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Google constantly releases some updates to modify and improve its ranking algorithms. Minor changes are released almost every day but...

Google constantly releases some updates to modify and improve its ranking algorithms. Minor changes are released almost every day but they hardly affect the rankings. But, there are some broad changes made to systems and search algorithms and they are released a few times a year.

These core changes or “core updates” are fully capable of shaking off your SERP rankings to either high or low ranks. Google continuously makes changes to algorithms so as to deliver the most relevant, original and latest content to the users.

The webpreneurs may notice significant gain or loss of traffic or rank due to a core fix. You may try to fix things to bring your rankings up in case you are losing them but WAIT!

As per Google advisory, you don’t need to fix the wrong things. In fact, there might not be anything that needs to be fixed. Google always releases prior notice and advice to webmasters or content curators so that they may take relevant action to improvise the affected parameter.

What is the reason for a drop in ranking?

First, you need to understand that there might not be anything wrong with the pages that are performing badly. It could also be that they have not violated any Google webmaster guideline or fallen prey to any manual action.

In a core update, the search engine improvises on an overall assessment of the content. The changes are not meant to target some specific pages, sites or niche. The changes can make some top-rated pages witness a drop in rankings. On the other hand, some low performing pages may see an instantaneous boost.

Google explains the entire ideology with a simple concept. That is, if you have a web page listing the best 100 movies in 2015. After a few years, it could be that there are more deserving movies that must be a part of that list.

So, the point is that the new list pertaining to 2019 will get a higher place. Also, you may also reconsider the movies already on the list and realize that they deserve a higher place than before.

The list, therefore, needs a revision.

What can I do to combat Google’s core updates?

As advised by Google, you cannot do much to improve your dropped rankings. If you are offering quality and original content then you needn’t worry. Delivering best as per your capabilities will definitely bring you back to the arena.

In addition to the advice released on the Panda algorithm, Google has shared some more information.

Focus on Content

Here are some tips that you need to consider while curating the content. Remember, self-assessment can prove very handy in realizing the impact of core updates.

Tips related to content

  • Make sure that your content provides:

i. Original information, research or analysis.

ii. A substantial and comprehensive description of the topic.

iii. Insightful information or analysis that is beyond obvious.

  • The title/ topic or headline is descriptive and backed by a helpful summary.
  • Make sure that the title/headline is neither over-exaggerative nor shocking in nature.
  • Look at it as an audience and see if you would like to share it with a friend.
  • Is you content worthy to be taken as reference by any encyclopedia, wiki or magazine?

 Tips related to expertise

  • The information or the facts provided should be from a trustable author or website. Do check the website’s authority before taking any references.
  • The content should be free from easily-verifiable factual errors.

Tips related to presentation and production

  • The content should be free from stylistic and spelling issues. It should neither be hastily produced nor should it appear sloppy.
  • Showing an excessive number of ads will distract the audience. Make sure that your ads don’t interfere with the main content.
  • Your website and page should be mobile-responsive.

Last but not least, the content should deliver substantial value when compared to other similar pages in SERPs. It should genuinely serve the interest of the audience.

Quality Rater Guidelines and E-A-T

Raters are the people who give ratings to Google’s algorithm regarding its operability and effectiveness. Have a look at the quality rater guidelines. These guidelines will help you to understand how content is assessed.

This will help you to improve your rankings and perform better in SERPs. These raters assess the content on EAT metrics. EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. So, by going through these guidelines you can make improvements as desired.

How much time does a website take to recover from a core update?

Frankly, content impacted by one major core update may not get improved even after making improvements. Things may remain the same until the next broad core update.

But the rankings may improve over time as Google keeps on releasing minor core updates frequently. Also, if the content adheres to all the above-mentioned tips, it will recover easily. A well-deserving content remains unaffected and continues to perform well despite the core updates.

Understanding how search works or how content is crawled will give you better insights into content improvements.

Struggling with your website’s rankings? Digital Kangaroos can help your website to punch above its weight. We offer the latest and updated SEO techniques and well-optimized quality content to make your website grow.

 Contact us at +91 9814820845 or mail your queries at info@digitalkangaroos.com

Influencer marketing is the latest and hottest digital marketing trend that continues to gain popularity amongst brands and other marketing...

Influencer marketing is the latest and hottest digital marketing trend that continues to gain popularity amongst brands and other marketing agencies. As per a report, 59% of brands who have endorsed influencers for their brand have increased their budget for influencer collaborations due to an overwhelming response. The brands have reported positive growth in the ROI after following this popular technique. If you are planning to start an influencer marketing program or are already into it, you should be very clear about the modus operandi beforehand.

Some points to ponder before the launch of the campaign

Things such as theme or niche should be discussed.

Is it a brand awareness program or a new product launch? Whether the campaign should be launched on a festival day, holiday or any random day?

How do you want to improve your following, website traffic, impressions and conversion?

Understand your target market and budget you want to spend.

Based on demographics, themes and engagement, it’s important to decide the type of influencer your campaign needs.

Do you know that there were around 500K influencers alone on Instagram earlier this year (2019)? Thus, you should be aware of what type of influencer you want to choose in order to cast a reliable, wise and trustworthy impact on the audience. So, there are mainly four categories of influencers namely Nano-Influencer, Micro-Influencer, Macro-Influencer and Mega-Influencer.

This blog covers which influencer is best for your audience and how to select one for your campaign.

Nano Influencers

Influencers with 10K or fewer followers fall under this category. Talking about Instagram, around 70% of the people connected with influencers in 2018 having less than 1k followers. This implies that nano influencer/s could already be following you. They have the capability to influence the buying decisions of their peers. 

This form of influencer marketing is small but powerful and offers more engagement. Nano Influencing is just like working with the original form of “word-of-mouth-marketing” because at this level, the recommendations are considered as genuine and unbiased. The audience trusts the post in the same way as they would trust any post made by a dear friend.

7 Impeccable Hyper-local Marketing Tips to Boost your Business

Who should work with Nano Influencers?

The brands that are on a tight or fixed or no-budget prefer nano-influencers. These influencers won’t impact SEO or website traffic much but they offer impressive engagement rates. If yours is a local or national brand then you should go for nano-influencers.

7 Impeccable Hyper-local Marketing Tips to Boost your Business


The fan following of the micro-influencers is between 10k and 500k. These influencers have some sort of business acumen and a solid trust within their audience. The audience follows them by heart as they have been into the e-world for quite a long time. These influencers know how to curate content based on the audience’s interest. They serve as a powerful force driving conversions and building brand awareness. 

Who Should Work with Micro-Influencers?

If you are a national or international brand then choosing micro-influencers would be a great decision. You need to have a budget before targeting them but micro-influencers are affordable as compared to mega and macro ones. The brands/organizations looking for traffic, leads, conversions and new social followers, micro-influencers are a perfect pick.

 One major advantage of working with them is that they usually offer full repurposing rights to the brands without shelling out extra cash for videos/photos as long as the posts link back to the influencer. The reason is that these micro-influencers are always looking for good opportunities (brands) to grow their following as well.

How to use SMO Techniques to Boost Brand Awareness?

