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In the era of “Viewing an ad, clicking on it, and placing an order”, What is your business doing on...

In the era of “Viewing an ad, clicking on it, and placing an order”,

What is your business doing on the pamphlets?

Marketing operations are not the most glamorous aspect of branding and marketing, but they are quickly becoming the most important ones. Businesses are under a lot of pressure to put marketing strategies—skilled people, efficient procedures, and accompanying technology—in a position to enable brands to not just connect with customers but to also level up their customer interactions.

The world of business space even if the business is placed offline, is accelerating at a speed that seems uncatchable. We have seen marketing operations enhance marketing effectiveness when done correctly, as measured by return on investment and consumer engagement KPIs. However, many people struggle to reach a good degree of progress.

While marketers are undergoing a variety of “digital transformations” to restructure their operations and business models, many of these initiatives are hampered by the marketing team’s inability to deliver its required goals.

This is the place, where digital marketing companies like ours come into play. A digital marketing agency uses a number of tactics, strategies, and internet tools to assist a company in achieving its marketing and sales objectives.

For most solopreneurs and small marketing departments, developing and executing an effective digital marketing strategy is indeed a difficult task.

Given the breadth of digital marketing, it is instructive to review the most common types of digital marketing organizations and the services they provide.

We at Digital Kangaroos reach our customers through multichannel marketing. We use websites, blogs, email, social media, and other channels to communicate with customers in multi-channel and single-channel marketing.

Throughout our existence, our marketing comprises a consistent, comfortable, and reliable customer experience across channels and devices.

We also provide full-service digital marketing which is typically larger than other types of firms. From designing a logo for your business to making the website live to promoting it on social media, we have everything on our plate for you.

We often partner with businesses that need lead generation campaigns or website redesign or remodeling. We provide additional strength to existing marketing teams at amazing prices.

Furthermore, Digital Kangaroos also provide its customers with SEO optimization. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services assist in the improvisation of websites and help the content rank higher in search results.

It also includes keyword investigation, audits of websites, audits of backlinks, content for websites and blogs, evaluation of metadata (checking the quality of URL, title tags, meta descriptions, etc.), optimization of video descriptions, creating connections, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, some of the data analytics and website developing technologies that an SEO agency India/ California/ Canada like ours will use and edify.

We are among the most prominent companies to implement search engine optimization best practices, such as ensuring compliance with Google’s constantly changing search algorithm. Additionally, we help businesses that require assistance in creating and sustaining a social media presence.

We can help you manage and develop quality social media content as well as set up ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to that, we also provide services for responding to and reacting to client interactions on social media which is also known as ORM. Influencer outreach for cross-promotion or affiliate marketing is also available for budding and already established influencers.

Digital Kangaroos has a team of creative and consistent designers who create personalized and optimized websites or web pages for businesses. Whether it is for a completely new website, a website overhaul, or a small job, web designers will handle the look, feel, and functionality of the pages.

User experience and user interface (UX/UI) design and research, picture generation and storage, web development, and web hosting, are some add-on services provided by us.

We aim to drive as much organic traffic to a business website as possible. We have a team of specialists who understand inbound marketing, customer journeys, and search engine search algorithms.

Organic traffic is known as the traffic from people who find your website online via search engine queries. Your website results will definitely go up at a soaring rate if you work with a prominent digital marketing agency.

Your website will generate more leads for less money turning your profits into massive ones. These leads will also be of higher quality, increasing the likelihood of their making a purchase.

We aim to provide you with amazing services at a really affordable price. Our services are one hundred percent authentic and help you grow your business organically and reach the target audience. What are you waiting for, it’s time to rush and book your appointment with a managed services provider.

 ‘Content is King’ is an extremely popular phrase and it is right in all aspects. Especially in the marketing industry,...

 ‘Content is King’ is an extremely popular phrase and it is right in all aspects. Especially in the marketing industry, content is regarded as the supreme power. Content is the medium to connect with the customers.

Great content is extremely substantial to reach new heights in the marketing industry. The better the content, the more people are attracted to it. There are various Content Marketing Services Online that could help in a successful brand creation.

