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Importance and Benefits of Google My Business Listing for Your Business

The sweetest, amazing and simplest era of phonebooks is now definitely long behind us, and the trees surely thank us for that!

But that actually does not mean that it is no longer a nice perk to certainly have your business in an online directory—it is definitely a must-have.

However, many of the small businesses cannot be really expected to upgrade their technology at the rate of large groups like Google or Microsoft. Hence, we are here to help you take the very first step of getting your own business being listed on GMB (Google My Business) by merely answering the following queries:

  • What is Google My Business in general? And why is it important?
  • What are the benefits of Google My Business?

What is GMB (Google My Business)?

In short, Google My Business is generally like a virtual or say online directory or phonebook. Not only this, Google My Business can also make your business much easier to eventually be found on Google at any given point, but online, as the virtual phonebook or directories.

Google My Business is definitely a kind of free tool that normally allows your brand or  business to get listed and to show up generally alongside other related small or local businesses whenever someone looks up to your brand or business name or to purchase some product or service or search a related term. Your business information for example your phone number, your business website, the handle’s address, hours, review ratings, and more will all be surely available on one easy virtual platform for your every potential customer or audience.

Benefits of Google My Business Listing for Our Business

Despite those tempting and amazing funnel/statistics, many brands or businesses are still missing out on the beauty and usability of Google My Business. So, let us dive deeper into the goods and specifics of how a GMB strategy can benefit your small or large business. Digital Kangaroos is the best Digital Marketing Company in North India to guide you on the usage of GMB.

Check out the mentioned 9 GMB benefits:

  1. Boosting sales through google maps

Seeing all the prevailing trends, we find it quite quick that Google search is effective for narrowing down many options and facts—especially for consumers that are nowadays using mobile or other handy devices.

For instance, people use Google Maps, even to locate all kinds of brands and small businesses nearby. When it is more convenient and easier for customers or visitors to come to your business if they find you somewhere close by, you are more likely to make that sale for sure.

  1. Using Google’s 3-pack with Google My Business

In case if you are not aware or if you have used Google’s local search results earlier over the past few years, you might have probably noticed that the only local listings to generally show above certain organic results in search engine result page are in a limited and 3-pack format.

What most brands usually don’t know is that merely by creating a free Google My Business (GMB) listing, you can surely boost your local rankings and even the odds of being included in Google’s local 3-pack.

  1. It helps you build trust with your own customers

One of the biggest known hurdles that consumers face today is building enough trust with a brand or business to confidently make a smooth purchase. As a business owner, for you, one of the simplest steps or ways you can take to help with that is to provide your audience, the business’s location on Google My Business.

  1. Ratings on GMB boost your appeal

A higher number of people read reviews before even making a decision to purchase. With a GMB listing, customers or visitors will surely be able to review your business and leave certain feedback for others to see.

With this, over time, you will start to collect more and more reviews and a higher plus great overall rating (responding to certain reviews may also help you with this). This is especially helpful when you precisely need to gain a competitive edge.

  1. It helps you to increase your traffic

A common challenge for all the local businesses is of getting a sudden or gradual increase in the SERP or quality website traffic as well as possible in-store visits. While there’s no way to completely avoid certain ups and downs throughout the year, having a GMB listing can greatly help in boosting your numbers across the competition.

  1. It helps you to know more about your customers/audience

It is no secret that the more you know about your audience/customers, the better you will be able to usually appeal to them. From your GMB page, by precisely navigating to the Insights section will surely give you a wealth of great and valuable analytics that will clarify how visible your business or brand is, who your target audience or customers are, and how they are in general engaging with your respective business.

  1. It helps you to be at the top of SERP

Just like all of us, Google always and also has a job to do. While sometimes to you it may feel like it might be working against you, Google itself wants to tell your customers about your brand or business or the product and services that you provide because it surely needs to provide searchers with most efficient and valuable information.

The more Google knows about your business, the higher it will primarily rank you on the top of search engine.

  1. It helps in increasing the engagement with your brand

Google My Business profiles also provide ample opportunities on larger areas for engagement with your visitors. Potential customers can definitely access your website with just one tap or click.

  1. Get ahead of your competition with GMB

Ranging from the longest blog to a smallest snippet of content, your GMB description gives you a great opportunity to stand out precisely from your competitors in usually a consumer’s initial scan through provided search results. It displays certain brief description to help many users quickly identify, if your brand or business is what they’re generally looking for.