Macro Influencers

These can be categorized as content influencers with a fan following between 500k and 1M. Macro Influencers are well experienced, seasoned and have truly honed the skill of brand collaborations.

Who Should Work with Macro Influencers?

Macro Influencers are best suited for those brands that need quick brand recognition. If the brand is low on resources then rather than spending a huge chunk of the budget on smaller ones, one macro influencer would do the work. These influencers are expensive. The rates depend on what services/products you wish to have and how much they are ready to negotiate.

Benefits of SEO and Why Every Small Business Needs It?

Mega Influencers

The highest tier is bagged by Mega Influencers who include powerful members of the society, celebrities, etc and have a remarkable reach. These influencers usually have more than 1M followers and have a staggering capability to drive your sales and ROI metrics. A single share by mega-influencers is sufficient to take a normal brand to exceptionally newer heights resulting in hundreds of thousands of impressions in a small time frame.  

Who Should Work with Mega Influencers?

Just like Macro Influencers, Mega Influencers come with a super expensive price tag. The brands and organizations that are looking for professional international visibility, choosing Mega Influencer is the call. These influencers usually have a PR or manager who performs all the collaborations.

Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Selecting a Digital Marketing Agency


If you are still struggling to get the desired brand recognition and awareness for your business, then start designing your influencer marketing campaign today. You can expect to get something different on the table from every influencer tier.

Looking at improving your ROI and KPA’s of your brand by leveraging the power of Influencer Marketing? Then contact Digital kangaroos for best-suited influencer marketing options at never-before prices. We are pro at designing the most suitable and highly customized campaigns for your business so as to significantly boost traffic to your website and social media pages and aid conversions right away! You may email us at info@digitalkangaroos.com or call us at +919814820845.

In today’s time, you need to stay updated to maintain your visibility and sustainability in the e-world. The traditional web...

In today’s time, you need to stay updated to maintain your visibility and sustainability in the e-world. The traditional web development no longer holds the scope in the modern era. Apart from info-graphics, HTML5, embedding videos and responsive designs, there are a number of web viral trends that need to be taken care of. Here are some latest and viral web-development trends that are disrupting the web-development landscape.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Most of the leading websites, when searched on mobiles using Google, have a small lightning bolt (⚡) symbol next to them). This symbol means that the websites are fast loading. The pages of the website would load at a blink of an eye as compared to other websites.  These are called AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. The AMP was introduced by Google in October 2015 and received an overwhelming response from all the major websites such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and WordPress.  If your website is AMP compatible, then it will rank better in the search engines also.

7 Impeccable Hyper-local Marketing Tips to boost your Business

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps eliminate the cross-platform issues faced by the netizens. Most of the users faced problems while accessing the same information that is available on the website to that on the mobile app. The PWA technology combines the best features of the website and gets them converted into an app-like feature for rich user experience. With PWA enabled website, the users won’t be able to differentiate between an app and the website.

PWA enables the website to be accessed in offline mode as well. Hence, boosting the overall performance delivers a staggering app-like experience.

Why Ranking High on Google is a key to Make Money Online?

Single-Page Website

As the name suggests, the entire website is designed into a single HTML page. When the user clicks on any navigation or menu option, the focus gets shifted to that section. This means rather than loading a new fresh page, the information is displayed right on the home page. 

Most of the designs and templates of single-page websites use Ajax, CSS3, jQuery and advanced JavaScript.

Are SEO And Web Design Closely Interlinked With Each Other?

Website Push Notifications

Similar to app notifications on mobile devices, website push notifications notify the users working on a website from his desktop or mobile device. The notifications are sent even when the website/browser is closed. The notification area on the user’s device displays all the related notifications. The main advantage is that all the users who have subscribed to the website can remain updated regarding the updates sent by the website.

Flash to HTML5

There was a time when the flash enabled websites were gaining popularity. But, there were many flaws and limitations associated with using flash and the most common one was platform dependence. With the inception of HTML5, things started changing. The robust features offered by HTML5 eliminated all the limitations of Flash. Now the websites could be easily tracked and optimized for delivering better user experience. Apart from UX, HTML5 also strengthened the security aspects.

Multilingual Websites

According to a renowned blogger, Neil Patel, his web traffic got boosted by 47% after starting a multilingual blog that supported approximately 82 languages. A website that supports content in multiple languages is called a multilingual website. By having one such website, new opportunities are unveiled across the globe. Now people from various backgrounds can explore your website. Contact your digital marketing associate for more options on how to start a multilingual website.

Best SMM Tips to Boost Engagement during Festive Season

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Most of the upcoming websites that are used to search nearby banks, schools, restaurants, café, etc use this technology. It is usually done using the Smartphone’s camera. Using AR technology, a user can superimpose a computer-generated image in the real world. This accelerates accurate local searches. The game Pokemon Go is a perfect example of Augmented Reality.

 Virtual reality or VR is an entirely different concept as compared to VR. Here there is no connection with the physical world. The virtual world is presented in such a manner to make it feel like a real world.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

You would have seen that most of the websites listing products and services have chatbots embedded in their websites. These smart and AI-powered chatbots are the first point of contact for the customers. Webprenures have been optimizing their websites for making them compatible with smart assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.  

Benefits of SEO and Why Every Small Business Needs It?

Cloud Computing

Traditionally, all the data, hardware, software and other applications were stored in the on-premise devices or companies. This increased the infrastructural cost of the companies. So, to avoid all this, cloud-based services were born. Using cloud-services the users need not buy expensive software or hardware. Rather, they just need an internet connection and an internet-enabled device. The cloud services are web-based and can be accessed 24/7 and remotely as well.

The users don’t need to worry about backup solutions, database processing, data storage, installing office suites, etc. All the updates are automatically handled by cloud operators. The user just needs to take monthly subscriptions and can, in fact, upscale or downscale the subscription as per usage and requirement.

Winding Up

You need to stay in the competition and strive for excellence to survive and sustain in the e-world. So, it becomes very important to showcase an extraordinary presence in the digital world. Take your website to new levels, by these incredible web-development trends. 

Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Selecting a Digital Marketing Agency

 Digital Kangaroos is one of the pioneering web development and digital marketing solutions provider in India. Our technical and marketing team delivers top-notch solutions for all your e-needs. Stay updated with us and avail our best-in-class digital services at a 20% discount from the market prices. Contact us at +91 9814820845 or write to us at info@digitalkangaroos.com.

You are hungry and want to eat/order your favorite Italian cuisine. What is the first thing that you do?  You...

You are hungry and want to eat/order your favorite Italian cuisine. What is the first thing that you do?

 You pick up your mobile, open Google and ask for “Best Italian Restaurants near me”. 

It’s the power of Hyperlocal marketing that brings the most loved restaurants on top of local results.

Staying on the apex of local results is the biggest issue for every online business owner. You have to stay relevant to get noticed in your local area. If you don’t show up in the “local searches”, there is every possible chance that you lose a lot of potential customers from mobile and voice-driven searches.

Your name is not getting listed in local searches?

Your website or physical business is not driving expected local traffic?  

Then, Hyperlocal Marketing is the ultimate solution.