Here is why content is really the king in a present-day scenario:


The right content will improve the connection with the customers. There would be the creation of a good brand reputation and trust. This would eventually lead to more customers. This would also keep the existing customers quite happy.

When you give the customers the content that they think is significant, there is a better understanding between the brand and the customers. This would lead to constant support from the customers.


Content will transform the brand into a credible one. It will gain the admiration and trust of the people. More and more people will come to know about the brand and will start identifying it with the passage of time. The target audience can be pleased with the content.

However, this is not an overnight process. It requires consistent efforts.


Influencer marketing relies on content marketing. When a brand connects with certain influencers from social media platforms, it can reach a vast audience. Associating with influencers will give brands a boost since they have a steadfast audience. As a result, if they promote some product or brand, their followers will have a belief in it immediately.

Even before social media came into existence, brands used to tie the knot with public figures or celebrities to give their brand a certain boost.


It helps in creating awareness among the customers. You need to prove to your customers why they should stick to the brand and what they are going to learn after investing in it. The queries regarding the brand should be answered to give the customers a much clearer vision. They should be told why your brand is the best and stands out in the competition.


A brand lacking comprehensive content will lack uniqueness. There would be nothing for the brand to offer except its services and products. Content offers a certain edge to the brand and helps in cutting out competition. Study the content of your competition and its targeted audience. You should follow things that your competitors have not paid heed to.

This would surely provide your brand with a distinctive touch.


There are diverse fields where content is at its peak. These include video streaming, podcasts, and visual search. Content is used extensively in all these fields. It has emerged as a comprehensive branding tool. Various Digital Marketing Services Online know the importance of content in achieving success.


Content can help in saving your bucks. With the help of content marketing, there would be an escalation in traffic which would help increase sales.

However, this process requires a lot of patience. Spending about 7 to 8 hours a week on the creation of content can increase the traffic. Focus on the content that affects the target audience to maximize the results. Thus, content is undoubtedly the king in every field. Talking about social media platforms or digital marketing, content is quite significant for success in brand creation. Design and visuals are important but its creation with killer content will make the brand more successful.

“Digital Marketing is no longer a luxury, rather it has transformed itself into a core necessity for any business to...

Digital Marketing is no longer a luxury, rather it has transformed itself into a core necessity for any business to attract, generate leads, and form a compelling brand presence. This post of Digital Kangaroos answers all your queries from what is Digital marketing, its needs, types, and budget to how it helps your businesses thrive in this competitive world.”

The number of people coming online is increasing at an exponential pace. Modern digital mediums have completely kicked offline and traditional marketing strategies. The new and trending face of digital marketing is totally influencing the customer’s buying and shopping decisions. 

The success of any digital marketing strategy is to follow the upcoming trends keep an eye on the markets and change customer behavior, shares the CEO and co-founder of Digital Vidya– Mr. Pardeep Chopra. In an interview, Mr. Chopra explains that personalization in your efforts would help you stay in the game for a longer period. Relationship building- authentic and relevant should be your key driving factors in all your marketing endeavors. 

The #1 blogger and digital marketing expert Neil Patel also insists on tapping into the relationships. A story covered on his website shares that influencer marketing is the future. People love to listen to buying advice from their favorite social media or YouTube stars rather than a TV/Movie celebrity.

It’s all about personalization! 

But, you should know how to identify key people who genuinely influence potential buyers. 

Digital Marketing- 3 Trending Things to Win 2020 Online Battle

Marketing is all about connecting, engaging, and persuading your audience at the right time and place. The Internet is the only place where people are spending their time incessantly. This led to the birth of Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Any form of marketing that involves an electronic device or the internet is termed digital marketing. Digital channels such as social media, search engines, emails, backlinks, voice-driven assistants, etc. form the essence of every digital marketing strategy.

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Digital marketing helps to connect businesses in places where most of their audience is hanging out i.e. over a variety of digital channels. For example:

  • Content keeps the audience informed and updated regarding the latest trends, news, and solutions to their problems.
  • Social media helps the business to pitch new followers and customers and engage them as friends.
  • SEO optimizes the content and helps to reach the person who has been searching for similar services/products offered by you.
  • Email marketing/ blogging helps to follow up with the audience and ensure that the audience is getting the solutions for the problems.