Get started with to list your business on Google My Business today

Setting up a Google My Business account is definitely painless and requires minimal maintenance once it is in running terms. Even if you are short on time, you can also find a digital marketing partner to really help you with Google My Business. Either way, we know that GMB is surely not a want-to-have thing, but a need-to-have asset to precise your marketing plan. Get the Best Digital Marketing services in India, USA and Canada at really cost-effective prices.

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Why E-Commerce Website is Important for Online Business?

E-commerce is the process of distributing and selling products or services digitally using the internet. It is a business environment that involves selling and buying or transferring money through the internet.

E-commerce has now become one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for small or large businesses across the world because it has so many advantages when it comes to online selling and the promotion of products or services.

Why E-Commerce Website?

There are many reasons, why an e-commerce website is important to online businesses. One of the most important reasons being that it allows you to reach out to more customers, generate leads and clients. Since people nowadays prefer not to go out all the time, they tend to do online surfing and shopping or prefer to go to stores near them for other general day-to-day needs.

Creating a website or an online platform (store) will surely enhance brand awareness by helping you increase the online presence and attract more customers to your offerings. This helps in engaging with your existing customers, finding out what they want and communicating in a better way better with them. No matter where you are, you will also be able to keep in touch even when your customers are miles away from you which means that your bond with customers can continue without creating or adding up any additional costs.

Another benefit of an e-commerce website for an online business is that it enables you to start selling or buying products or services straight away. There is no such need for large amounts of capital or any other resources. Moreover, this kind of strategy will surely help small businesses to further grow their client base.

More opportunities can arise through an online platform or say e-commerce website, social media marketing or apt optimization. The internet also allows online businesses to take advantage of this channel without having to spend too much or out of budget money. So, it is a great opportunity for online businesses to build their brand identity and spread their brand awareness.

They can use social media platforms and can also list their products on online marketplaces, or even create their own e-commerce website with product offerings at greatly reduced costs if compared with general or traditional methods.

Digital Kangaroos, a premier web development and digital marketing agency offers exclusive services in designing E-commerce websites for different businesses.

Given below are 5 reasons of why having an e-commerce website is important for your online business:

1. E-commerce helps online businesses to go global and help customers pursue diversity

An e-commerce website allows a business to reach more and more customers for sales, generating leads and marketing. In some of the cases, it can even help you to achieve rapid growth if the selling product over your online business is right.

A good way to do this is through online marketplaces where you can certainly sell your products or services. But of course, you will need a well-optimized and good website that precisely matches customer expectations and any other requirements so that you can get better results in terms of traffic and conversions which means an increased sales funnel.

2. It is always open to customers

You don’t always have to worry about opening hours when you are digitally equipped with an e-commerce website because it is always open for its customers by providing them products or services at any point of the day. Your main objective should be to build a brand or a concept that people can use easily and also whenever they need it most with the least possible hurdles to face.

Having an online website or online store provides 24/7 access to your products or services around the world so that the potential customers can easily purchase your products anytime they want to. This allows businesses to increase sales funnel by offering products or services at different prices in different time zones. It also increases accessibility which eventually results in an increased revenue.

3. It helps to establish and strengthen your brand identity

An e-commerce website truly lets you establish your own brand identity by merely showcasing your products to be sold. You can do this through any digitised pattern, whether pictures, videos, or text or may be through all of it.

The look-and-feel with all the digital patterns should be consistent with the message you are certainly sending out to attract the respective prospects so that they can stay on your site for longer periods of time.

Basically, e-commerce helps you to establish a brand identity or brand value for yourself on online platform so that customers can know more about your brand or company’s offerings, products and services and make it even easy for them to distinguish between different brands present online and purchase the desired product by themselves. This generates greater revenue and drive leads.

4. E-commerce website is comparatively easier & more convenient

There’s no hassle or mess while purchasing online because users just need a device like a laptop, tablet or mobile phone to access your website where they can surely browse products or services and place orders. With good payment options, it takes only seconds to complete the payment process and thus, purchase.

Adding up to its advantages, it also provides secure and safe transactions without any spamming or other such things. An e-commerce store always provides ease of access to all your services or product categories providing several other options to choose from while allowing customers to pay conveniently through any of the online payment portals or platforms. This increases customer satisfaction which ultimately helps in growing revenue figures.

5. E-commerce offers better and digitalized marketing opportunities

An online store always allows digital marketers to create a buzz about their products by including Search engine optimization-friendly keywords, web copy, and images among other tactics which certainly generates greater exposure for the brand’s service or product line(s) helping all the companies to expand their brand and customer reach.