This trending marketing technique acts like a magnet that attracts potential clients in a specific local area. Thereby, improving, commercializing and promoting your local search. In a research conducted by thinkwithgoogle, 94% of the netizens use their mobile phones for local searches. Optimizing your business for local searches has become a major milestone in your SEO endeavors.

Implementing these 7 Hyperlocal Marketing strategies in your local SEO plan of action will make your brand more visible and successful in your local area.

But, before that understand,

What is Hyperlocal Marketing?

Hyperlocal marketing can be best described as a digital marketing process that targets a specific geographical area such as a street, city or even a few blocks to attract potential customers by optimizing the “near me” or “nearby” mobile and voice searches.

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Why should I go for HyperLocal Marketing?

To capitalize on the “near me” searches and drive the local traffic to the physical locations (business), you need to launch Hyper-local marketing techniques.

Do you know?

  • Around 88% of the netizens perform a local search within a day from their Smartphones.
  • 46% of all Google Searches have queries seeking local information.
  • With the coming of voice-driven smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, “close-by” and near-me” searched have grown over 900% in the last couple of years.

    How to leverage “near-me” searches for my Business?

Have a look at the top 7 Hyper-local Strategies that you need to implement right now!

Google My Business

The first step that you need to take is to list your business on Google My Business and start optimizing it to ensure maximum visibility. Formerly known as Google Places, GMB is an e-data listing from where Google sources the information to serve the users doing local searches and Google Map results in those areas. All the details such as opening hours, address and contact information are available for the users.

Customer Reviews

We all know the power of WOM i.e. Word-of-mouth marketing. The user reviews, ratings and testimonials are your most effective tools to cut above the rest. Customers definitely check the ratings and reviews of the business before finalizing them. 

Just as you were looking for an Italian Restaurant, I am sure you would like to visit a 4+ rated restaurant rather than any 2 or 3-star.

Don’t underestimate the power of reviews as they are the most important local-SEO ranking signals. A business with a good number of reviews is displayed on top of SERPs. So, start building your positive reviews. You can start by asking your family, friends and customers to review your business.

Top 20 SEO Hacks You Can’t Afford to Ignore in Today’s Time.

Create Localized Content

Creating great and relevant content for local users is another way to succeed in your local SEO efforts. A blog helps you connect with your local audience as well as acquire local links. You can share relevant and informative articles on your blog. By subscribing to the blog, the users can stay updated regarding your services/products.

Start connecting with local social influencers related to your niche. The best way is to conduct an interview with these influencers and publish them on your blog. If you are lucky, these influencers might link your blog on their channel/blog/social platforms. 

If you have a list of queries to which people might be looking answers for then create a blog answering those queries. Try to keep the answers short and relevant. These answers would be helpful in voice-searches as well.

Benefits of SEO and Why Every Small Business Needs It?

Optimize Your GMB Page

Google My Business listings are a great way to boost your brand in the local market. To grab more relevant customers in a particular geographical area, it’s very important to optimize and manage your GMB page. Here are some tips.

  • Make sure that your profile is 100% complete. Fill out every field that describes your business.
  • Choose an appropriate and relevant category.
  • Add contact numbers, address, opening and closing hours, etc. The information provided should resonate with the contact information present on your website and other social media accounts.
  • Add high-resolution images, descriptions and official website link as well.
  • Add any offers or deals going on.

If you have more than one address, then create and optimize pages for every location and link them to your other GMB pages. 

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Use Proper Schema Markup

You need to add schema markup to improve your local SEO as well as help the search engines understand that your business is local.  Schema data acquires information related to your businesses and displays in the form of rich snippets.

Make sure to add schema markup to every location page of your business. All the information such as an address, business hours, social links, contact number, site logo and the business name should be added in the schema markup.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

If your website is not mobile-friendly, then it’s high time to convert it into one. The Google search algorithm prefers mobile-friendly websites over normal ones. Google lays its priority in offering best-in-class user experience, so the responsive and fast loading websites are given priority in rankings. Here are some tips to make your website mobile-friendly:

  • Choose a responsive template so that your website offers the same experience on all devices such as desktop, Smartphone, tab, etc.
  • Using Gzip, enable website compression.
  • Try to minify JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Stop using Flash. UX is severely degraded.
  • The CTA’s and the button sizes should be large.
  • Enable browser caching.
  • Use CDN for load distribution so as to make your website fast.

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Optimize for Voice-searches

According to NPM (National Public Media), 43M smart speakers have alone been sold in the US. Most of the questions triggered at these smart voice-assistants contain a “near me” phrase. You need to optimize your GMB pages using the techniques mentioned above in order to answer these questions. This will start ranking your business on voice-driven searches as well. 

Is relying alone on SEO dangerous?


You really need to get into the game of optimizing your website for “near me” and voice searches, to keep your head and shoulders above the rest. Hyperlocal marketing helps businesses gain recommendations by the smart voice assistants as well. Take your business to the next level by generating more local leads with Hyperlocal marketing.

Want to know more about Hyperlocal marketing, we are just a call away. Get the best-in-class digital marketing solutions in North India at affordable prices with Digital Kangaroos.

Get an additional 10% offer on all digital marketing services till 31st December 2019. Grab this now or never offer today!

Let’s first understand, What is branding? Branding is basically a marketing practice that makes the company and its products/services easily...

Let’s first understand,

What is branding?

Branding is basically a marketing practice that makes the company and its products/services easily recognizable. And brand awareness is the extent to which people are able to distinguish the company from other similar ones in the market.

Branding is essential to strike a compelling and divisible presence in the industry. It allows the customer to make better choices. Branding includes advertising, promotional merchandise, logo, online reputation, customer service, etc. All these things are essential to creating an impressive and recognizable professional profile.   

Okay, now that you have invested time and effort to nurture an impeccable brand. What’s next?

Ask yourself, “Where am I advertising and promoting my brand?”

If any of the answers didn’t turn out to be ‘social media’, then you need to have a serious talk with your marketing team.

Social media is the biggest piece of the puzzle that has the power to make or break the brand. We have already discussed top digital marketing trends to explode your brand awareness and now it’s time to implement them.

Why Should I go for Social Media Optimization?

In today’s digital era, every netizen is operating one or more social media account. You may not get heard on organic searches but with social media optimization strategies, you could be heard by millions of users in just one go.

How?  This post unveils some of the best ways to use social media optimization services in India to gain traffic, boost ROI and improve brand awareness. 

But before that let’s understand what Social Media Optimization (SMO) is.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is, using social channels actively to promote a brand by sharing content in such a way that the audience gets convinced and attracted to that website.

 SMO doesn’t mean using flashy graphics, pictures, formats, etc randomly. The posts created by using social media optimization strategies ensure that the company’s mission, culture, vision and values are clearly articulated.

Why is Branding Given so much Importance?

Branding impacts the overall bottom-line of the company. Branding impacts how the audience perceives the brand in terms of popularity, reputation and quality of service. Here are some reasons why branding is given the utmost importance to survive in online as well as the offline world.

Pitches Recognition

When the company becomes a recognizable name amongst the customers, it becomes a brand. Brand name and logo are the first steps towards branding. You must hire a professional logo designer, for world-class logos. The logo and brand name should be such that they are easily memorable and imprints deeply in the first glance. 