    What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

In today’s scenario when every industry is struggling to survive and sustain post-COVID-19, Digital Marketing proves to be the silver lining of this darkest cloud on humanity. A strong digital presence helps businesses

  • Create awareness and engagement.
  • Pitch new customers, and followers and convert visitors.
  • Shorten the buyer’s journey by providing him with appropriate answers to their queries.
  • Trigger social sharing and boost word-of-mouth marketing.

    What are the Different Types of Digital Marketing?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a process that involves various strategies to optimize the website to rank high in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This increases the footfall of organic traffic on your website/blog or info-graphics.

If a strategy involves optimizing the content on the page itself, it is called on-page SEO such as by working on keywords, search intent, etc.

If the activities are performed off the page, it’s called off-page SEO. For example: working on backlinks, social media posts, etc.  

There is another aspect of SEO that focuses on the backend of the website such as coding, image compression, loading speed, etc. This optimization forms part of Technical SEO.

Benefits of SEO and Why Every Small Business Needs It?

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the core part of every Digital Marketing strategy. Here content assets are developed to generate traffic growth, traffic, leads, and boost conversion.  Blog posts, e-books, whitepapers, info-graphics, etc. are forms of content marketing.

Improve your Brand’s Reach with these Content Promotion Ideas

10 Must-Follow Content Marketing Strategies in 2020

Social Media Marketing

Here marketing is done on social media platforms to drive more traffic, increase brand awareness, and boost online visibility for the business. The most common channels are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Many websites help you run a campaign where the publisher is paid whenever your ad is clicked and helps drive traffic to your website. The most common PPC site is the famous Google Ad. Here Google allows you to pay for top slots on SERPs at a “per-click” price.

Some other channels are Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and LinkedIn’s sponsored messages.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways used by companies to communicate with their audiences. Branded and customized emails are used to convey deals, new offers, sales, discounts, or events to attract the audience to the business website.  Email marketing includes:

  • Blog/ subscription/ newsletters
  • Follow-up emails to website visitors
  • Welcome emails
  • Holiday Promotions/Loyalty programs
  • Emails for customer nurturing such as tips, deals, coupons, etc.

    Influencer Marketing

Here the businesses pay another celebrity (mostly from social channels) or other companies to promote and create content that discusses their services/products/brands in a positive way.  The influencers publish a video or post regarding the same on their social media handles influencing the buying decisions of their followers.  

7 Impeccable Hyper-local Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business

Does Digital Marketing Work for All Businesses?

Digital marketing works for all types of businesses whether small, medium, or big. Digital marketing helps you reach your potential buyers as well as identify your audience’s needs. But, no two businesses have the same rules for digital marketing. The implementation strategy varies from business to business and its requirements.

Budget for Digital Marketing?

You don’t need to set a big budget for your digital marketing needs. In fact, the best digital marketing companies in Punjab offer monthly subscription plans. The best part is that you can easily upscale, downscale, and withdraw anytime you want.  Secondly, the budget depends on what elements of digital marketing you are planning to add to your strategy.

The main focus should always be on creating high-quality and relevant content that your niche audience will definitely consume and engage in.

Get Set Go!

Ready to give Digital Marketing a try?

Contact us for an in-depth analysis of your website and curate a customized digital marketing strategy to generate more traffic and reap huge profits in your business.

In such times of COVID-19 Lockdown, our team is working round the clock from home to ensure our clients get uninterrupted and quality services. Have you joined the Digital marketing bandwagon? No, Join Now. It’s now or never! Don’t let your competitors surpass you in the digital fight.

Digital Marketing is leveraging the power of the internet through mobile devices, search engines, social media, and other channels to amplify...

Digital Marketing is leveraging the power of the internet through mobile devices, search engines, social media, and other channels to amplify the digital reach and gain phenomenal online visibility. With everyone jumping on the digital bandwagon, this post discusses 3 must-opt trends to win the 2020 online battle.

Social Samosa, the synonym for credibility in digital marketing, discusses some exemplary checklists, tips, and campaigns that help ease your marketing woes. This famous web portal adeptly focuses on the inevitability of digital marketing for sustenance in the real world. According to Social Samosa, 30% growth is expected in digital advertising endeavours this year.  