An e-commerce website for your online business is surely not like a regular one that you use to share information or communicate with your regular customers. It’s also an excellent online platform for marketing because it has all the access of information about online visitors or customers which ultimately helps you to promote other related products. This also allows you to increase the brand awareness.

Wrapping Up

So, it is the time to go ahead and get an e-commerce website or platform for your online business in order to increase revenue numbers or sales funnel in the long run.

Setting up an e-commerce shop is easy enough for any brand or small business who further wants to expand their sales opportunities. Digital Kangaroos is just the most suitable place that can help you take your business online.

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Content Is King

 ‘Content is King’ is an extremely popular phrase and it is right in all aspects. Especially in the marketing industry, content is regarded as the supreme power. Content is the medium to connect with the customers.

Great content is extremely substantial to reach new heights in the marketing industry. The better the content, the more people are attracted towards it. There are various Content Marketing Services Online which could help in a successful brand creation.

Here is why content is really the king in present day scenario:


The right content will improve the connection with the customers. There would be creation of a good brand reputation and trust. This would eventually lead to more customers. This would also keep the existing customers quite happy.

When you give the customers the content which they think is significant, there is a better understanding between the brand and the customers. This would lead to constant support from the customers.


Content will transform the brand into a credible one. It will gain the admiration and trust of the people. More and more people would come to know about the brand and will start identifying it with the passage of time. The target audience can be pleased with the content.

However, this is not an overnight process. It requires consistent efforts.


Influencer marketing relies on content marketing. When a brand connects with certain influencers from social media platforms, it can reach to a vast audience. Associating with influencers will give brands a boost since they have a steadfast audience. As a result, if they promote some product or brand, their followers will have a belief in it immediately.

Even before social media came into existence, brands used to tie a knot with public figures or celebrities to give their brand a certain boost.


It helps in creating awareness among the customers. You need to prove to your customers why they should stick to the brand and what they are going to learn after investing in it. The queries regarding the brand should be answered to give the customers a much clearer vision. They should be told why your brand is the best and stands out in the competition.


A brand lacking comprehensive content will lack uniqueness. There would be nothing for the brand to offer except their services and the products. Content offers a certain edge to the brand and helps in cutting out competition. Study the content of your competition and their targeted audience. You should follow things which your competitors have not paid heed to.

This would surely provide your brand a distinctive touch.


There are diverse fields where content is at peak. These include video streaming, podcasts and visual search. Content is used extensively in all these fields. It has emerged as the comprehensive branding tool. Various Digital Marketing Services Online know the importance of content in achieving success.


Content can help in saving your bucks. With the help of content marketing there would be escalation in traffic which would help in increasing sales.

However, this process requires a lot of patience. Spending about 7 to 8 hours a week on the creation of content can increase the traffic. Focus on the content that affects the target audience to maximize the results. Thus, content is undoubtedly the king in every field. Talk about social media platforms or digital marketing, content is quite significant for success in brand creation. Design and visuals are important but its creation with killer content will make the brand more successful.

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7 Reasons Why People Believe SEO Myths – Digitalkangaroos

SEO is quite a controversial topic regarding which many individuals exercise different opinions. There are a plethora of SEO myths that we hear in our day-to-day life that need to be exposed and addressed effectively. People still need to be made aware of how search engines work.

Here are some reasons why a lot of people have a belief in SEO myths:


The repetition of SEO myths make them seem quite believable. They are often shared on various platforms which includes social media, presentations in multiple conferences, blogs and at a lot of other places as well.

However, one should not argue if myths are encountered. Instead, awareness should be created among people. The queries of people concerned with the myths should be cleared hence making them aware about them. People should be showered with enough proofs so that their vision becomes crystal clear.


People view SEO’s as free traffic. It is often noticed that the too real to be true answers come out to be SEO basics. Such answers can ironically cause harm to the clients.

Precautions should be taken before implementing such answers otherwise they would cost a lot. In some cases SEO’s would bring forward an inappropriate search from a long time ago. Implementing such a result can produce unwanted effects. You should stick to the most recent search results.


There is a plethora of information in the form of articles, documents, guides, eBooks, and podcasts and on and on. In other words, there is an overload of information. This overload ironically causes misinformation rather than information. To counter this flaw one should stick to communication. This would prevent messing of results. Credible sources should be followed.


There is a spontaneous belief among people that whatever ranks high on Google is credible. People generally go for the top most search result. Google does not always give high ranking to correct answers. There is a lack of accuracy. Thus, there is a strict need to filter every speck of information. The sources should be thoroughly checked if some context has been morphed or not.