8 Effective and Evergreen SEO Strategies

Boosts Business Value

Business scaling is only possible if the company holds an impressive reputation in the market. Branding plays a vital role in boosting business value and helps to establish a firm place in the market. This increases investment opportunities for the company as well.

Top 20 SEO Hacks You Can’t Afford To Ignore In Today’s Time

Generates New Customers

A strong branding ensures a positive reputation of the company. Therefore, the company would face no trouble in drumming up a new business. The customers are ready to do a referral business or become associates with the company. For a well-established brand, WOM (word of mouth) marketing becomes the most effective and best advertising method.

How to promote Brand Awareness using Social Media Optimization Services?

Most of the blogs, articles on internet stress on spending time, money and effort on social media to build your brand awareness.

Benefits of SEO and Why Every Small Business Needs It?

But nobody explains what to do exactly?

Most of the digital marketers and the articles on the internet will share interesting social media optimization theories with you. But, practically speaking, we all know that the same things don’t work all the time.  

Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Selecting a Digital Marketing Agency

There are essentially four thumb rules to follow for every social media optimization strategy.

Establish Your Voice

To build brand awareness, you need to effectively and consistently communicate with your social media audience. You need to follow a genuine and realistic style and voice tone. Make sure that the posts designed should convey a genuine human voice with a friendly and approachable tone. The content in the posts should be unique and reflect your USPs. The audience should be able to strike a contrast between you and your competitors.

Sharing Great Content

Infographics, videos and photos are a great means to convey your message. Your audience should be able to connect their daily lives with the content shared. One important aspect to consider is that whatever video/photos you share; it should be consistent with your brand colours.

For example, if you are trying to build a great employer brand then, you must include videos/photos of your employees, office and workplace. You can design photos/ banners related to upcoming corporate events, webinars or recruiting programs.  Showing the rewards and recognitions received by the company adds impressively to the brand image.

Responsive to the Audience

One of the most important aspects of social media optimization is responding to customers. No matter the comment/feedback is positive or negative, make a thumb rule to respond to the audience. You can respond to the audience by liking, sharing and answering their comments. You can also engage the audience by asking them questions. Furthermore, establishing an on-time response works like a douser for social media fire.

Choose the Right Social Media Network(s)

Essentially there are four most popular platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. It would be better to start with these four. Later based on the response rates and your budget, you can easily expand to other platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

Easy DIY Social Media Optimization Strategies

Here are some very easy DIY SMO strategies to improve Brand Awareness.

Integrate Social Sharing in Website

The first step towards SMO is to integrate social sharing options on your website. You can use links from your social media profile on your website. There are many plugins available in the e-market that facilitates social sharing within the website. The plug-ins can also add social media sharing buttons to the blogs/articles. All the social sites are high authority websites, therefore, their links are considered as high-quality links.

Seek Influencers

People are inundated and irritated by the paid ads. Moreover, they have lost their faith and trust in ads.

So, what is the alternative to paid ads?

It’s influencer marketing. Influencers are social celebrities and have a huge following. People believe in what they say and do. You just need to approach those influencers who represent the niche of your brand closely and thereafter, collaborate with them for the promotion of your products and services.

One single share by an influencer means that your post can reach 100 times more than your share. To get the desired attention, seek influencers.

Struggling to get one? We can help you with the best social influencers.

Social Campaigns and Contest

Social campaigns and contests drive people crazy. You can design the winning criteria based on the number of views, likes, shares, comments, or a picture of the customer using your brand, etc. The winner automatically gets converted as your social media brand ambassador.

Best SMM Tips to Boost Engagement during Festive Season

Consistency is Key to SMO

Do you know?

Search engines prefer the social profiles that have 100% completeness. Creating a social page may seem like a kid’s task but it is indeed the first area where businesses tend to fail. You need to ensure the completeness of your profile along with all contact information. Make sure that the information you are providing on social media platforms resonates with your website. Try to embed keywords in your profile as well.

Why do you Need Long Tail Keywords to Drive Maximum ROI?

Use Relevant Hashtags

Don’t flood your posts with irrelevant hashtags. Hashtags do make your posts searchable but the trick is to figure out the appropriate handles or hashtags. This makes the post look tidy, non-spammy and searQuality Content

New, fresh, unique and innovative content ideas help to build trust and authority with the social audience. Informative, useful and engaging content will improve your brand awareness. This could turn out to be a building block for pitching loyal customers.

Build your Brand with us!

Digital Kangaroos is a premier digital marketing agency in Ludhiana Punjab offering unique and customized social media optimization solutions to businesses both large and small. We are everything you’d expect from a digital marketing company. We are social, digital and creative! And, we are accountable, flexible and committed!

Struggling to build brand awareness for your business or are planning to step in the online world? Call us at +91 9814820845 or you can drop an email at admin@digitalkangaroos.com for best digital marketing and web development solutions at affordable prices.

What will you prefer: your favourite IPL team’s T-shirt with your name and a number on the backside or just...

What will you prefer: your favourite IPL team’s T-shirt with your name and a number on the backside or just a team’s T-shirt with a plain back?

The answer is intuitive.

The former option offers you a touch of personalization and you are ready to buy it for sure. That’s the power of long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are customized as per the user preferences to direct maximum conversions.

Keep reading to understand what are long-tail keywords and why you need them to drive maximum ROI.

SEO is all about keyword planning and long-tail keywords act as the holy grail of this strategy. Proper research should be conducted to find the relevant keywords for your business/website that offer high search volume.

Long-tail keywords are more specific and relevant. Let’s take an example.

Normal Keyword: Best Dermatologist
Long Tail Keyword: Best Dermatologist in Ludhiana near me

The search results in the second case would be more accurate as per your needs. A long-tail keyword yields maximum clicks and is more targeted for conversions. Long Tail Keywords comprise 70% of web searches.

Though these keywords are less common but focus more on the niche. Thus, they help in directing conversion-oriented traffic.

One Headed Theme

There are more than 1.7 million websites existing already with a new website being added every second. Competition is very stiff as you have a plethora of common categories such as mom blogs, relationship blogs, food blogs, travel blogs, etc. Competing for your business/blog with traditional keywords is an onerous task and needs you to fight tooth and nail to get your name on the SERPs.

But following the other way round will decrease the competition and make it easier to rank better on SERPs. Digital Kangaroos is all about providing world-class digital marketing solutions, so we have used “Best Digital Marketing Agency in Ludhiana (Punjab)” as our theme rather than the conventional “Digital Marketing Agency”.

Your primary keyword or theme should be such that people should be able to find you and eventually get converted into potential customers.   

How to Look For Long Tail Keywords?

When you start a website/business or a blog, the idea should be innovative and different else it would be extremely difficult to pitch it to the audience. Good market research and audience analysis will help you understand how to make your product/ service/ blog special. Take your time and jot down the points that are unique about your product/service/blog and that make you stand above your competitors.

It’s hard to rank in some markets due to high competition from large companies. These big companies have a good marketing budget, especially for SEO and other digital marketing services. It would be really hard to compete in areas such as travel, education, food, career, etc. Opting for long-tail keywords is the only way out you would have to suffice with lower SERP rankings.