Neil Patel is the one person whom we all trust for the latest trends and updates in digital marketing. Neil Patel, the co-founder of NP Digital and Subscribers, shares some interesting insights on expected digital marketing trends in 2020. This top influencer across the web shares that you need to diversify your efforts across various platforms and channels to get maximum return. 

Additionally, he insists that personalization is the only option to tap the genuine traffic as nearly 97% of the traffic is either junk or unqualified. We have to tap that 3% and make them conversion-ready. 

The competition is growing stiff with each passing day as the good channels are getting saturated extremely fast. Your business needs exposure to multiple channels as relying on one channel such as Facebook, E-mail or Quora would not yield your results alone. 

Even if you are getting explosive traffic and staggering growth from a single channel, it will last shortly. The competitors who are keeping an eye on your progress will jump on board and will make it harder to survive soon.

Here are the 3 Trends that you need to follow to win the 2020 Online Battle

Digital Marketing today needs an innovative, personalized, and professional approach. Following the archaic strategies would pitch only marginal gains. The outbreak of COVID-19 has deeply disrupted the economies. Thinking positively, this Lockdown has given businesses enough time to analyze and understand their goals.

 You need to stand up front and refurbish your approach to stand indomitable in 2020.

How to remould your Digital Marketing during the COVID-19 Lock Down?

Drop in Video Reach

Today everyone is doing Youtube, Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat!

The videos posted are lacking originality due to the saturation of video content. People just pick one big video, chop it up into bitesize chunks, and keep posting across their platforms. The audience is getting bored with similar-looking stuff. With no originality coming up, the viewership is certainly declining.

But, hold on!

Where the viewership of normal videos is going down, live-streaming is growing at a mind-boggling rate. For the last couple of years, every social media channel has been trying to vie for the attention of the audience by launching their own live-streaming services.  

The love of the audience for raw, unedited, real-time, and in-person content is growing leaps and bounds. People want to see their favourite entertainers, influencers, content creators, etc. in real-time.

Live streaming is garnering the attention of the business world. According to VisualStoryTell, live streaming projections would be worth a whopping $70.05B by the next year (2021).

Time to Try Something New:

Next time you plan to post your next blog, just spare 5 minutes and fire up a live video. Tell your viewers what you are going to publish, and the reason, and give them a teaser of what will be included in the blog.

What You Will Gain Out of Live Streaming?

The live streams are often flooded with comments, discussions, suggestions, likes, dislikes, and so on. This allows the brands to create more authentic connections with their customers. The brands can drive meaningful insights into the expectations of the participants.

So, go live now. If you are unable to make it every time, just try going once a month.

How Digital Marketing helps your Business Survive the Tough times of Covid-19?

Good Content Still Matters

Content Marketing still continues to be an inevitable part of every digital marketing space but with a twist. In 2020, you need to focus on several aspects of content along with quality. Context and target audience are the two naïve factors that need attention.

To understand online content in a better and deeper way, Google is continuously updating its algorithms to make the crawling bots smarter. So, businesses must work on areas to capture their target audience by tailoring more precise content in 2020.  

How to Rank High in SERPs in 2020?

Rather than chasing the latest SEO trends, it’s time to focus on ensuring fast-loading speed, well-written content, and useful links.

Content marketing is here to stay!

Voice Interaction Continues To Rise

2020 and the following years will see a drop in mobile traffic and a significant increase in voice search. All thanks to Voice-driven smart assistants such as Siri, Google Home, Alexa, etc. Verbal interaction is now a preferred way of digital interaction. The voice-driven devices are catching up with the audience to shop and search.

After the inception of Google Snippets, organic search traffic has been hit severely. To combat this, make sure to optimize your website for voice search. Adopting a voice strategy, helps the brands not only to remain relevant but also to impart an optimized and unique customer experience. This will amp up brand loyalty and foster relationships down the line.

Pro-tip to Optimize for Voice Search

To optimize the content for voice searches, try to opt for a conversational tone and use keywords that people will use. This will not only help you to ace voice searches but also appear in the featured snippets and much-coveted position zero on Google searches.