The information should be gathered and processed before taking any kind of action in order to do the best for the brand or business. Everything should be examined from head to toe in order to be on the safer side.

You should question everything. Experience and knowledge should be used to have a good perspective of things. Best possible results should only be focused on. One should be blunt while dealing with stuff.


There are a few sources on the internet that provide erroneous and misleading information. There should be a production of only the legitimate information. The misinformation can cause problems for clients.

Many authors go with writing wrong stuff which turns out to be of no help to the customers. The reputable publishing sites generally admit their mistakes and correct them where the irresponsible ones tend to ignore it. Two or three verified sources should be checked that are extremely trustworthy.


It is regarded as the best practice in the field of e-commerce. However, SEO lags behind in other fields such as news and enterprise. Some SEO practices which are regarded as the best could eventually turn out to be the worst for other websites. There is an unavoidable variation. In order to resolve the myths associated with SEO, an educational approach has to be followed. Broader aspects have to be evaluated especially about how things work. The misunderstandings should be cleared at any cost. You can follow Digital Kangaroos for more information.

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Increase Your Blog Traffic With These 5 Things

How to increase traffic on your blogs?

Working hard on writing a blog is quite a commendable task in itself. It takes a lot of effort and time to write an article about some specific topic. However, one should also be serious regarding traffic generation otherwise all the toil would go in vain.

Less amount of people reading the blogs would slump the traffic. As a consequence, it would decrease the importance of the blog. An increase in traffic would lead to increased opportunities. For generating large and qualified traffic there are a few things that are to be kept in mind. There are various Online Services in Web Development which can help in traffic generation.

Here are 5 steps you can take to increase your blog traffic:


The traffic with respect to the blog could be simply increased by appreciating good content. Content is often referred as the king. But the reality is that content quality is not the only deciding factor for enhanced blog traffic. A proper strategy has to be followed. The perspective of audience has to be kept in mind. In other words, it should meet the expectations of the reader. You should stick to the subject and write what people would like to share and appreciate.

Writing evergreen content (content which stays forever on the web) is a good tactic to promote traffic. Also working on the headline could also prove to be an effective step to generate more traffic.


Keywords are a must when it comes to attracting traffic. There should be no hesitation while using them in your blog. By doing so, the targeted audience could be bought into immediate attention. The keyword related to the context should only be used.

More emphasis should be given to the long tail keywords (keywords with 2 or 3 words). There is less competition for them on the internet. Keywords which drive the highest volume of traffic should be added.


People should be encouraged to share their blogs. Social media platforms should be used as a medium to gain more viewers. Search engines would also get a subtle signal about the popularity of your blog.

Google Analytics could be used to find out the particular sites that drive the most amount of traffic. The comments on the blogs should be paid attention to and treated as feedback. Comments and user engagement should be openly welcomed.


Fresh content is vital to bring a good amount of traffic to your blog. It would help one to focus on quality rather than quantity. Most up-to-date and valid information should only be used when working on a blog. Fresh content is filtered by Google and the blog can come in the top search results. As a result, the blog would be strengthened.


The size of the blog also plays a pivotal role. Long form content generally means posting content with a high word count and great depth in relation to a particular topic.

Long form content can help with more usage of keywords and in depth nature would help in solving the queries of the reader. However, the length of the blog should not be overdone. Quality should be prioritized over quantity any day. One should stick to all the above given strategies to get some new visitors to your blog. You should be consistent with regards to using the strategies. These strategies are quite effective. Also, one should not forget the importance of quality. Only the Best Digital Marketing Services should be availed for blogs.

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10 Things that are Must While Developing a Website

In today’s world, a website is as important as setting up an offline business or can be even more important. Website development has been a part of business lifestyles nowadays. To grab the attention of clients, build the clientele, generate leads and boost the sales funnel for your business, it is important to create a website.

While creating a website, there are many viable considerations that one should keep in mind. From selecting a domain and host to coding integrity to UI/UX to graphics to content, it is all important to take care of and work accordingly.

Website building is no longer a naïve job and if one cannot build a proper website, then the business or client should contact the expert to curb the situation. 10 things that are must while developing a website are as follows:

  1. Selecting a domain and host

It is the most crucial stage of building a website. Before choosing the domain or host, it is important to know the vitality of your business, to know the nature of your business and select the website template or host of domain according to the respective needs.

One needs to take care that the domain name should reflect the brand’s identity and tell exactly what your brand or business is all about.

  1. Strategized designing of Website

While choosing the template for a website or setting the coding integrity for the website template, it is important to keep the design simple, secure and sufficiently appealing for the customer, brands and businesses.