For example: If you have a food blog, then many blogs offer snacks, starters, cakes, etc. To grab the attention you may specify “quick to make snacks recipes”, “eggless vanilla birthday cake”, “Cheesy homemade Italian Pasta” etc. This will help you to attract and engage the audience more efficiently.

Pro Tip: Try to use the words/phrases that are used by the audience. You can take the help of Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics and other tools available.

Have a Look at Some Best Reasons to Opt for Long Tail Keywords

Lesser Competition

Most of the big corporate giants have already used traditional keywords to optimize their websites. So, for a beginner or a small company, it is very difficult to even stand and rank in front of them. If you have a start-up dealing with an applicant tracking system, then pitch for “ATS for small business” or “applicant tracking system for consultancy firms”. The long-tail keywords have lesser competition as well as are available at a low price. The reason is that not many companies focus on these keywords, ultimately reducing the competition and increasing ROI.

Keep the Tone Natural

Most of the content available on blogs is repetitive and similar, so it’s hard to make the blog or content look entirely different. Using traditional keywords may make the content look stuffed with keywords and may cause disinterest in readers and hamper SEO rankings.

This can be fixed using long-tail keywords as they can be incorporated into the content naturally. These keywords amp up the natural flow of your content.

Do you know?

Excessive use of short keywords may irritate Google bots and may consider you as a spammer. This may result in a Google penalty or removal of your posts from the SERPs. Most of the spam keywords are usually short ones only.

Staggering Search Volume

Long-tail keywords have a staggering search volume. Small keywords do have huge results but long-tail ones are more specific, targeting and produce accurate results as desired by the user. A user interested in buying an electronic item such as a mobile phone would definitely include the price while searching. He will never search for “mobile phone”, but will search similarly to “latest mobile phone under 10,000” or “smartphone under 15,000”. 

In fact, we all search for long-tail ones only.

Now you know how long-tail keywords account for 70% of web searches!

High Conversion Rate

The conversion rate automatically shoots up when the user gets the desired link in the very first go. Most people, as mentioned above in the mobile phone example, know what exactly they want to buy. Short keywords are used by people who are still researching the internet for an exact match. Their search keeps on getting narrowed down by using long-tail keywords. The conversion rate for long-tail keywords is 36% whereas the top 10% of landing pages convert at 11.45%.

Less Expensive

As the competition is less, there is a lesser number of bids on the long-tail keywords. The shorter the keyword, the more expensive it will be.  Long-tail keywords give a better idea to the search engine bots regarding the content and help in ranking the post accordingly. This ensures that whosoever visits your website is likely to buy the product/service.

The long-tail strategy helps businesses to offer highly personalized and customized products/services to their esteemed customers and makes them feel special. In a nutshell, the long-tail technique helps in exploiting the untapped potential as well as makes things available as per user requirements

Have you unleashed the power of long-tail keywords?

Still, struggling to drive traffic on your website? Connect Digital Kangaroos for a world-class digital marketing experience.

The much-awaited festive season is here and the war for marketing in the online world has begun. You have to...

The much-awaited festive season is here and the war for marketing in the online world has begun. You have to fight tooth and nail to survive and sustain in such a tough competitive market.

Your regular SMM techniques won’t turn the tables; you need to pull out all the stops to make things work. Is your current social media marketing strategy squared for this festive season?

If not, then make your presence felt in the e-world with these truly pragmatic SMM tips.

Create, Innovate and Concoct

There is a beautiful quote from Thomas A. Edison that says that there is always a better way to do that work. You just need to find it.

Create a nonpareil strategy for marketing your products. Offering discounts is just one way, explore some better ones. To stand among the rest you need to innovate a brilliant idea that touts your business as well as cast a magical impression on the netizens.

The bottom line is, if you won’t disrupt the intuitive then your competitors will leave no stone unturned to make you disrupted.

SEO Optimised Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is here to stay for a long time. Stuffing your content with keywords just to binge the web traffic, won’t work at all.  Rather quality content marketing coupled with white hat SEO strategies will help to attract the right audience at the right time.

Choosing proper and relevant hashtags for every marketing campaign is a thing that needs to be lionized after content creation and before publishing.

Go For Diverse Content Strategy

It’s very important to grab the audience’s attention and make them stay tuned in to your channel only. Relying only on text-based content won’t bring you applause. To make the audience hooked to your posts, introduce other forms of content such as funny videos, infographics, nice and colorful quotes, or some other form of podcasts. Apart from attracting audiences, this strategy helps in branding as well.

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Focus on Local Marketing

A dash of local flavor is definitely going to reward your marketing endeavors. Try to go local in every aspect from Facebook to Instagram to Google presence. The local traffic contributes a lion’s share in the conversions and lead generations. Going local helps you tap the right audience and improves visibility as well as sales figures.

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Influencer Marketing

There are so many ads running on various social media channels and people are head bent on not clicking them. Intelligent netizens know how to distinguish between fake and real marketing campaigns. So, even if your ads and marketing efforts are genuine, you are doomed to be placed in a vetted circle.

The solution is- Influencer Marketing.

Here you can get help from a social media influencer who has a good following and an audience’s trust and ears. These influencers act as your brand advocates. In fact, influencer marketing is trending and plays a very important role in making content popular or sometimes, viral.

Share-worthy Campaigns

The campaigns should be designed and promulgated in such a manner that they receive maximum media attention such as likes, shares, comments, etc. Make sure that you are offering attractive giveaways, discount coupons or gift hampers to your customers that allure them into tagging their friends and sharing your posts to the maximum.

The essence of the post should be engaging and the best way to do that is to add an emotional component to the campaign.

Go Live

Live streaming and showing real status to customers is something that hasn’t been started by big brands. Facebook and Instagram have their own go-live features. Live streaming is indeed the best way to show people that you care for them. These strategies keep the audience engaged and eventually inspire the customers.

Have you experimented with a live story?

Keep the Spirit of Festivities Alive!

Festivals are synonyms for happiness, togetherness and family time. So, every page or post designed should keep the festival spirit epitomized. People should feel special and should be able to connect it with their lives.

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We, at Digital Kangaroos, hope that you have a fantabulous festive season with these ingenious SMM tips. If you are struggling to find the right strategy for you or things are not working as per your plan, connect with us. Digital Kangaroos is the best digital marketing company in Ludhiana with an experienced team all set to curate the best marketing strategy for you.

So, get set go! Time is ticking. Are you ready to zero in this festive season with your best Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Call us today at +91 9814820845 or you can drop your queries at info@digitalkangaroos.com.

Search Engine Optimization is not an uncommon term nowadays. Businesses and brands understand why SEO is crucial for their visibility,...

Search Engine Optimization is not an uncommon term nowadays. Businesses and brands understand why SEO is crucial for their visibility, longevity and search-ability in the e-World. Having said that, there still remain numerous benefits hidden/ unknown to the outside world.

SEO brings purely organic, unpaid and high-quality traffic to your website and blogs. But, yes – the time the visitor spends on your website/blog totally depends upon the relevancy and engagement factor of the content. 

The businesses can easily monetize their blogs by running affiliate marketing campaigns, using Google Adsense, PPC, offering backlinks and several other ways. This is possible only if your website stands unbeaten and number one in the e-world. More are the imprints on the website or blog, more are your earrings.