Get Involved or Left Behind – Choice is Yours!

In 2020, Live Streaming, Quality and targeted content, and Voice searches are the three most prominent digital marketing trends. Audiences today want new and exciting ways to connect with businesses that make their e-journey more enjoyable and easy. 

So, which of these trending things will you try first? For more interesting insights on digital marketing keep reading our blog and stay tuned with us.

COVID-19 has changed everything. At times when the entire digital world is dominated by posts/news of this global pandemic, businesses...

COVID-19 has changed everything. At times when the entire digital world is dominated by posts/news of this global pandemic, businesses are facing tough challenges to reinstate their online presence.

Social distancing is the new normal that is making the business curve to get levelled resulting in massive ramifications for the digital economy. The events are being cancelled. The supply chains are delayed, thereby, changing the behaviour of demand and supply and turning lockdown even more vulnerable.

This post of Digital Kangaroos discusses how brands and business can remould their digital marketing campaigns to keep up with the changing consumer behaviour. Plus, we will discuss some points on how to target customer concerns and queries on a limited budget.

Read MoreHow Digital Marketing helps your Business Survive the Tough times of Covid-19?

Proactive Scenario Planning

The brand must analyze the best to worst-case scenarios from the perspective of business, customers and other patterns. The business must not plan on high-level corporate scenarios alone. Drill down to the individual levels.

Identify the challenges, scenarios, expectations and actions.

Listen to the Changes

In the current scenario, people are more closely aligned with friends, family and local businesses.  It’s the right time to go for local and hyper-local digital marketing. Let your customers know what you are doing in this lockdown and how you care for them.

Roping social influencers in your digital marketing strategy could turn out to be a game-changer for your business.

Know your Influencer?

Anticipating Operational Impacts

The businesses must adapt their digital marketing strategies to reflect the ground zero realities to the customers. Use newsletters and emails to proactively address the common queries and questions of the audience.

It’s time to ramp up your digital delivery by promoting your website, apps and other mobile services.

Remoulding the Digital Marketing Plan

The coming few months are the most critical. If you have still not joined the online world, go for online corporate training in digital marketing and jump on the bandwagon with full preparation.

Remember, everyone is sailing on the same boat. Each one of us is looking for a secret key to replace the lost opportunities. You certainly cannot control the past, but a chain of events can be triggered using digital marketing to improve the present and future.

Here’s how you can improve your ongoing campaigns.

Social Media

Social media is a vital component of digital marketing that helps brands to communicate with potential audiences directly. During this lockdown, take measures to improve your online presence. Tailor your posts in such a way that these offer easy access to the information the audience seeks.   


Through your accounts, the brands should communicate regarding any changes in delivery, stocks, shortages, closures, etc.

If you have a large customer base, it’s better to start a social media group. Here people can post their concerns and queries. This acts as a forum and will not hamper your brand image on the main official page.   

It may happen that the social media messenger account is receiving a large number of queries; you can set up an auto-reply feature that will outline your expected response time.

Read More: How to use SMO Techniques to Boost Brand Awareness?

Paid Search

When you are going for a paid search, you must ensure that every penny is properly utilized. The world has seen a massive reduction in online shopping other than essentials as more and more people are going for work-from-home options. Here the brands need to re-strategize as per the changing audience behaviour.

Ensure that the budget is utilized maximum to demographics where the brands can meet the demand.

Use the scheduling option wisely. Don’t go for the 24/7 calling option, when you know there is no one to pick up the call. 

Review your ad before hitting the publish button to gauge that the message tone is perfect for the publishing social channel.

You can update your site links to focus more on delivery information or re-create the content as per the ongoing scenario.

SEO and Content

You may need to re-create your content or add some more details regarding any information your customers expect to get from you. Keep on posting through blogs or social media posts regarding essential topics. Do that as per your frequency or whatever is the need of the hour.

Channelize this opportunity to support your existing customers and re-establish brand loyalty and trust through proper SEO and Content methods. Here’s what you can do:

Update your opening/closing times on all your official pages such as your website, social media, Google My Business, Google Maps etc.