There should not be large or distracting graphics or unusual images that might create a visual mess for the beholder and disrupt the brand identity, crawlability and more.

  1. Content Strategy

To rank better on the SERP or google index, it is important to keep the content as priority. Content should always reflect the brand and tell exactly what your business is all about.

One can easily connect the brand to the customers if one is able to create the connection with the emotions. It is to take note to create a predictable, firm and clear content strategy and must follow it all throughout the development procedure.

  1. Graphic Orientation

Large images and unusual pixelation should not be added on the websites. Graphics are part of the user interface. Large images always disrupt the crawlability and this creates not so good identity of the brand.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for any website. It not only helps in indexing your website on Google but also develops the authenticity and elevates the rank of your website. A nicely optimized website helps attract customers and makes it easy for the customers to reach out to your brand.

  1. CTA (Call to Action)

No matter what your brand or business is about, it is important to focus on call to action. It not only adds value to your website but also generates a good range of leads and helps increase the sales funnel.

  1. Security of Website

We all are aware of the recently increased cyber attacks and data storage peaking. In such cases, it is important to register and get the SSL certificates for your site. This helps your site to be secure and safe and helps it to get rid of the chances to get affected by the cyber-attack.

  1. Branding

Along with choosing the right domain name, it is vital to choose the right name for your business and create a relevant logo. Branding is a part of communication that directly connects the brand with customers and drives relevant customer traffic.

  1. Mobile Web

While creating a website, one must not forget to create a mobile friendly website. Mobile web users are more in ratio as compared to desktop web users.

Hence, it is more important to create a website that is effective for both mobile and other web users and create possibilities of reaching every single potential customer.

  1. Adding Social proof

Building a website is not something where the potential stops. Adding social media platforms is also a must to know process and must to add website features. By adding social media, one can reach potential customers and garner good sales. Building a website is the most important part of building a business and creating a brand online. Proper branding can only be done with a good, firm, clear, authentic, safe and secure website. Hence, one must keep the above-mentioned things in consideration to build an effective website and work upon the business to raise it to a brand. You can avail eminent quality services in Website development from WordPress Development Companies or contact us for more information.

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What digital marketing strategies are best for your small businesses in 2022?

Whether you’re into an online business or run a brick-and-mortar store, you need the right digital marketing strategy to garner visibility, brand recognition and boost sales.”

The upheaval caused by COVID-19 was catastrophic for many businesses, many companies had to shut and life came to standstill.

But, every cloud has a silver lining!

Digital marketing gave the businesses a golden opportunity to survive and hit the ground running again with a much broader scope and prospects.

And the best part is that, digital marketing is way pocket-friendly than traditional marketing with a 100% strike rate if done in the right way.

For digital marketing to work, you need to get the strategy right as your marketing endeavors would strike null and void if you don’t know whether you’re driving in the right direction or not.

Keep reading to unveil the best digital marketing strategies for your small business (online or offline) and how to create them right.

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy or plan is a framework of data-driven techniques that are formulated as per your marketing goals, preferred online channels and your budget for digital campaigns.

Online Marketing Strategies help you eliminate any possibilities of distractions or errors and allow you to completely focus on achieving your goals. With a right blend of digital marketing tactics you can widen your visibility, brand recognition and boost lead generation at a low cost.

Here are some tried and tested digital marketing strategies that help you lay the foundation for a strong and impactful digital marketing campaign.

1.     Invest in quality mobile web sites

In today’s scenario, it’s imperative to have a strong web presence and having a high-quality mobile optimized website is critical in achieving this.

High-quality means proper attention to speed, user-interface, design, security and rich user experience.

You need to have a website that does not sell brands or products but sells solutions.

Always remember that it’s your approach that will help you stand above the rest.

Get your website designed by a professional Digital Marketing Company Ludhiana that will help you strike a difference.

2.     Interactive Social Media Presence

Social media is one of the biggest assets that you can leverage in your digital marketing endeavors. Most people acknowledge this fact but overlook it during those busy days or “season time”.

Make sure that you keep posting regularly on your social media handles to keep it fresh. This is the key to sustain your social media presence. Create catchy posts that aim for audience engagement and encourage following.

 Want to know more about how to effectively draft a social media campaign for your business; reach out to best digital marketing agency in Punjab for better guidance.

3.     Online Reputation Management Campaigns

To present a positive picture to your clients you need to make sure that your internet reputation is positive and favorable.  Apart from social media profiles, make sure to register and manage your business on review websites such as Google Maps, Yelp etc.