Before moving ahead on how SEO can change the face of your brand/ business and help in monetization, let’s just understand the basics behind SEO.

Science Behind SEO

SEO is a framework of certain rules, practices, and protocols which are amassed to optimize the website to attain high Search Engine rankings for organic results.

Every search engine uses certain search engine ranking algorithms and the website needs to be optimized on those parameters. Depending on these parameters, the ranking would be decided on SERPs.

SEO is not a static process, it’s an ongoing process.

You don’t need just SEO, but some good SEO practices that will give a significant boost to the usability, longevity and user experience of the website.

Google, Yahoo and other search engines have become a part and parcel of everyone’s life. It is obvious that people trust them blindly and the top 5 results of any SERP are always the most clicked ones.

Having a good search engine ranking automatically boosts the user trust in that website. In fact, for a stupefying social media marketing, the businesses need to have a solid web presence which is only possible through SEO.

Now, let’s move to how ranking high on Google and other search engines impact traffic and help the businesses to monetize.

Organic Search is the Primary Source of Web-Traffic

Organic Search is one of the crucial components of the buyer funnel and helps in traffic conversion and engagement. A larger fraction of Digital marketers follows SEO practices only for Google. Other search engines also contribute to a brand’s visibility but Google enjoys the lion’s share of 88%.

Having a good presence on YouTube (second-best search platform) acts as a catalyst in elevating online visibility, as YouTube is again a Google program. So, having a presence on Google’s trusted resource will ensure that things are working in the brand’s favor.

Trust & Credibility

SEO is just not ranking high on Google, but it also means offering quality user experience by taking trust and credibility factors into account. Building domain authority is the final call. The SEO experts will work on all the elements related to building a strong authority such as quality backlinks, optimized on-page elements, positive online reputation and other digital optimizations.

Domain authority is accrued over time; rather it needs patience, commitment and sincere effort. It’s not a single day job but once established will offer you good opportunities for monetization.  

The results rely on the quality of products and services offered by the website, else the entire SEO campaign results in vain.

Better User Experience

As already mentioned, the optimal user experience is the key to every successful conversion. Google knows how to interpret a negative and a positive UX. A website is offering negative UX if it:

  •  is not following webmaster’s guidelines
  •  has a low dwell time
  •  has not offered backlinks
  •  has low page-per-visit
  •  has a non-responsive layout

Once the business starts offering a positive UX, organic traffic increases exponentially. This results in more clicks, paid backlinks, higher domain authority and hence more money.

Local SEO

With the growth in mobile traffic, the promulgation of business in local market has become imperative for the success of every small or medium-sized business.  Local SEO helps the people in the vicinity to find the business quickly and easily. Thus, bringing the audience – a step closer to conversion.

This is done by optimizing web-content and the website for local keywords, backlinks and other local listings. SEO professionals lay a strong emphasis on getting positive reviews and feedback on Google, Home Advisor, Yelp, social media platforms, etc.

SEO strategies cast a positive impact on the buying cycle. The modern-day customer is well equipped with internet technologies and does proper research online before buying anything. Local SEO enhances the desired visibility and helps the customers find answers to their queries.

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SEO is a Long Term and Ongoing Strategy

A short term engagement into SEO tactics may not affect the entire digital properties of the brand. It is very important to consistently re-evaluate the brand over time. SEO professional has to be proactive enough to keep an eye over the algorithmic changes made by Google every year. Falling short even for a small bit may result in a tough challenge of making a comeback.

Apart from the Google algorithm, an expert SEO professional will keep the brand ahead by tapping and analyzing the tactics used by other local competitors and comparable businesses.

Search Engine optimization is your true business investment. An ideal SEO expert will enable your brand to hold waters for the years to come.

If you’re Not on Page 1, You are Losing Organic Clicks

There is no second opinion that if you don’t out past your competitors, then, they will!

You need to be number one to win the game of organic clicks. Digital Kangaroos- the best digital marketing company in Ludhiana – offers high-quality SEO which doesn’t only make you discoverable in the local market but makes you shine in the international markets as well.

SEO is a new age marketing technique that is quintessential for every business today. A great SEO not only promises a better today but an exuberant tomorrow.

Interested in getting an SEO for done for your businesses? Our team is always ready for you. Get in touch with us at +919814820845 or drop a line at admin@digitalkangaroos.com. Our expert digital marketing solutions will give a new dimension to your business for sure.  

Having an impressive digital presence has become imperative both for existing as well as new businesses. The potential customers today...

Having an impressive digital presence has become imperative both for existing as well as new businesses. The potential customers today have become more digital-friendly with the onset of the mobile revolution. Most of their purchasing decisions are primarily taken on the basis of what they read and see online.

So, it’s very important to lionize your digital marketing strategies. Drafting an awesome piece of content may be difficult as you need to plan the campaign, write the content and then measure ROI. You have to pull out all the stops of your content marketing efforts to see the results.

Today more than 62% of the companies have outsourced their content marketing to digital agencies. If you don’t have time to keep up, it is better to hire digital marketing agencies as they have impressive professional experience, knowledge and seasoned team of experts to take your online business to next level.

Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

You should consider hiring a digital content marketing agency when:

  • You don’t have time to manage all your campaigns.
  • Your current strategies aren’t giving results as expected.
  • You want an expert to take over your digital marketing strategy.

But before launching hunt for the right digital agency, you need to be crystal clear about the vision and goals of your business.

You should know exactly what your expectations are from the agency and what you want to achieve. You should be very clear about your audience, markets, and products. And also, the type of services you want such as SEO, blogging, paid campaigns, promotions, social media, etc.

The online and offline world is flooded with a lot of decent digital marketing agencies, cherry-picking the perfect one needs rolling up your sleeves. If you are not sure how to begin, then below is a checklist which helps you to know what you should look for in the right digital marketing agency.
Broad Content Spectrum

How to Check: Check services page or enquire about what all they offer

Writing a decked-out content only will not make you stand above the rest. What you need actually is a great SEO friendly and optimized content which is well put together with keywords and length. When you outsource your content work, you have an option to go for infographics, logo designing, and podcasts apart from simple blogging. All these things will help in better promulgation. You can expect a broad spectrum of services such as white papers, case studies, graphics, podcasts and other types of content.

Opting for a digital marketing agency that offers content marketing, SEO and other digital marketing services is a better option as they have an advantage of having a higher technical edge on how things work digitally rather than delegating the marketing and content creation work to two different agencies.

Solid Content Strategy

How to Check: Company’s portfolio and testimonials

There is a difference between writing a few blog posts and writing as per the understanding of the client’s goals and the buyer’s journey. The marketing experts will help you draft a proper content strategy highlighting topics, frequency, ideation, publication and the promulgation by using various digital touting strategies. The content should follow an audience’s first approach. The firm should offer a smart data-driven approach that helps the client to gauge the metrics.

Results Matter

How to Check: Ask for case studies

There is a lot of difference between creating a decked out blog and creating a blog that drives results. The success stories, testimonials, and case studies help the client to understand the success ladder of the company. If a digital marketing agency hesitates to show you the results achieved in the past or doesn’t have any case studies, then choosing this company would be a blip.

