less attention span, there is hardly any option left for you than to tap the power of change and risks. It might just help you to use controversy to scale heights in your business. Test your audience, throw different types of content and that one piece that catches their attention is going to do all the work and help you go your own way.

3. The Power of Storytelling

All big brands and companies are now trying to leverage the value of storytelling. They understand how stories have the power to establish purpose, motivate the audience to take an interest and thus, drive actions.

On my personal blog ‘The Blogging Hacks’, I have been writing posts under several categories. After launching the blog last year, there was no post that narrated a story for a few months until one day I decided to publish a true love story. The story received an amazing response on all social media networks with thrice as much as traffic on the day it got published than usual days.

Insights: The story reflected some change from usual blogging and self-improvement posts. The readers could relate to it on emotional grounds and the result was all of them either leaving comments or sending personal messages.

It’s only the change that is sometimes desired more than anything else. It is, however, important that the story you narrate to your audience is relevant and holds significance in their lives. Finally, it is the ability to put your thoughts and ideas across your audience in a simple manner that is unmistakably powerful.

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Why Are Minimalist Ads the Next Big Thing?

“Less is more.”

This seems to be the new mantra in the space of digital marketing.

To stay upbeat in the digital market, the ads gurus are giving a lot of significance to minimalist ads- minimal designs and text because less is more in today’s world.

With concepts and ideas gaining more importance, the ads overloaded with information are becoming obsolete. Simplicity is the new big thing and minimalism is now considered as one of the classic styles of digital marketing making it a top design choice amongst designers and marketers. The digital gurus believe this is something that almost always works. It is because the style offered is extremely simple and looks so easy that users practically don’t need to think about it.

What is Minimalist Design?

The essential components of minimalist designs are as follows:

  • Simplicity
  • They encompass only necessary functional elements with their main focus on one bit of content
  • Extremely pared down palettes with only one hue or typeface
  • Predominantly white and black color schemes
  • Lots of space
  • Dramatic text sizing- super small or gigantic

Benefits of Minimalism

Minimalism is gaining momentum as it offers several benefits:

  • Less information means less loading time. It, therefore, works fast.
  • Minimalist designs deliver excellent performance in responsive environments as the elements to be considered are fewer.
  • Minimalism works as the only focus is on purpose.
  • Minimalist designs are timeless.
  • With minimal designs, it’s easy to grab the attention of your potential customers as they stand out against all the other designs.

Practical Applications

Scroll down to visualize some of the minimalist designs that have gone viral in the world of digital marketing:

  1. Chocolate sticks showing the pause sign:

Chocolate Sticks Showing the Pause Sign


Almost nothing said but everything communicated.

  1. Our favorite Diet Coke in lemon flavor:

Diet Coke in Lemon Flavor Minimalist Ads


  1. Love this one with wi-fries:



 Final words:

Minimalism is one of the design trends that are here is to stay forever as it never gets old. It strongly emphasizes content and is classic and elegant.

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7 Amazing Tools for Social Media Marketing

In case you’re into social media marketing, you would know how difficult it can be to manage multiple projects at one time. And you would agree that in order to be successful in your job, you need a proper toolbox equipped with latest graphics, analytics, and productivity tools. These tools don’t only make you more creative but they also enhance your productivity as a social media marketer.

In this post, we decided to share a list of some of the really cool and effective tools that are being used by our team of digital kangaroos to streamline their work:

1. Slim Lists for Trello

This is a chrome extension that is an amazing hack for all Trello users.

Are you new to Trello? It’s a wonderful project management tool that makes it easier for you to manage your projects. By not using this tool, you’re missing on something really important and major in your workspace.

2. One Tab

How often does it happen that you have a bunch of tabs open in your browser and they are slowing down your system but you don’t close them because you don’t want to lose any of those tabs? OneTaboffers you an interesting solution to this problem of yours. By downloading this extension, you can send all your tabs under one tab and they all remain clickable links.

3. Senders

Senders is basically a caller ID for your email. It works by pulling information about the sender based on his/ her email account that is by extracting the sender’s name, title, bio and links to all his/ her social media profiles. It even displays the follow count on individual’s Twitter profile along with his/ her latest tweets and links to the Google search for him/ her.

This tool also allows you to edit your information in your own account. Senders won’t read any of your emails when you give it the permission to see your account. It simply scans the web for person’s info.

4. G-Lock Apps

G-Lock Apps offers an amazing solution for emails that get stuck in the Promotions tab or the spam folder. By adding a simple code to the end of an email, G-Lock will send the email through a filtering system to tell you if your email will go to promotions tab, spam folder or inbox. This app offers an excellent solution for increasing the open rates of emails that you send as a part of newsletter or campaign.

5. Prisma

Prisma is an app, available both on iOS and Android, which turns your images into an art by applying filters on them. There are a number of features to choose from. The app is simple to use and offers a great solution for all your marketing needs. The artistic filters make your images look like they are hand-drawn.

6. is a Gmail plugin that has an access to your Google calendar and has a potential to remove all the hassles involved in scheduling appointments via Gmail.

You need to simply press a button inside your Gmail and the available free slots get populated into the email you’re currently writing. It, however, requires the use of the desktop version of Gmail.

7.  Pocket Explore

Pocket Explore is a new feature added by a bookmarking site Pocket. This feature helps in curating the saved content into a news feed so as to facilitate marketers in finding stories that they might have missed. By using the browsing history of articles, it surfaces the top-rated stuff to be found easily by intended users.