Word of mouth marketing is still considered to be one of the most influential marketing strategy of all times. Customer reviews, testimonial and feedbacks serve as your referrals. In case you receive any bad or negative feedback, make sure to address the concern immediately and work over it to resolve the issue.

It’s vital to have good reviews and high rating as people normally have a tendency to select a high-performing business over a normal one.

4.     Remarketing 

After having set your website and social media profiles, next step is to use paid advertising campaigns to increase the footfall and visitor count on your digital platforms. After you’ve identified your potential customers, go for remarketing campaigns by Google Ads and Facebook Ads for effective lead generation. 

5.     Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is one of the best and free services offered by Google to create a better local presence. It helps to genuinely authenticate your business and the information gets displayed on Google Maps.

Update your profile properly as it helps the users to know your location, opening hours, your offerings, photos etc. 

6.     Seamless Buyer’s Journey

The best way to analyze the buyer’s journey is through Google Analytics. It helps you to understand the demographics and capture other meta data regarding the website traffic. A careful analysis of these metrics help you identify your potential audience such as from which country the audience is coming, age group, interests, time spent on pages, bounce rate etc.

Based on these metrics, you can work over your existing online marketing strategies and can refine them to capture more leads.

Digital Kangaroos –Transforming your Digital Marketing Capabilities

Looking to setup an appealing website that generates leads?

Or, want to set up an Instagram campaign that drives results?

Reach out to Digital Kangaroos- the best web development and digital marketing agency in Ludhiana. Our passion towards excellence and zest to conquer the digital world makes us stand unrivalled in the e-world.

Let’s work together and plan out the best Digital marketing strategy that drives results and fulfills all your goals. Our team of experienced digital marketing experts has the right skills to ensure success of your small business online. Connect with us today!

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Why Do You Need Professional Product Photography For Your Small Business?

Losing out on sales conversions despite having an impeccable e-commerce website? Read the post to find out how high quality product photography and videography could help you change the stats.

Product photography and videography play a crucial part in your business when you are trying to convince people to buy  your products and services.

These things become a game-changer when it’s about online shopping and eCommerce.

As more and more people are becoming tech-savvy, the online shopping rates and online shoppers keep on climbing  with each passing day.

These numbers are expected to hit the 500M figure by 2030. Just a single click and the thing reach your doorstep at an  unmatched price.

The eCommerce has witnessed a significant boost post-pandemic as online shopping turned out to be much more  secure, time-efficient and budget-friendly. This has dramatically led to a rise in independent eCommerce websites and  has been performing incredibly well.

But, having an eCommerce website and stuffing your products in it will not suffice. If your eCommerce website is not  working despite all your digital marketing efforts, then you’re not including 360-degree product photography for your  products. 

 The Power of Industrial Photography

Whether you are selling on major retail e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Flipkart etc or your own commerce portal,  the power of photographs is undeniable.

 A 360 degree photoshoot of your products/services help you make a difference between losing the customer and  making a sale. 

In fact, the customers look at the product photographs even before looking at the content or product description. So,  you need to make sure to cast that first impression well.

Industrial Photography is a skill and needs a professional touch!

Have a look at why going for a professional product photoshoot is important for your business. 

1. Brand Building 

Product photography or videography is a long-term investment that will help you hatch bigger plans and reap amazing  benefits down the line. 

Sharing professionally shot images and pictures on e-commerce portals or social media platforms help you gain  recognition as a true business leader. 

These photographs help you place your brand and business as valued, professional, diverse, customer-driven and  innovative. Customers believe that your business really cares for them and this turns them into loyal customers. 

2. Images speak louder than text

When it comes to the digital world, netizens have a lesser attention span as well as lesser patience to read the product  description.

They are more concerned about the image. Only if the image grabs the attention, they are bothered about the product  description else they move ahead to the next option.

 This makes professional photographs even more crucial for a powerful and impactful presence in the e-world. Professional product photography is definitely a head-turner for your business that promotes silent communication. 

3. Sets the right expectations 

According to a research around 22% products are returned at various online sites because the products received doesn’t  look similar to the one ordered. 

It’s easy to convince people to buy from a brick and mortar store as people can physically see and touch the product but  with online stores, people just have one connect- PHOTOS!

360 degree product photography Ludhiana helps to set the right expectations and reduce the product return rate. 

It also grabs the customers’ mood and help them convince how the given product can be helpful in solving their  problems.

4. Keeps competitors away

Professional photography and videography is the best way to outpast your competitors. It gives you a way to prove your  mettle and stay unrivalled by allowing you to talk with your photographs. 