Any operational changes should be communicated through the blog or an informative post.

Try to create a FAQ based on the latest customer queries.

Connect with Digital Kangaroos- the best digital marketing company in North India for more tips on how to keep your SEO intact in this tough time.

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Keep a close eye on analytics and visitor behaviour. Adapt your strategy as per the stats. Analyze the changes happening in your traffic. Stay alert and understand how the current scenario is driving the users to identify new business opportunities.

You can achieve this by understanding their needs and patterns through keyword analysis.

Dive into the New Digital Wave with Digital Kangaroos

At Digital Kangaroos, our hearts go out to the families who have been impacted by this global pandemic. In our aim to minimize the impact and flatten the curve, our team is working from home to provide you with an uninterrupted flow of services.

We are keeping our lights on so that our clients can contribute their part in raising the economy as much as possible. In this time of uncertainty, we stand by our clients and are working in overdrive mode to ensure their success.

Facing any digital marketing issues? Connect with us at info@digitalkangaroos.com.

Digital Kangaroos wishes a speedy recovery to all those who have been impacted!

We are playing our part. Are you? Stay Inside and Stay Safe.

To understand the impact of SEO on our online presence, we first need to know what an SEO is and...

To understand the impact of SEO on our online presence, we first need to know what an SEO is and how it works. SEO means “Search Engine Optimisation”. It is a non-paid medium of bringing traffic to your website through search engines via free, organic, editorial or natural means. All prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. undergo SEO where web pages and other content like videos are ranked on the basis of relevance to the users. This process is a quite reliable and generic source of inviting traffic but relying purely on SEO can be dangerous.

SEO is imperative if you talk about getting potential prospects, online presence and website traffic. On the other hand, it is equally factual that SEO alone can’t let you accomplish your most momentous profile-raising standpoint. Relying just on SEO can lead to a back counting towards the fall of the website. Digital Kangaroos is a digital marketing company in Punjab which works its best to bring your business to a successful social media platform.

One Big Reason

Just like it is said never put all the eggs in one basket rather divide them in different baskets to spread the risk and make its breakage less dicey and its safety more effective. Likewise, we at Digital Kangaroos observe that one and the only reason of not depending only on SEO is that SEO’s focus solely on one form of traffic and once that saturation is reached there is nothing else which will come its way filling the resource up to the brim. This finally makes the web content obsolete. This, in turn, defeats the final purpose of SEO after a while.

Read Also: Top Digital Marketing Trends to Explode Your Brand Awareness

Here comes the role of other components which help to develop your business grow faster on the online platform. Branding, Social media and other marketing campaigns mix with SEO are a few such constituents for reinforcement and highlighting every aspect of your business at a faster pace than usual. So it is important to understand that the natural search traffic which is fetched without any paid sources through the search engine optimisation by hitting various key points and making the content stand on a strong footing in terms of relevance for the final user in the eyes of Google or other search engines, is not the whole mass but simply a small part of the big picture which can be allured through other marketing strategies in varied ways. This list is endless and you need to think out of the box to stay ahead of your competitors. Following are a few examples of this marketing mix:

• Paid Search Marketing (PPC)
• Social Media Marketing
• Display Advertising
• Blogging (both on your site and as guest posts)
• Email Marketing

Does that mean SEO is Dead?

SEO is vital for the success of your business when it comes to driving organic traffic and thus, the potential customers to your site. However, as a sole technique, the role of SEO is limited in the realm of Digital Marketing and ends up its utility soon. Digital Kangaroos tries its best to ensure a proper marketing mix far beyond just the SEO in order to ensure a multi-dimensional benefit to your business through its online presence. So, if you hinge on just the organic search engine results to pull the visions to your site, at that socket, STOP! You’re playing a very treacherous game, and it could eventually end in hard luck.


This implies that SEO is the base of any business’s online presence and a business heads towards success through this amazing technical yet free of cost source. But it is equally to be valued that like in the case of offline marketing online marketing also works on a blend of different digital marketing techniques. They all go hand in hand to make a business a successful venture. Thus, Search Engine Optimisation alone is not the final end but still a very good beginning to generating business and maximizing profits online.