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“Content Marketing serves as the backbone of every digital marketing strategy. Grow your business multi-folds by knowing and implementing the...

Content Marketing serves as the backbone of every digital marketing strategy. Grow your business multi-folds by knowing and implementing the right, relevant, and conversion-driven content strategy for your business.

Joe Pulizzi, founder of the holy grail of content marketing- The Content Marketing Institute believes in compelling and multi-channel storytelling. The crust of every content strategy followed at CMI is to help buyers make more intelligent decisions rather than pitching just products and services.

Joe Lazauskas, Head of Marketing at Contently shares that the first step to great content is relatability. The essence of storytelling is to capture the emotions of the audience so that they can relate to your content. You need to follow a strategy exactly as the politicians do. They directly hit the EQ of the audience. Interestingly, it works!

Whatever piece of content you develop, should cover the three aspects- consistency, relevancy, and conciseness. Spin your content around the lives and experiences of the users so that the readers feel connected. Depending on the nature of your business, you must try a couple of formats and content strategies for brand awareness, growth, and lead generation.  

What Will Content Marketing Give Your Business?

strategic content marketing approach helps your business drive traffic to the landing pages, creates brand awareness, builds relationships, generates backlinks and social shares, and above all generates revenue.

Here are the top 7 types of content marketing. Work over a couple of them to get the desired results.

Website Content Marketing

The official website is the face of your business in the digital landscape. Even if you have a social media page with thousands of followers, the credibility of the business is always doubted without a website.

In today’s COVID struck scenario, it is impossible to compete in the market without a website. The websites are now considered as the virtual “business card” of the company.

Not having one? Get it designed by the best web developers in Punjab.

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Social Media Content Marketing

If you are running a time-sensitive business then social media content marketing should be your priority. The highly dynamic and visual nature of social media makes it a vital tool for the majority of businesses. For example, cloth retailers can share the latest pictures of their designs, restaurants can post their daily specials, and shops can promote their sale campaigns, inaugurations, special events, etc.

The huge audience base and highly interactive nature of social media platforms help businesses reach millions of users with just a single post. Real-time responses are the key highlight that strengthens relationships and boosts engagement. 

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Blog Content Marketing

Blogs are good for every reason!

Writing blogs is the best way to achieve a high ranking in SERPs as it improves SEO and helps drive organic traffic. If you are on a limited marketing budget, then blogging supplemented with any advertising strategy serves as a great option.  

The famous website TechClient shares that websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages as compared to websites that don’t have any blogs. So, this means having a blog outshines the chance of ending on the first page of SERP.

Social media is just like a sprint but blogs are more like a marathon. Blogs may take a longer time to build rapport with readers but the end results are worth the time and resources invested.

If you haven’t started blogging, it’s time to start one! Connect with an expert digital marketing consultant for a perfect in-house strategy.

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Case Studies Content Marketing

Case Studies are a great way to establish your thought leadership. Case studies involve a detailed perspective on how your product/service solved the problem of the client. Case studies are unique and highly sharable because it’s your data and nobody else can claim that!

Customers prefer reading case studies as this type of content helps them to understand how your business/brand can add value to their businesses/lives. Make sure to house them on your website.  

Pro Tip:

While drafting the case studies make sure to keep it interesting and engaging so that the reader can feel connected. Don’t just flood your post with reports and statistics. Focus on “How to” and “Why” parts to deliver the best possible equation.

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White Paper Content Marketing

White papers are more like research papers that have detailed information. This long-form content marketing works best when you are pitching an idea to your clients or selling business products/services. The whitepaper covers a detailed inspection of a complex problem and presents the issuer’s perspective and philosophy on the topic.

A white paper is detail-focused, data-driven, and information-loaded. Most companies make their whitepapers available in downloadable PDF format on their websites. If you are into B2B marketing then whitepapers are a must.