Digital Kangaroos– Your one-stop destination for industrial photography and videography  Your search for best professional Product videographer near me ends here!

Invest in professional product photography with Digital Kangaroos today and feel the difference in your sales right from  Get high-quality and professional photos that grab attention! Call us today to know more.

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How to invest your Digital Marketing Budget in 2022?| 4 Strategies

Still struggling to get positive results from digital marketing? Follow these strategies to get the game right and effective!

It has been seen that most of the companies spend around 7-10% of their revenue on marketing out of which digital marketing should grab the lion’s share. But, expecting a good turnover by spending less than a third of the total marketing budget is not going to make a significant difference.

After all what matters is your visibility and lead generation. There are a plethora of leads looking for your business and investing money in the right direction will not only help you grab those valuable leads but also give a push to your revenue.

While setting up your digital marketing budget, you just need to follow a simple 70-20-10 rule which states that:

  • NOW: Spend 70% of the budget on the strategies that are actually working for your business.
  • NEXT: Spend 20% of the budget on the technologies or business strategies that are on the horizon and trending.
  • NEW: Keep the remaining 10% for trying new or upcoming things in the digital marketing that are worth taking risks.

Now let’s discuss the top-rated four digital marketing methods and their budget allocation for your 2022 marketing endeavors.

1.     SEO

Without a thought, Search Engine Optimization is one of the best strategies to look for to boost your organic rankings, visibility and brand recognition. It helps you crack your potential leads and increase the footfall.

Here’s what to look for NOW, NEXT and NEW for SEO.

Target long-tail keywordsOptimize for Voice SearchImage search
SEO-friendly contentPinterest  postingsGoogle Lens
Responsive design  

2.      PPC (Pay per click)

PPC is a paid advertising and promotional strategy that helps you reach your qualified leads who are interested in your products and services. PPC makes your ad appear on the top of SERP results before the beginning of the organic results.

How to Optimize for NOW, NEXT and NEW?

For NOW, focus more on researching the right keywords as it’s these keywords that’ll help you boost your traffic footfall and ensure that you’re driving the right results.

For NEXT, look beyond Google! There are many other companies and websites that are offering PPC such as Facebook, Amazon etc. Connect with the best digital marketing company near you for the right approach.

For NEW, there are many upcoming unique search strategies such as search by product, image or UPC code. Dedicate some effort to mould your PPC ads to fit these future aspects.

3.      Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective and conversion-friendly digital marketing strategies to invest in 2022. It helps you directly connect with your leads who are interested in your business and want to hear from you.

How to optimize email marketing for NOW?

Don’t draft a common content for all your subscribers or audience. To get the best response, it is better to segment your audience based on their likes and dislikes. Now, trigger the emails that are curated as per their individual preferences.

This will help the audience connect with you in a better way.

Optimizing for NEXT:

Rather than focusing on tracking the opening rate of your emails, it would be better to concentrate on efforts that actually impact your bottom line. These include open online transactions, how many carts abandoned etc.

Optimizing for NEW:

Focus towards personalization using Artificial Intelligence. Think of methods that help to understand the user preferences and trigger one-on-one personalized emails.

4.      Ecommerce Marketing

 Ecommerce is not going to slow down! It’s the future.

If you still haven’t jumped this bandwagon, it’s high time to do so.

Optimizing ecommerce for NOW means finding out places where you can sell, learning how to sell and understanding the importance of having your own personalized commerce platform.

 For NEXT, work on having your own ecommerce website as it helps you save a lot on seller fees that is charged by major ecommerce retail giants such as Amazon, Flipkart etc. You can work on your own SEO, PPC campaigns to bring your rankings up.  

Optimizing for NEW:

  • Launch Google shopping ads
  • Marketing automation, streamlining ROI
  • Photo SEO
  • Improvise website in SEO, page speed, user experience

If you don’t have time for all this, it’s always better to hire a professional a web development and digital marketing firm to reap the benefits to maximum.

We, at Digital Kangaroos strive to keep your business in pace with recent trends and latest SEO algorithms that help you hit the ground running and secure an unrivalled presence in the digital world! For more such interesting insights don’t forget to share and subscribe.

Latest Web Designing and Development

Top 10 Web Development Trends In 2021

Get a hold of these trending web development trends and turn your digital space faster, interactive, dynamic and productive!”

Since lockdown, we have seen a huge peak in the evolution of the web development – most individuals are switching from offline practices and are smartly using internet services. You can either call it the demand of time or the way of living as a new norm.