Check their Experience

How to Check: Check their client list, client satisfaction ratio, projects delivered, tools, technique and strategy

Experience doesn’t only account for the number of years rather it is a combination of years and right strategies. If a company is offering digital marketing services but still using obsolete tools and strategies, then backing on this company may give you slow and temporary results.

Ensure that the company is using strategies that are latest and drives you immediate results. Even if it is a start-up but has talented professionals, you can back on it. An ideal firm is backed by talented designers, marketers and creative content curators.

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Core Niche

How to Check: Check their past work and social media pages

Every digital content marketing firm specializes in specific services and niches. Suppose, you have a business that deals with fashion accessories, then you need a firm that is well acquainted with the Fashion Industry. It is really important to have a look at their past records and testimonials as well.
You can follow their social media page on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc and have a look and feel about how they are promoting the things.

Consider their Promotional Strategies

How to Check: Check social media pages and websites

Even if you hire the best of rhetoric to curate an awe-inspiring content for you, the things won’t work until you are not doing anything to promote your content. Creating original and engaging content and then leaving no stone unturned by promoting via social sharing will give you exceptional results.

SEO Performance

How to Check: Google Ranking

The litmus test for any content marketing company is how well it performs on Search Engine Rankings. Try to punch some keywords and check the Google ranking. If the company is coming on the first five ranks or even on the first SERP, then you can kick start the communication.


How to Check: Send an email or check the website

It is one of the major and most crucial deciding factors when coming to terms with any digital marketing company. Nowadays, the companies offer packages rather than a fixed plan or what we call as the flexible billing cycle. You can avail or stop using the services at any point of time. You will be billed only for the services availed in that duration. A right company offers packages suitable for every type of needs.

Transparency at All Levels

How to Check: Offers seamless communication via emails, live chat or phone call

If you are not kept in the loop for every decision made regarding your project, then this is a sign that the company may not be sharing every detail with you. An ideal marketing company is fully transparent in its work and communication. The company shall give you a working layout as well as share the milestones set for the project. All the status reports are regularly shared with you.

Multi-Channel Strategy

How to Check: Available on all major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The digital marketing agency near me should be creatively repurposing the content which means that the content should be broadcasted on every social media platform to get engagement, more traffic and thereby more leads. This helps in delivering a more versatile and holistic experience for the customers. Having a great multi-channel strategy that resonates with the ethos of the client company complements other facets of digital content marketing.

All you need is good online visibility that promotes brand awareness and generates leads that bring business. Once you find an agency that complies with all the above traits, feel free to avail services through them.

Digital Kangaroos, a premier digital marketing agency Punjab, doesn’t only help you save a lot of time and money but also saves you from the headache of curating and promoting the content. Our seasoned team of young and dynamic professionals is adept at offering creative digital marketing services that will make even the posterity cherish your brand. Contact us to learn more about our award-winning services.

To understand the impact of SEO on our online presence, we first need to know what an SEO is and...

To understand the impact of SEO on our online presence, we first need to know what an SEO is and how it works. SEO means “Search Engine Optimisation”. It is a non-paid medium of bringing traffic to your website through search engines via free, organic, editorial or natural means. All prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. undergo SEO where web pages and other content like videos are ranked on the basis of relevance to the users. This process is a quite reliable and generic source of inviting traffic but relying purely on SEO can be dangerous.

SEO is imperative if you talk about getting potential prospects, online presence and website traffic. On the other hand, it is equally factual that SEO alone can’t let you accomplish your most momentous profile-raising standpoint. Relying just on SEO can lead to a back counting towards the fall of the website. Digital Kangaroos is a digital marketing company in Punjab which works its best to bring your business to a successful social media platform.

One Big Reason

Just like it is said never put all the eggs in one basket rather divide them in different baskets to spread the risk and make its breakage less dicey and its safety more effective. Likewise, we at Digital Kangaroos observe that one and the only reason of not depending only on SEO is that SEO’s focus solely on one form of traffic and once that saturation is reached there is nothing else which will come its way filling the resource up to the brim. This finally makes the web content obsolete. This, in turn, defeats the final purpose of SEO after a while.

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Here comes the role of other components which help to develop your business grow faster on the online platform. Branding, Social media and other marketing campaigns mix with SEO are a few such constituents for reinforcement and highlighting every aspect of your business at a faster pace than usual. So it is important to understand that the natural search traffic which is fetched without any paid sources through the search engine optimisation by hitting various key points and making the content stand on a strong footing in terms of relevance for the final user in the eyes of Google or other search engines, is not the whole mass but simply a small part of the big picture which can be allured through other marketing strategies in varied ways. This list is endless and you need to think out of the box to stay ahead of your competitors. Following are a few examples of this marketing mix:

• Paid Search Marketing (PPC)
• Social Media Marketing
• Display Advertising
• Blogging (both on your site and as guest posts)
• Email Marketing

Does that mean SEO is Dead?

SEO is vital for the success of your business when it comes to driving organic traffic and thus, the potential customers to your site. However, as a sole technique, the role of SEO is limited in the realm of Digital Marketing and ends up its utility soon. Digital Kangaroos tries its best to ensure a proper marketing mix far beyond just the SEO in order to ensure a multi-dimensional benefit to your business through its online presence. So, if you hinge on just the organic search engine results to pull the visions to your site, at that socket, STOP! You’re playing a very treacherous game, and it could eventually end in hard luck.


This implies that SEO is the base of any business’s online presence and a business heads towards success through this amazing technical yet free of cost source. But it is equally to be valued that like in the case of offline marketing online marketing also works on a blend of different digital marketing techniques. They all go hand in hand to make a business a successful venture. Thus, Search Engine Optimisation alone is not the final end but still a very good beginning to generating business and maximizing profits online.

It’s no secret that Google is forever updating its SEO algorithm. In fact, over the course of a year, they...

It’s no secret that Google is forever updating its SEO algorithm. In fact, over the course of a year, they may make upwards of 500 changes!  SEO means optimizing your content so it shows up more often in search results. With so many changes to navigate, it’s easy to miss something. And when you miss something with SEO, your content might as well be invisible. But if you get it right, you can reap the benefits of increased traffic, which leads to more conversions, improves lead generation, and boosts sales. And every business wants more traffic, leads and sales, right?

Below are some of the best SEO hacks to boost traffic on your website.

1. Stop Using Huge Images on Your Website

Sounds too simple to be true, isn’t it? But it is basic. A website that takes a long to load is often dumped by the user like a hot cake. Make sure that your website loads quickly.

2. Optimize the Click Through Rate

Links or content, the more ranked your website becomes in the pecking order. Google automatically places your results higher if your keywords are being clicked more than your opponents. So try to create great content, AdWords which makes the users click it more often than not.

3. Be Creative with Keywords

Use social media platforms to discover trending keywords. Social media is in a faster metamorphosis than you can imagine. Every day new keywords are being made replacing the older ones. Learn to keep an eye out for the relevant changes before your opponents do so.

4. Link Other Websites with Relevant Content

Link to other websites that churn out quality content. In this way, you automatically get linked to the customers also using that particular site.