Infographics Content Marketing

An infographic, as the name suggests, it’s a picture that gives your reader tons of information in a visually appealing, concise, and digestible way. If you want to make your content viral, then bet on infographics. Infographics fetch more likes, and shares and have the potency to go viral on social media.

Pro Tip:

Ensure that designs are kept simple and clean. The content shouldn’t be cobbled up rather it should be well organized into distinct sections. Use eye-catching visuals relevant to the topic for an easy understanding of the information.


Interviews in the form of blogs/articles/webinars with industry experts or your own customers are yet another high-performing type of content marketing. Interviews provide a deep insight into the challenges and needs that play a key role in connecting with customers. Indeed, interviews are a pioneering way to establish yourself as an expert in the industry.

How can I use live interviews as a part of digital marketing?

Step 1: Host a live interview via Facebook/YouTube or opt for a webinar platform.

Step 2: Share the recording on your social media accounts, YouTube channel as well as on your website.

Other ways

  • If you cannot go for live videos then go for written interviews on your blog.
  • Next, try to get yourself interviewed by third-party sources and share the links on your website and social media accounts.

Choose the topics that provide meaningful insights and value-driven content to your targeted audience.


We have discussed the top 7 trending content marketing types in 2020. A single type is unable to create that force which gets created by using all of them in combination. If the website is your face, then case studies display your potential. If blogging is necessary for long-term results, social media content generates quick hype. 

Which type of content marketing type are you following? Need to discuss which strategy fits your business model? Connect with us today for a candid and insightful consultation.

“Breakthrough the content clutter with these ingenious Content Marketing Hacks” With the dawn of a new decade, it’s time to...

“Breakthrough the content clutter with these ingenious Content Marketing Hacks”

With the dawn of a new decade, it’s time to revamp your content marketing strategies to lead today’s super competitive digital landscape. The needs of the netizens are constantly evolving and changing over time. You need nonpareil content strategies before the cookie starts to crumble. 

With each passing day, new channels and trends are taking the place of traditional strategies. But, it’s the choices you make that decide whether the ball stays in your court or not. So, here are some unequivocal content marketing strategies 2020 that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Focus on Content Experience

Being consistent with the frequency of posts is just one of the ways in pulling out the content-marketing stops. To make a cut in this digital world that is already struggling with overflowing new content, you need to offer incredible content experience.

What is Content Experience?

Content experience is the middleman between your marketing endeavors and user experience (UX). A good content experience includes making the content relevant, informational and engaging. It’s something that makes the readers spend more time on your posts.

How can I Improve my Content Experience?

  • Aim for readability by providing shorter paragraphs that are easily readable on mobile.
  • Perform A/B testing for your mobile version.
  • Ensure that your text breathes well with images and other sub-headings.
  • Personalize the UX.
  • Double-check page-loading speed.

All these things won’t eat up much of your time. You need to acknowledge every effort that leverages your strategy in providing improved content experiences.

Switch to Re-Marketing

According to research, most of the digital marketers are pumping money into remarketing or re-targeting the audience. 

What is Remarketing and how it works?

Remarketing or retargeting is a content strategy where the people who have visited the website are shown relevant ads. By showing the ads repeatedly to the potential customer, chances of their conversion shoot up.

If you are experiencing a drop in click-through rate (CTR), remarketing would help in increasing your conversions. Many online tools can help you such as AdRoll, Google Ad Remarketing. In fact, many social media platforms offer remarketing and link-retargeting options such as Facebook Ads.

Segment your audience according to their interests. Else, you would end up showing the same ads to your subscribers or audience.

Voice Search Optimization

Alexa, Siri and Google Home are quickly becoming our permanent home members. As per the latest survey, voice search is on the cusp of becoming the first choice for mobile searches. Voice-driven searches play a very vital role in the success of any local business

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But, searching on voice assistants is different than browser search. For example:

Browser search-“Best content marketing company Ludhiana

Voice search- “Which is the best content marketing company in Ludhiana?”

How to make content voice-search friendly?