Since the internet users will keep on accelerating in future – developers are working on brand new technologies to resist the downfall.

For a bright future, the content creators along with digital marketers and IT companies are following the trends that are eventually seen to be more effective than ever before. Let’s have a look.

Top 10 Web Development Trends

To make the learning process easier and precise, we have organized an updated and useful list of technologies. With these, your websites can become faster, interactive, dynamic and productive. Let us dive deep to know about the best web trends of 2021

·         Progressive web application

Instead of developing an individual application for respective websites – famous brands, companies and internet sites have switched to progressive web applications that allow user to add the website as an application to their device.

The overall experience of the website is similar to the mobile application that allows visitors to display the website best compatible with their mobile phone screens as well.

Famous websites such as Pinterest, Twitter, Alibaba, Forbes have been using PWA trends and leaving magnificent effects on the audience.

·         Animated User Interface

In the era where web designing companies are highly focusing on improving the user interface; motion technologies are the next attention seekers. The technology offers eye-catching animations and digital art that gives illusions of objects in motion. 

Usually, multimedia is included by using javascript and high-end technologies that increase the engagement of the visitors. Such relatable animations enhance the complete outlook of the web pages and add grace to the existing site.

Eventually, the SEO rating can be improved with the Motion UI interface as it provides fun and extra beauty to a webpage. The users usually don’t get bored when they browse such websites.

·         Chatbot support services

You must have seen a chat box at the bottom right side or top right on most web pages that pop up just like when you receive a text on your mobile phone.

An organization having reliable, direct and quick customer support is more likely to be preferred by users than the firm with slow help desk response. 

Chatbots are a great step-forward to boost up your business. In emergency cases, we can contact real human clients for asking queries and can provide further contact details.

·         Responsive websites

It is a fact that people use the internet a lot more on their mobile phones than other devices such as personal computers, tablets etc. Thus, the web developers have come to a point where they must work on an interface that fits best for a mobile user. 

Mobile-friendly websites are flexible and perform better – and therefore should be properly taken care of from the Search Engine Optimization perspective as well.

·         Cloud Computing

Even though the cloud computing has served users for many years, people still do not have the actual idea on how best they can make use of cloud networks. 

Web development is under the great influence of data storage and access from cloud networks. Now, when most of the people are working remotely – the advantages of cloud computing are highly visible in 2021.

·         Accelerated Mobile Web Pages (AWP)

Google developed a library namely Accelerated Web Pages or AMP for webpages that allow developers to make lightweight, smooth and faster websites. The main advantage of AMP is to lower the bounce rate and enhance the user-interface experience.

Since the webpages with the AMP framework take less time to load – it helps in growing the organic audience that attracts repeated as well as new visitors. Mainly Javascript is the primary technology that smoothens the web service and polishes the page performance.

Websites with Accelerated Mobile Web pages are more likely to be ranked well than the sites that do not utilize the bliss provided by Google.

·         Voice Search

Virtual audio assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google audio searches are already making our lives a lot easier. Now, look at the next level approaches that help people of all age groups utilize the internet services just by speaking the RIGHT words. 

The voice search and smart speakers can take both web development and e-commerce markets to newer heights.

·         Dark Mode On

When a user lands on a webpage – your main motive must be to keep the reader stick to the page. When the website is more about informative content – make sure to make the webpage interactive and captivating.

With Dark mode or white/ black trends, a user can switch the background colour or lights as per his needs. It provides a more customized and personal feel to the user.

·         Augmented Reality

With AI and IoT stepping inside the world of the internet – Augmented reality is a more advanced approach to utilize the technology at its best. It provides the user with an atmosphere that looks similar to the real one.

Many websites include AR on their landing page that gives the user an experience of the real-time presence of individuals. An organization that is tied up with augmented or virtual reality will be grown more rapidly in upcoming times. 

·         Block chain rules

People are moving more into investing bitcoins or crypto-currency and hence block chain technology goes side by side. With block chain, a user who is into mining can ensure the transaction of digital money more securely. 

Each transaction is encrypted with unique keys and the sender’s digital signatures that make the network safe and trustworthy. Cybersecurity is another digital trend that goes well with crypto- transactions and positively influences the web.

The Bottom Line

We have studied the various web development trends that can take the overall internet and customer experiences to a much better level. One must build-up and invest in such programming skills and required proficiency.

Digital Kangaroos– a premier web development and digital marketing agency in Punjab offers support in various digital services so as to enhance the overall performance of web development. We use the latest technologies to enhance the user-interface relation. Let’s co-create web-space of your dreams. Call us today!