5. Use Readable URLs

URLs with 4-5 phrases separated by short dashes are the way it’s done these days. Avoid using numbers in the URLs as it confuses the consumer as well as the machines. Stick to readable URLs for that easy click to be materialized.

6. Create Your Own Keywords

When you do that, you are basically trying to be the sole player in a race. If anyone searches for that particular keyword, you are the only one that going to come up in their search list. Imagine where the click would land if you were the only one in the result list.

7. Use Https://

HTTPS, on the other hand, uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) through which it encrypts data, making it difficult for any program to piggyback it and create havoc on the user’s system. Due to this, Google, over the years has been giving more preference to the secure site in line with its policy of creating a secure environment for a user.

8. Optimize for Voice Search

These days more and more mobile websites are using voice search. Don’t be left out in this era of technology advancements on a day-to-day basis. It’s important to be updated and stay on the same page as most of your opponents.

9. Publish Content With At Least 1,800 Words

The more words your article has, the more chances are there that it will be preferred over a short article. So, if you are the short and sweet-type, maybe link-building isn’t for you.

10. Use the Google Search Console to Get More (Targeted) Traffic

The Google Search Console is one of the best SEO tools on the market. Unlike most SEO software on the market, the data you get through Google Search Console comes straight from Google. The console can help you analyze the user behavior over a particular keyword and this analysis can help you increase traffic.

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11. Write and Optimize your Website Content

OK, so you’ve found a keyword. Awesome. Now it’s time to create a piece of quality content around that keyword. Weave a magic story around the keyword so that anyone who starts reading it is bound to finish it off, rather than leaving it in the middle.

12. Include Visual Media

Content with multimedia (like images and video) garners a lot of clicks. This type of content tends to rank better than content that’s 100% text. This is because the human brain and eye coordinate with visuals much better than text.

13. Long Descriptions

Add longer descriptions to your content. Before viewing the videos on your page, the user should have a fairly good idea of what to expect from the video.

14. Make your Content a Winner

Awesome content leads to an awesome click-through rate, which in turn boosts sales. Get the user to stay longer on your page. If your users love your page, they’ll spend more time on it. The longer they stay, the longer will be your turnaround ratio.

15. Rank for Featured Snippets

A little more than 11% of search results have a featured snippet. These are the results that show up on search engine results pages typically after the ads but before the ranked results. They’re usually alongside an image, table, or video, making them stand out even more and putting them in an even better position to steal clicks from even the highest-ranked results.

16. Create Evergreen Content

There are 2 great ways to show search engines that you have in-depth, authoritative, evergreen content on your site: Stick with long-form content. Longer content (at least 2,000 words) tends to outrank shorter content. Use LSI keywords. These are keywords or phrases strongly related to your post’s topic. Great content has a higher chance of being shared again and again, and so, new users are added because of it.

17. Focus on Mobile-First Indexing

First, what does “mobile-first indexing” even mean? Quite simply, it just means that Google now considers the mobile version of your site to be the primary version of your site. If you don’t have a mobile site, your desktop site will still be used. But, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly your rankings may take a hit; remember that user experience is a VITAL component.

18. Understanding the Audience and User Objective

One must understand what a user is expecting when he searches for a particular query and then provide them with a relevant answer in a simple and understandable form. The preferences, tastes, and interests of the audience are ever-changing and it is really important to adapt to these changes quickly. No matter how well the content is written on your website if it is targeted toward the wrong audience, it will not be able to bring business to the company.

19. Check Your Website Speed

It’s advised to take Google’s page speed test. You must check the speed for both devices – desktop and mobile. If the speed is less on either or both, then you must report it to the developer and ask him to make necessary changes in order to increase the speed. A webpage loading at a slow speed is bound to lean away from your user to your opponents’ sites.

20. The Customer Comes First, Not the Search Engines

In the midst of this entire hullabaloo regarding Search Engine Optimisation, it’s imperative to keep the focus on your readers and not on those ranking numbers.

The fact is, your readers are the people who will engage with you, share your post, buy your products and services, and it doesn’t work the other way around. Churning out content for the purpose of making search engines happy is a wrong approach because these engines conduct random spot checks on websites, and your credibility matters a lot.

What is SEO? In order to know the benefits of SEO, we need to first understand what an SEO is....

What is SEO?

In order to know the benefits of SEO, we need to first understand what an SEO is. The full form of SEO is search engine optimization. It is the exercise of amassing both the quality and quantity of website traffic. It also provides exposure to your brand, through non-paid search engine results. To be precise, it is a set of rules for optimizing your website for search engines in order to improve your search engine grades.
How is SEO beneficial for small businesses?

In today’s competitive market scenario, SEO marketing is imperative because search engines answer the queries of millions of users per day. Anyone having a website, blog or online store, can surely be benefitted from an SEO more than anything else. Digital Kangaroos, a Digital Marketing Company in Ludhiana resolves all issues of marketing and offers the following benefits especially to small businesses who direly need a platform to exhibit their potential:

1. Business Distinguishability and Branding

Small businesses do not have much market presence. They wish to be in front of the potential customer’s eyes over and over again. Their main target is not just to appear on the first page of the search results but also, to want that when people keep on editing and searching for similar content with different keywords, they should keep on appearing. This role can be very well played through an SEO and Digital kangaroos is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Ludhiana offering Digital Marketing services to clients nationally and internationally.

2. Adding to Your Business Credibility

SEO builds up credibility in the minds of the customers for your brands in an active as well as passive sense. When a customer sees your name being referred by Google on the front pages, he makes mental notes of the rankings of your business which he may not consciously realize it. This vote of confidence builds up your brand believability. In the good old days, yellow pages played the same role where you would always opt for a plumber on the front page rather than the thirteenth or fourteenth one.

3. Fetches Your Business Traffic

If you are to open an outlet or retail store would you prefer a city square or a back lane? Similar is the case for online business. This is so because at times your prime target is not just selling but fetching footfall and traffic in terms of online stores. You all know very apparently that today’s traffic is tomorrow’s potential client. This purpose can be solved well by proper search engine optimization. Digital kangaroos work its best to get the right audience.

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4. Serves as a Better Advertising Channel

SEO works as a better advertising channel than the rest because it works directly on the interested customer. Unlike other media advertisements, it does not intrude during your favorite TV show or take up space on a page where you are reading a news article. Factually, your business gets in touch with those who are actually searching for businesses like yours. Here you don’t have to convince them regarding the need for your product or service; rather you just have to influence them that you are the right business to purchase from.

5. Provides Unparalleled Vision into Your Customers

Through Google Analytics not only the traffic is tracked but it generates insight into your customers like how they search or browse, the language they use, the technology they adopt, the region they dwell in, the days they are most active, the times of day they are most active, to tell a few. This is exceptionally valuable because it can give a well-planned strategic development to the business both online and offline.

SEO is a trending way to increase the quality of your website by making it user-friendly, quicker, and easier to navigate. It can be well-thought-out as a complete strategic framework which if opted through Digital Kangaroos, a digital marketing company in Ludhiana makes half the battle won before even it starts. Therefore, we can say that in this day and age search engine optimization is more important than ever. Hence, it is a must-have for every web player.