You need to anticipate questions that your audience would ask or would be interested in. Based on the inputs, create content in such a way that it answers those queries using long-tail keywords.

Conversational Marketing

To make the buyers quickly move through the marketing funnel, you need conversational marketing or one-on-one marketing. This will be one of the most distinguished trends in 2020. Conversational marketing aims at providing a personalized and customized experience to the audience.

How can I implement conversational marketing?

The best examples of conversational marketing are email marketing, messenger marketing, chatbots, live customer support, etc. With advanced AI systems, human buying experiences are getting a slithering boost.

In order to stay alive in the competition, you have to step up in the conversational marking arena in 2020.

Include Visual/Podcast Data

Make your main data stand out by including videos/podcasts and other visual elements in your post. Including an infographic that summarizes your post increases the share-ability of the post/page. Sometimes, sharing a photo or visual element enhances the readability and understanding of your post as well.

You can experiment with different formats and find out which format works best for your audience.

Long-Form of Content

The Internet is loaded with ideas. So, it becomes almost impossible to come up with an innovative or new thing. So, the best way out is to provide a detailed or long-form of content. So, another notable trend in 2020 would be using the long form of content to build trust amongst the readers.

Don’t be afraid to explore the depth of the topic you are covering. According to Medium, an ideal blog post is around 1600 words and offers a 7-minute read time. A long-form of content helps you rank better. When you write a detailed post, it adds to your authority.

Don’t aim for a long post every time. However, it’s worth dedicating some time to produce quality posts of around 1200+ words every month.

Building Niche Content

Aiming for common keywords is ultimately making your job, even more, tougher in today’s heavily saturated market. There’s a ghost of a chance that you would be able to make a cut in such a scenario. You have two options either to go for detailed content (Long-form content #6) or to build niche content.

How to create niche content?

The best way is to narrow down the scope and focus on a smaller niche. Rather than fighting for the same audience with other fellow content marketers, shift your niche. For example, you can write on “content marketing strategies for small companies” rather than just “content marketing strategies”.

Recognize the unexplored niches and ignored angles in your industry. Grabbing a niche audience would aim for far-better conversions.

Make your SEO smarter

Here are some key points that you need to look forward to making your SEO smarter.

  • Focus on Long-tail keywords to stand unprecedented.
  • Improve your content rather than stuffing your content with keywords
  • Don’t aim for top SERP rankings only. Go for other options as well such as featured snippets, voice searches, visual/image rankings, etc.
  • Opt for more conversational content (#4). This will help your content to show up in question boxes and featured snippets in Google.

SEO is not merely optimizing content for search engines. In fact, it’s a lot more about addressing the audience’s needs. The end goal of every content strategy should be to deliver an extra-ordinary content experience.

Create Different Content Snippet Variants

Try to create different content snippets of the post that help you present your work in a sharable and easily digestible format. Whenever you create a Facebook/ Twitter or any social media post, create multiple variants. This will help you to gauge the engagement level and user’s interest as well.

What are the different ways to create content snippets?

You can create questions, multiple lengths and complexities of titles, answering only a part, taking a snippet from the content, etc. Analyze and track the performance of each variant. This will help you create the most sophisticated content strategy in the future.

Invest in Content Distribution

There is no point in spending hours in content curation if no-one is going to see it. So, you need to make content distribution the core aspect of every content strategy. The content distribution or marketing starts with social media.

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Channelize every effort to make your content reach the right audience. Don’t let your hard work go waste. Try out some easy DIY SEO techniques or take the help of a professional SEO agency.

Final Words

We, at Digital Kangaroos, work round the clock to bring groundbreaking results to your SEO campaigns. We help companies of all sizes to stand above their competitors by providing Omni-directional digital marketing services.

We deeply analyze your business and help you reach your niche audience with our thriving modus operandi. Grow leaps and bounds with the best content marketing agency in India and give your business a sound digital foundation.  

Contact us today at +91 9814820845 or drop a line at info@digitalkangaroos.com for unequivocal and affordable digital marketing services.